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Chapter Thirty-One

God, My Friend

When I was a little girl, I had a hero in my life. That hero was God. I would picture God as my true friend. He and I would talk often. I’d lay in bed beneath the covers and picture God, my friend living at the end of my garden and we would talk about all sorts of things. I pictured him being big and he wore a black hooded robe and he was well built and old. I could talk to God about anything, and he would always talk back. I assumed this was how everyone could talk with God, and I do not know when I stopped talking to God, but I do know that one day I said to myself that doing so was ridiculous and that it had to stop.

Looking back I wonder now whether those times were literal, that in my innocence I had truly been talking with God. I recognised that he had humour that he loved animals that he had made animals humorous to us to make us laugh, to make us smile to make us go ‘Ah’ when the cute little things did something sweet. I knew that God was kind and intelligent and that there was nothing he couldn’t do. I loved him. I still do.

When I was fifteen and Biscuit was wedged over the fence and I pledged that if God let Biscuit live I would attend church, I remember now the absolute conviction that God may deny me due to the fact that I hadn’t spoken to him in a while, that I had neglected him. Maybe he had forgotten me or maybe I ought not ask him to do this for me but who else could I ask? I know I found it daunting when following that night Jehovah’s Witnesses arrived and I felt God had sent them for me and I would have to listen to them. But I’d made God a promise and I didn’t break it. At least Jehovah’s Witnesses come to one’s home to teach the word of God, one wasn’t forced to attend a church, and for that, at least, I was grateful.
I could never understand the purpose of Sunday school. Though I went religiously I went in the hope that the minister would select me to be in his group. He was a jolly little man, with red cheeks and sparkling brown eyes, a robust figure almost completely round, and he told the most amazing stories! Alas I was never picked to be in his group and I was too shy back then to ask. Instead I was selected to be in the group than was run by the leader of the Girl’s Brigade but her daughter was also in this group and naturally her mother showed favouritism. There was never room for anyone else when it came to answering questions. She chose her daughter and commended her daughter every time.

I strove hard for her to notice me. One Sunday she set an assignment that we should learn how to spell the word beautiful. My dad taught me a little song that I recited all week, ‘she was b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l, she was b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l’ and I remember being ecstatic with joy to be able to know it off by heart by the following Sunday. However, though I repeatedly and unusually for me put up my hand to be picked to recite my little song, the guide leader totally blanked me, choosing instead her daughter and her daughter’s friends to spell the word. From that day forth I decided that Sunday school was wrong, it was full of favouritism, and since we were made to go to school from Monday to Friday why should I have to go on a Sunday as well? Having reached that conclusion, having started asserting free will for probably the first time in my life, I stopped going to Sunday school. Therefore, making God that promise and having to keep it and listen to Jehovah’s Witnesses was very daunting for me. I simply did not want to carry out my promise to God, but on the other hand I simply didn’t want to break it either.

Nevertheless becoming one of Jehovah’s Witnesses did bring me back to that wonderful association that I’d had with God as a child. He became my friend again, and I loved him. Through the pages of the Bible and Bible based publications I came to respect him, to marvel at his creations, to wonder at his purpose; to yearn for the fulfilment of his promise, to picture his paradise in my mind’s eye to see the joy of the resurrected dead brought back to life on earth in new bodies. I loved the whole truth I was taught, never doubting it for one moment, and in that truth, that simple belief and trust in God, I knew God as my friend. He came to me to represent a huge comfy armchair that would envelope me in the tough times comfort me in the bad times, and appeal to me in the happy times. Even so, he was never the friend he had been in my quiet innocence of childhood, there was a subtle difference and I am only now beginning to see what that was.

As a child in my innocence I knew God, I recognised him for who he was, a part of me, and me a part of him, I felt one with him because in spirit I had known him well. Borne in his likeness in his image, my spirit was one with God. I was him and he was me and when I arrived in my earthly body I continued to recognise God, to dream of him, to know him and see him in my mind’s eye, not by memory or imagination, but because he was truly there. I projected him there, he visited me willingly and we talked. He was my hero and I was joyously happy.

Over the last two days I’ve been reading another book, it was recommended to me by someone at the Circle of Healing online message group and intrigued I purchased it. As soon as I read a little of the synopsis I ordered the book, as well as its sequel. What I found oddly strange was how excited I was about its delivery. I’ve ordered many books recently, ordering via the one click system on so that they arrive within twenty-four hours, but no other book has had me so excited, although it was well over a week before I even opened it to read. Since I began to read it I haven’t been able to put it down and intend to read it again as soon as I have finished it.

For those of you who haven’t read ‘Conversations With God’, I urge you to consider doing so. I have to admit to feeling a little afraid and was still thinking inside the box when I began reading it, but I asked the angels, ‘if this book is bad may I continue to feel uneasy about it, but if it truly is the word of God, may I have no qualms whatsoever.’ I have to tell you that I have no qualms whatsoever, and the more I read the more I am reminded of my childhood relationship with God, although God did not speak with me so intellectually as he does with the author, Neale Walsh, the relationship I had had with God was very similar.

In fact that book has reminded me of me of the days of my childhood ‘hero’ and helped me to accept and appreciate much of what the angels have been saying through the pages of this book, FLOAT.

One of the phrases that touched me was when Neale Walsh expressed surprise that God could become frustrated, and God replied, ‘what, do you think that you could have an emotion that God could not have?’ or words to that effect. It made me sit up and take note.

Of course how on earth could we humans ever have any of the emotions that we have and not expect that God has them also? So it stands to reason that he has humour, that he laughs, that he knows sadness, and grief and joy, and heartache, that he becomes downhearted and frustrated, depressed and angry, that he loves, that he feels pain through loving too much those that may turn aside from his love, just as we may love the wrong person or a person we cannot have, God knows that pain, why should we ever have assumed that he does not? Why did we, or in this case, me, why did I assume that God might sympathise might comfort, might straighten my path, might smooth my way, but why did I not realise that he also knew the pain, felt the pain as deeply as I did, because he too had been hurt in similar ways by thousands of people through thousands of lives time after time after time?

I never comprehended the truth of this matter till I read that book, and I have never read anything that has opened my mind and my heart to the degree that ‘Conversations With God’ has.

To say that reading it has changed my life, my way of thinking, is the understatement of the year. I know my life will never be the same again, I knew that when angels started channelling through me to write FLOAT, but this other, well, truly that book is something else!

One day I would like to meet and converse with all the people that have reshaped my life through the reading of their books, Doreen Virtue, John Holland, Jack Angelo, Luc Bourgault, Neale Walsh, Brian Weiss and all the other writers who have allowed angels and God to channel through them to get the message across to the multitudes. Though they would not wish that I should place them in any kind of glory or elevate them in any particular way, I feel that it would be nice to be in their company to talk about all the wonderful things that have happened to us and can happen to you if you open your mind and your heart and allow God and his angels to connect with you in this same beautiful way.

I still have much to tell you, things are continuing to happen to and around me, and my path is becoming ever illuminated. I can see the way ahead more clearly. I want to share it all with you, I am obligated to do so, and it is my sincere hope that through the pages of this book of my soul discovery my happiness, and wonder and joy is shining through each page and through it you too will strive to open your heart and your mind and allow God and his angels to guide and lead you too. I truly tell you, never have I been this happy! Never have I pondered my life or accepted my intuition as I do now, and never have I wanted to tell everyone who has ears to listen about the things I am being shown, not even as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses have I wanted to share what I have learned so much, as I want to share it now.

I have no fear, in this perhaps I never have. When I was one of Jehovah’s Witnesses I would happily prefer to knock on doors by myself than go with another sister or brother. I knew then that I had God’s protection so was never really alone, but now in this I believe so much more, and now in this I am courageous, I will speak about these experiences to everyone when the opportunity arises to do so, gently steering a conversation around to enable it to occur, without a worry that they may place me in a straight jacket and a padded room, after all I’m not going to ever be alone in there am I? My real friends will never leave me, angels are with us always, it is their assignment, they can never leave us thus I will never ever be alone.

I have nothing to fear from anyone. The worst that can happen is my life to be taken, my human life, so what? No one can touch my spirit but God, for he that is touching me is touching God’s eyeball, why? Because I am a part of God and he is a part of me, as he is also a part of you.

Never forget that. No one can take God from you, for you are God just as those are that try to take him from you, they too are God. We are all a part of the whole. This truth has changed my way of thinking forever, although I believe sincerely that I accepted it so readily because it was not a new concept I was being taught but rather a reminder of one I had always known but had long forgotten.

In that way I have come home, and I am so happy to be here, for now the whole picture makes sense and I love it, I really do!

*** *** ***

Chapter Thirty-Two


Many months have passed since I wrote the first half of Float as numerous problems I have faced in that time, problems and heartaches that have left me weary. I did not want to write anything as deep as Float in that time, so I concentrated on Jehm and the script of Star Spangled Night Mare to get me back in the mood for writing.
I have also read many spiritual books and I gained a certificate in Reiki 1.

Throughout all my troubles the angels have stayed close, not only that but they have altered my life in miraculous ways leaving me trusting that several things could only have occurred with divine intervention.

Along with these things, I have, through Reiki and the Archangel Raphael, achieved some incredible results.

First of all the kittens thrived and Chooch-chee, Chips, and Jessica all went to loving homes. Scampi remained with me, and has truly lived up to his name, and oh if this were a cat book, the things I could tell you about him! If animals incarnate then he used to be a dog because he plays fetch with a screwed up ball of paper, chasing it when thrown and bringing it back in his mouth to drop at our feet to be thrown again. He will do this for hours until he sits panting like a dog, eyes bright, resting.

During the time of having the 4 kittens, I found two more abandoned kittens. One died quickly, it was too cold and weak to survive more than five days, and the other died a few weeks later. I have no real idea why this was so, but Misty struggled constantly for life and though Raphael healed her when I asked, she soon went downhill again and I began to remember something I’d heard before. Sometimes, the spirit can only stay a short while, and when it is time for a creature or a human to leave this world, healing only prolongs their stay, but the inevitable will always occur.

I discovered this through two different reports. One a healer, who kept healing her hamster and guinea pig, only to have them become unwell almost immediately, and the other the story of the boy who’s mother could only have him nineteen years.

As in the case of the boy, his mother had longed for a child to no avail, when she received a divine message that she could have a son, but the spirit could only stay nineteen years. If she were agreeable to that then that would be so. She agreed, never doubting that he would be with her only nineteen years yet at the same time hopeful that it would be longer. Still she packed into those nineteen years more with her son than she may have achieved in a lifetime, and true enough he died at the age of nineteen.

With the creatures, the healer friend of mine constantly gave them healing, until she stopped and thought, ‘hold on, maybe they don’t want to be healed, perhaps it is time for them to die.’ So she withheld the healing and sure enough the little creatures passed away and she literally saw the spirit of the hamster leave the body and run across the floor and vanish through the wall.

Therefore, armed with these tales I decided this might have been the case with Misty. No amount of healing was going to save her if her time to go was here. It did upset me enormously when Misty died, she was so very like Scampi and I had made up my mind to keep her. When she died at little more than four weeks old, she was tinier than normal. A kitten of a kitten she was small at birth and I had to constantly keep her warm and fed, and I do blame myself for her death. You see, I would place her box next to the radiator, so that one side of the cardboard box remained warm at all times and then I would place a sheepskin covered hot water bottle on the other side and place Misty between the two so she remained warm and cosy. However, one night, and I have no idea why, I didn’t place her between the two, I placed her on the right of the box with the radiator and bottle to the left, and that particular night my son John and his friends came in while I was out and left the outside door open. Consequently a cold wind was blowing into the porch against the side of the box where inside Misty lay.
That night I asked my younger son to wake Misty for her feed, and when he called and said she wouldn’t wake up, I felt my stomach lurch. True enough she had passed away, and her little body was frozen. It broke my heart. I berated myself for weeks, why had I not placed her between the bottle and the radiator? Why had John’s friends come round and left the door open? Why had she died at all, when she had received so much healing? It almost broke my faith in angels and healing until I received the two reports noted above. Then I understood.

There is a point to my telling you these things, like I say it broke my heart when Misty died, and I felt I was to blame, so it troubled me for a long time afterward.

I’d learned that throughout our lives pets we have loved who have died remain attached to us in spirit and while I was receiving my Reiki Attunement the Reiki Master said she felt something small and fluffy around her feet. She said that it came no higher than her ankles, and she knew it was a kitten. I then explained and she told me it was Misty and that she was remaining close to me in spirit. I was comforted by this and stopped being downhearted by her death. It was her time to go. I am just happy that in the few short weeks I had her, she would know that she was truly loved.

Now my old cat Smokey is fading away. She is will be seventeen next May (2008) and she sleeps night and day. I keep offering Reiki to her, but do not feel any energy leave my hands. I am assuming she will leave us soon. I will miss her, but knowing now that her spirit will remain with me all my life brings me comfort. She’s had a good and loving life with my family and it feels good to know that she will never truly leave us.

It is also good to know that all my pets from the past remain with me as spirit guides and/or guardian angels and would explain why Bonnie our border collie was visited by Meg after she died.

Meg was a fantastic red and white working Border collie sadly dying at age ten when she went under my husband’s tractor and trailer and broke her back and his heart. A few days later a friend gave us Bonnie, who though she looked like Meg, simply had no inclination to herd cattle whatsoever.
One afternoon however, when my husband was in the farmhouse Bonnie started barking at an empty chair my husband had just vacated. He couldn’t understand what her problem was and related that she would bark a while, stop, appear to be listening, then bark some more. The funny thing was, when my husband took Bonnie outside an hour or so later she shot out across the fields and started herding the cows!

We discussed what could have happened to make her change like that in an instance, and drew the conclusion that the spirit of Meg must have appeared to her and said, ‘now look here, you…this is what you are here for, you have got to herd those cows, let me tell you how to do it.’ Though we laughed at the idea at the time, we are now inclined to believe that Meg is attached to her master’s aura and yes, she gave Bonnie a real good talking to, for from that day on Bonnie went from a dog that was only interested in playing ball to one who lived only to herd cattle, just like Meg.

*** *** ***

Chapter Thirty-Three

Reiki and Positive Thinking

Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) was not a word I was familiar with until an angel card brought it to my attention, telling me I would benefit from taking a course in Reiki.

I have to admit to thinking little of that advice at the time, and only remembered it when the word Reiki cropped up time and time again. One morning while walking through Spalding with Stan after leaving a Native American shop we passed a window with the words Reiki written on it, and I stopped and asked him, ‘what is that?’ and he replied, ‘Reiki, I’ve often thought of doing it. You’d be good at that it’s a form of healing.’ I was intrigued.

When I returned home, I looked it up on the Internet and became very interested in what I was reading, and for some reason or another, rather than book an appointment with a Reiki Master, any number of which advertise in our local paper, I decided to ask Deborah Pickstone about it. Much to my amazement not only had she done Reiki herself but she personally knew a Reiki Master, and that particular master had started attending the psychic awareness circle that I had been attending at Deborah’s house once a week.

So, attending the following week’s session Deborah introduced me to Trisha Twelves, otherwise known as Reiki Master Keziah Twelves who made an appointment for me to be attuned on October 30th 2006.

I had little idea as to what that would entail, and though she had briefed me on the experience I did no reading about it whatsoever. I didn’t want to go there in expectation of anything particular based upon the experiences of other people. Knowing that the angels approved this next move was enough.

I didn’t even know that there are various forms of Reiki, English, European, Japanese…or that I had opted to be attuned to the Japanese until that morning I met Trisha at her house.

She has a lovely home and the living room was bright with sunlight and painted in soft colours that immediately put me at ease.

She spoke to me awhile, explaining what she would do and then asked me to climb up on the foldaway bed and close my eyes.

In the background instrumental music played as she worked with her hands around my body, first explaining where it was necessary to touch me and why, and other than those few occasions her hands worked a few inches above me.

I can’t say I was aware of anything spectacular. No angels singing, no amazing experiences, I just felt at peace. At one time a wind chime she has hanging in an unopened window started to chime.

Finally she announced it was done and that I could open my eyes and sit up slowly. As I did she was walking across to the corner of the room to sit on a chair by her desk.

I opened my eyes and sat up, and feeling a little dizzy I lay down again, and with my head propped on my hand, I lay on my side looking at her. She was talking and I was seeing a yellow haze billowing around her head. Behind this haze pale grey people shapes appeared, and bright sparkling lights of gold twinkled around her.

I was smiling as I watched them, remembering weeks before when I had seen something very similar when I had met the Shaman and his wife.

When I felt capable I went to sit near her and related what I had seen, and she told me that she could see a bright blue ball of light hovering between us. She confessed that she often sees blue sparkles of light twinkling around her, and ever since that day I have seen them too. These I associate with Archangel Michael’s presence.

After my Reiki attunement I was advised that I should treat as many close friends and family as I possibly could for the next three months and then return to Trisha for an assessment to gain my Shoden certificate in Reiki 1.

After this, and when I feel ‘called’ to do so, I should begin Reiki 2, and this certificate will enable me to go out and heal the general public, or set myself up as a Reiki practitioner, going from home to home or have people come to me for treatments.

I can, if I wish, take Reiki 3, which is also known as the Master’s certificate, and this would enable me to attune others to become Reiki practitioners and masters. I am interested in doing all three, and aim to take Reiki 2 within the next couple of months.

On my return home that night, I was eager to get my hands on someone! However, my eldest son wasn’t interested, my youngest son thought it all a bit of a joke, my daughter doesn’t live with us, and my closest friend and neighbour Bridgette Thomas was indisposed. So that left my husband and while I waited for him to get settled after his dinner I experimented with some African Violets I have on a windowsill in the hall. For several weeks I had been energising them as I passed them by when going up and down the stairs, and seen that they had begun to flourish. However after the attunement with Reiki, I literally felt the energy pouring out of my hands as I held them over the three plants.

Confident from that I set to work on my husband. He wasn’t feeling in any way unwell but I decided giving him a boost couldn’t hurt, so I proceeded to try even though I wasn’t quite sure what I should do, having not had a chance to read the manual. I decided if I stood behind him and connected with his energy field that ought work. I’d seen, Vince, another Reiki student of Trisha’s do this one evening at Deborah’s psychic development group.

Thus I stood behind my husband, spiritually connected by calling upon Holy Spirit and Archangel Raphael and with my eyes closed and hands raised a few inches from the top of my husband’s head, I felt my way around his energy field, never actually touching his body at all. I could feel the soft bounciness of his energy field as I carefully worked around his head and shoulders.
After a few minutes, I began to feel hot and grew hotter still. Suddenly I felt the atmosphere ‘shift’ recognising it from the experience I had had with laying between two quartz crystals. It’s a feeling that words cannot do justice, one has to feel it to know it and I’m sure those that have experienced this shift in atmosphere will understand what I mean. Its not an unpleasant feeling, although can be disconcerting to begin with. It’s a feeling that may possibly cause one to panic when it happens, or to feel out of control, but by staying with it, and trusting in it, it becomes pleasurable and I’d go so far as to say it brings me joy.

As I grew hotter that evening, I felt energy leaving my hands and going through my husband’s head and back again. I literally visualised this occurring as well as feeling it with my hands. After a few moments I began to feel dizzy and the ground beneath me felt bouncy. That was an ace feeling! In my mind’s eye I saw that I was standing on something white, not clouds, more like psychic energy and I loved it! I have learned since through one of John Holland’s mediation CD’s that he encourages one to visualise white psychic energy beneath the feet but though I had felt all of that, my husband had felt nothing!

Unperturbed I decided several weeks later to give him a further treatment. Really he was my only willing ‘guinea-pig’ with my children not liking the sound of it, and having no close friends but Bridgette living near enough to try it on. Due to this, now my husband has to be the healthiest guy in the neighbourhood! However several weeks ago, he was real poorly. He’d been having prostrate problems following a biopsy and was in acute pain, and painkillers brought their own woozy side effects.
He was sitting in a chair by the fireside and feeling sorry for himself so I said I would give him some Reiki.
As before I stood behind and connected with Spirit and Archangel Raphael, and with my hands above his head, testing his energy field. It was flat. I noticed the definite change from the time before. Had I not know of his pain, I would have discovered it at that moment. I lowered my hands right down to Etheric line, not feeling his energy field at all. This was a cause of some concern for me. I had not realised how ill he had actually been feeling. I vowed Reiki would make him better. Working around him I noticed my hands seemed pulled to the front of him but I took my time working around his body, just to get the ‘feel’ of him beneath my hands, though as before I did not actually touch his body with my hands. (Some Reiki practitioners do prefer to touch the body, but I do not. I allow the energy field to show me where an ailment resides or the energy leaving my hands to show me where a problem exists).

Finally I came to be in front of him. I knelt at his feet and could feel my fingers tingling. It was almost as though I was physically restraining the energy, holding it back from leaving me, though of course nothing could be further from the truth, that is just how it felt. Suddenly as though the floodgates were opened, out it came. The energy literally poured from my hands and headed straight for his groin region. My wrists were resting on his knees at this stage, yet even so, my husband remarked ‘I can feel heat.’ I was impressed!
For several long moments the energy continued to flow, and within my own groin region I could feel a dull ache, a pain I have since associated as not being mine, but in actual fact, a way in which angels show me where the pain is on the patient.
Then slowly the pain began to subside in me, and as it did, my husband was remarking, ‘that feels better…the pain is going away…’

Relief was washing over his features even as the energy was washing away his pain. And then it stopped. Just like that. The energy stopped flowing from my hands, as if they were empty, and just at the moment when I had been wondering ‘how do I know when he has had enough?’
Do you know, that pain has never returned? And the trouble he’d been having with his prostrate completely went away.

A few weeks later, I said I wanted to give him another treatment. He replied ‘but there’s nothing wrong with me.’
‘Don’t matter,’ I said, ‘an energy boost can’t hurt you. I need the practice to get my certificate for Shoden Reiki 1.’ So he relented and sat on a dining room chair for me to work easily around him.
I located his energy field quickly. This time it was way above his head, telling me that he was indeed feeling fine. However as I passed by his left shoulder energy flowed from my hands. I thought this odd as he hadn’t complained of pain there and I passed the spot by. I gave him a complete work over, and then told him afterward about the shoulder. He shrugged ‘no’ he had no problem there. I wasn’t convinced. I asked some questions, ‘have you any discomfort anywhere?’ He shook his head, ‘not really.’
What does ‘not really mean? Do you or don’t you?’ I asked.
‘I have a slight ache in my back. But if it was serious Reiki would have notified you of it.’ Such trust so soon? I was happy to hear him believe that.
I had him sit back on the chair, ‘now let’s find out what the problem is. My hands tell me its in your left shoulder.’

Starting at the neck I worked down until, yes, there again energy flowed from my hands into his shoulder, at the same time that in my own body I felt a dull ache in my back flowing to my left shoulder. ‘Ah, now I understood.’ The problem was in the shoulder but the ache had been felt in the back. I allowed the energy to flow into the shoulder, until the feeling in me subsided and was gone, at which moment my husband announced, ‘my back ache has gone now.’

A few days later as he was driving the car, his left shoulder clicked loud enough for me to hear it, and he gasped, ‘you were right. The problem was in my shoulder. I didn’t want to tell you but the backache started again, but now it’s gone completely. That’s amazing! Reiki knew the problem existed in the shoulder.”
Oh, Reiki is so wonderful!

Another afternoon as we were driving home toward the sunset, my husband had a blinding headache. As he drove I placed my hand over his brow, focused and let the energy flow. Seconds later he announced the headache had gone. I could have told him that. For mere moments the angels had allowed me to know where the pain was in my own head, and I had known of it the moment when it subsided and had completely gone away.

Now, that I have gained confidence in Reiki, I allow my hands to heal whenever and whomsoever needs it. I’ve sat near people and while I’ve talked with them, have allowed the energy to flow from my hands toward them. I know that they are being healed of whatever was troubling them. They don’t even have to notify me of it, or even know that they are being healed. I have used it on my cat, Smokey, not even aware that she required healing. Just placing my hands over her ‘just in case’ and feeling the energy flow was good enough for me to know that she needed it. The energy always stops flowing when enough is enough. I never feel weakened, or dizzy, or feel in need of recharging. There is always more than enough to go around.

Also my spirituality has intensified in that I see more, hear more, things are brought to my attention more. After my Reiki attunement, while at one of Deborah’s group meetings I saw little flame like lights coming out of her fingertips. As she waved her hands about while talking I was enthralled and amused by the sight. When I told the group about it afterward, Deborah seemed a little surprised while Trisha smiled and nodded.

I love these things, they in no way trouble me, I am blessed with a gift and I aim to use it in the right way now I know that it exists. However, I don’t seriously believe that I am anything or anyone special, and I truly believe that all persons are capable of seeing and achieving the things I have this past year. We are all needed in ways we have a talent for no matter who we are, God and the angels need us to help heal others. On the very smallest scale, you can help without seemingly doing anything, just by dwelling on someone and sending them good thoughts you can heal them, and in turn your positive thoughts will flow out into the cosmos and help heal the world.

Truly, there is no limit to Holy Spirit, all we need to do collectively is to believe we can breathe it in and back out to heal the world, and it will be done.

Humbling isn’t it?

*** *** ***

Chapter Thirty-Four

Positive Thinking

“Get to work, Light Worker!
Your Divine life mission is needed now more than ever,
and any contribution you can make toward bringing
more light and love to your world is imperative.
The preparation for your life’s work is complete for now.’

I had to laugh at that message. For the last six months I have procrastinated on continuing to write FLOAT. Life and unforeseen occurrence has continually gotten in the way, along with lack of motivation. I kept promising the angels that I would continue with it, but things never seemed to pan out the way I expect. On a day to day basis something unforeseen always takes precedence. I’ve really had to take time out today to edit and complete previous chapters and begin this one. For so many days, angel cards have directed me to continue with FLOAT, and I kept meaning to, really I have, its just never materialised.

So, the angels gave me a sign, and in no uncertain terms told me exactly what I should be doing, with that message above. And how?

For the last few nights, I’ve been dreaming numbers. I literally see them floating toward me out of the dark in my dreams. The first night it was a combination of three numbers that I have forgotten, possibly 254, 257, I’m not completely sure, though I did remember the following morning and look it up in Doreen Virtue’s Angel Numbers book and it made sense to me at the time.

Still I procrastinated. Until a couple of nights back when the numbers 99 floated toward me and in the book the explanation for that number revealed the above message. How can I possibly argue with that?

So here I am, getting to work, and endeavouring to give enlightenment to whomsoever finds pleasure in the ramblings of my personal spiritual journey.

I have to admit when the angels first started talking about positive thinking healing the earth I was stunned to know that it was possible. But who can argue with angels? They should know more than we do, right?

I have discovered a website entitled THE INTENTION EXPERIMENT, and the corresponding book by Lynne McTaggart, and the book THE SECRET by Rhonda Byrne, THE POWER OF THE SOUL by John Holland and so many other books and online discussions since I last wrote any of FLOAT.

I am amazed to discover that there is a genuine movement in the spirit realm to bring news to humankind of a positive way to heal the earth, and that so many people are being enrolled to help deliver this message. Its humbling to say the least, and it also brings it home to me, that no matter the obstacles that present themselves on a day to day basis, really there is no justification for procrastinating on getting the word out to whomsoever has the ears and eyes to listen and see. The here is now, and the world today is living proof that healers, teachers and writers are in demand. Fantasy is fine and I adore writing fiction, but my skills are needed elsewhere and have been otherwise directed in a more profitable cause, that of helping to heal the world. How humbling is that? How can I refuse? Would I ever want to? No, definitely not.

To that end all these things that have happened to me and are continuing to happen to me I decided I would write into this book for I truly feel that there will be many people who like me have to recognise as I did, that all these little events have occurred for specific reasons. That creative people among us are being selected to guide and help others to come to an accurate knowledge of what is really happening out there. That sounds so conceited, does it not? Its not meant to be. It’s to highlight that without writers there would be no readers and without readers there would be no necessity for writers to have their work published. All manuscripts would be written purely for pleasure, for even without readers writers would still write, its in the blood, they can no more not write than they can stop breathing.
However, readers have good ideas, don’t get me wrong, and they are completely able to think for themselves. I have ghost-written on many occasions for readers with fantastic ideas, who have just lacked the time or the flair to string words together.

It is due to the fact that readers do think for themselves that brought you to purchase and read this book. That through my experiences, this nobody, farmer’s wife, come author, can help the reader to think outside the box, to take an objective view of matters and come to an awareness of self and life beyond that which appears the norm.

To that end I’d like to talk a little about the books I’ve been reading recently and my thoughts and experiences gained from them.

I’m aware now that positive thinking is what alters perception and heals the world. Over the last year, ever since I cleaned my Chakra’s with the aid of Doreen Virtue’s book, Chakra Cleansing, I have recognised that not only do angels exist they are also very close to every single one of us. It is only human free will that causes a person to ignore his angels to his own or the detriment of those around him.

I have to admit my life as I have known it up until that recognition was realised was a general plod through each day, having dreams, true, but also procrastinating so much that it was hardly likely I’d attain them. I did not realise that such thinking, even the simplest term of negatively acknowledging to myself that I was the sort of person who could never complete a project was enough to make that just so.

Over the last year I have learned a great deal through writing this book with the angels, they alone with their own chapters have made me sit up and take note – positive thinking? Healing the world through positive thinking? Really? The human mind a conduit for Holy Spirit to flow into and send positive energy out to the universe? How incredible is that?
Yet just to allow oneself to believe in the possibility is enough to bring forth a wealth of joy, knowing that we, mere specks of dust are able just by positive thinking, visualisation and dreaming big can do that. Amazing!

Once I got my head around the idea, everything altered. My whole thought process changed. I became aware that my own negative thinking was aiding the demise of the universe and that only by turning myself around, inside out and altering every conceivable thought I’d ever had would I begin to help heal the earth, along with thousands upon thousands of other people who are also coming to and accepting this knowledge. Just image what we can all do collectively when everyone knows about this!

This last weekend, March 24th 2007, many thousands logged into Lynne McTaggart’s website to participate in the Intention Experiment, that the site could not contain all that traffic and it crashed. However, that did not prevent the establishment of the fact that all those people with the same intent of causing a geranium leaf to glow could prevent the event from actually occurring. All those people concentrating, sending positive thoughts to that one geranium leaf, was enough to, yes, make the leaf glow and more experiments are being undertaken to scientifically prove the power of the mind over distance can heal or generate a positive effect.

Along with reading Lynne McTaggart’s book, The Intention Experiment and registering for participating in the experiment online, I have been reading the book, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, and have watched the DVD of the same. This has really altered my perspective on life, and reminded me of the book I read earlier last year, The Cosmic Ordering Service. I have to confess that as far as I am able to discern, my requests with that did not reach fruition, however, the difference between the Cosmic Ordering Service (COS) and the advice found in The Secret differ. In theory the COS encourages one to look to the stars, or the ocean, or stand on a mountain top, to be somewhere majestic and awe inspiring and make a definite request to the universe by stating intent and a time element for those things to happen by, then to forget about whatever one asked for. It is said that if one should keep wondering about when the fulfilment of the request should materialise, this is in effect mistrusting the concept and therefore negative thinking creeps in and whatever one asked for simply does not come to be. The problem there is, that by putting it out of ones mind, if you are anything like me, you will simply forget whatever it was you asked for, and so not know it when it happens anyway.
The difference with The Secret is, one not only selects something one wants more than anything, but one actually BELIEVES one has it already, and TRUSTS that they can have whatever it is they believe in, simply because the universe magnetises our wishes and reflects back to us whatever it is our minds are focused on.

For example I have noticed, as did Pop, that if we were to place a bet for ourselves we would never win. In that I believe that the theory of no personal gain is true. However, there have been many occasions when either Pop or myself have given the winning horse in a race to anyone, and it has won. Back in 1980 over a period of seven days this happened to me.

It started at the time of the English Grand National, when work colleagues were sending a syndicate around the office, and I looked at the list of horse names, checked their form in the newspaper and stated without a shadow of doubt, ‘this one will win, this one will come second, this one third, and that one will come forth.’ I did not realise at that time, that by stating this and knowing so accurately that this would be so, I was in effect applying the method shown in the book ‘The Secret.’
Come the day of the race, and all those horses came in exactly as I had stated.
My work colleagues were amazed and they set another newspaper before me and randomly picking a race, asked me to predict the horses that would come first second and third. Well to cut a long story short, I actually predicted the first three horses of every race for seven consecutive days, and each day there were more and more people around my desk asking me to pick the winning horse. One person asked why I didn’t bet and I tried to explain that if I did the horse wouldn’t win, but they couldn’t understand why, and it was difficult to explain.
By day eight I got annoyed. There were by then a huge crowd of people around my desk when I arrived at nine that morning, all eagerly awaiting me to tell them the names of the winning horses, and I suddenly saw red. True, I couldn’t bet on a horse due to personal gain, BUT there was nothing stopping any one of those people placing a bet for me and giving me the money. But not one of them had been generous enough to do this, and that crowd around my desk weren’t my friends, they were just using me. So I stated flatly, ‘it’s not going to work anymore.’
They begged me to ‘have a go’ but I’d lost heart in it by then, and stated, ‘no, believe me its over. You will lose your money.’ Still they persisted, placing the spread newspaper before me on the racing page, and without even looking I sighed and said, ‘okay, this one, this one and this one. But they won’t win.’
They didn’t, and those people lost their money.

Until now, having read The Secret, I had no way of knowing that positive thinking had been the cause and effect of those horses winning just as I said they would. I had no idea why for one week I had done that and haven’t dared to assume I could do it again. The thing is now that I know of The Secret and how things manifest through positive thinking and having the horse race experience to remind me, I find that I have faith in The Secret implicitly and to that end I know that positive thinking no matter what it is one dwells upon will occur so long as we believe, foresee and trust.

In like manner, can you see then what impact continuative negative thinking would have on our lives? We would get more of the same.

Remember, whatever our minds dwell on, the universe will give us.

‘Whatever our minds dwell on, the universe will give to us’

In the book The Secret, it uses the example of a man believing he owns a beautiful car, the car of his dreams. He feels his fingers wrap around the steering wheel. He pictures in his mind’s eye turning the key to the ignition, putting the car into gear, driving down the road. He feels the motion, hears the engine, knows the exhilaration, the sheer joy, the pride of owning such a vehicle, he sees the envious looks of his friends, he feels the prestige such a car would give him, in effect he lives the dream to such an extent that it becomes real, and the universe sees, and hears and manifests this man’s desire, because it gives like to like, reflecting whatever thoughts we send out, giving us more of the same.

Since reading of The Secret have I tried it? Do I speak from experience? No, however experience and intuition tells me that it works and the one thing I find myself ‘knowing without a shadow of a doubt’ is that this book, Float will be read by many people and will give them ground to change their lives.

Although having said that I have nothing recent to report, I do have certain success with car parking. I may have previously mentioned this, however, I am constantly tickled by how ace it is. At the weekend for example I desperately needed a free car parking space and knew that on a busy market day the chance of it was nigh impossible…however…I was driving into town and spoke aloud “I need a car parking space please. One outside the butchers.” In my mind’s eye I saw the spot I wanted, only my thoughts shifted to tell me the space would be outside the pet shop that is next door to the butchers and when I arrived…there it was, right outside the pet shop, the only space available in a row of parked cars, even though traffic had been heavy and there had been a car directly in front of me who could so easily have pulled in there, but didn’t.

I smile when this happens, feel joy that it worked, and thank the angels for making it so, or maybe it was the universe that made it so, whatever in my mind they are both part and parcel of one another. It just proves what positive thinking can achieve on a small scale.

Due to my experiences I find now that everything and everyone is beautiful in its own way, just so long as one remembers to think positive. I also find that every time I start reading a new book I say to myself, wow this is great, the best I’ve read so far! Currently I’m reading John Holland’s The Power of the Soul, and I think its brilliant, but perhaps its not only what I choose to read but rather that with each new book I pick up to read I am thirsting for more knowledge and each book quenches that thirst. I feel I have soaked up information this past year like a sponge and I have loved every moment of it.

The most important thing I have learned is how easy it has been to alter my perspective and apply positive thinking, if only by on waking I greet the new day with a smile.

Just a smile…I thought this was a gimmick when I first heard it, I even smiled at the thought of it, but its true. If I remember to smile before my feet hit the floor on getting out of bed, I can guarantee I will have a happy and rewarding day.

You try it, you’ll see…a simple smile can bring goodness rushing toward you, why, because a simple smile brings through a positive effect and the universe will reward you.

As soon as you open your eyes tomorrow, smile, feel on top of the world and no matter what life is currently throwing your way that smile will change your outlook…you will feel positive and in control and your day will be a happy one.

By encouraging others this Light-Worker is getting to work. I am happy with my assignment and I encourage you to do likewise. Believe me, you will really enjoy every moment of it.

*** *** ***

(Since I finished this book on April 20th (notice 4.20?) 2007, something wonderful occurred that I’d like to relate to you.

The last couple of years have been mentally exhausting. Following the death of my mother in law, and although her last wish was that her son and I went to live at her big old farmhouse, sibling rivalry prevented that from happening. My sister in laws were hostile believing that my husband would sell the old farm house and make more money in the long run than they had been left in the will. Nothing could have been further from the truth. 1) We have no intention to sell it, and 2) it requires in the region of £200,000 spending on it to enable any profit to be made. However my sister in laws were adamant that we could not have the farmhouse and without their agreement, as executor of the will my husband’s wishes could not be honoured.

So, my husband and I have had to show prospective buyers around the property and keep absolutely quiet about our wish to live there. This has not been easy. Imagine please someone coming and looking around your house when selling it is the last thing you want to do, but knowing that there is nothing you can do to keep it. It’s a really horrible experience. Not only that but believing that we would never get the farmhouse and barns I was forced to sell three of my five border collies because I thought I would have nowhere for them to live when the farm buildings were sold.

With the odds stacked against us we accepted that the farmhouse and barns would never be ours. That was particularly hard for my husband to accept, as he was brought up in that house and had just naturally assumed he would live there some day, so he was very unhappy to know he never would do, so much so in fact that I was worried about him. The farm was his life and he had just seen most of it sold at a public auction. The thought of seeing the farmhouse and barns go to strangers was almost too much for him and I had a terrible feeling that he would kill himself when his whole life was pulled from under him. I was annoyed with my sister in laws, that having lost one brother in a car crash in the late sixties that they could be so callous now as to cause the death of their other brother, just because they believed he would end up with more money than they would in the long run.

I repeatedly told him to remain positive, but this was difficult in the face of the facts, still we tried to remain focused by believing we would have the farmhouse after all. I kept placing an order with the universe and wished it would all work out for our benefit. We owned the paddocks around the farmhouse, and I have planned to create a Holistic Wildlife Retreat there where I can heal animals and people with Reiki. But we couldn’t get it out of our minds that there would come a day when we would stand in one of the paddocks and look toward the farmhouse and know we could never go inside again, for it belonged to someone else. Try as we might we couldn’t shake off the sadness of that highly probable fact.

One afternoon I was flicking through the book The Secret and a paragraph jumped out at me. I read it several times and I realised where we had been going wrong. Instead of thinking positive and believing the farmhouse WOULD be ours, we should have been thinking positive and believing that the farmhouse WAS already ours.
So I placed another order with the universe and set about letting my imagination fly. I pictured waking every morning in the bedroom overlooking the paddocks, I saw myself go down to breakfast, and go out through the front door toward the barns to let the dogs out and feed the cats and chickens. I imagined the kitchen warm from the oven baking bread and pastries. I pictured herbs in the pantry and one by one I designed each room in the house to our liking. Once I really began to believe I had the right to do all those things, it became easier to imagine, and out of the blue our solicitor rang and arranged a meeting with my sister in laws. This took a while to set up and during that time I pictured my sister in laws bathed in gold and pink light and the evening before the meeting I spent considerable time in meditation, visualising my sister in laws and my husband tied by etheric cords of love and encased in light. I cleansed their chakras and sent them love, and imagined the solicitor enveloped in golden light. Then I invited the angels, archangels, ascended masters and the spirits of my mother and father in law, my dad, and my husband’s grandparents to be at the meeting and asked that for the highest good of all involved everyone left the meeting happy.
The outcome? It was nothing short of miraculous. When my sister in laws were asked if they would sell the house to their brother as his part of his inheritance they both nodded enthusiastically and said, ‘oh yes, of course we would.’ I stared at them and thought, ‘WHAT?’ I couldn’t believe my ears! And the meeting concluded with everyone happy, having gotten what they had always wanted and we now own a beautiful old 17th century farmhouse and farm buildings suitable for as many dogs and other animals as we would like. Its sad that I had already sold three of my dogs, but as they have settled well into their new homes I would not ask for them back.

So in conclusion? Yes positive thinking works. Placing an order with the universe works. Visualisation brings benefits and the realisation of dreams. Placing trust and faith in angels acting to bring about something for the highest good of all works. It was clear to see that day in the meeting room that divine intervention was at work, everyone was amicable and willing to see the other’s point of view, and after more than two years of hostilities the meeting went as smooth as a hot knife through butter and everyone is happy.

Thank goodness I read the books The Cosmic Ordering Service and The Secret and that with faith, love, optimism and trust I heeded their advice.)

*** *** ***

Chapter Thirty-Five

Angel Message 10
Wanting To

When people apply positive thinking not only do they manifest healing for the earth but they also bring great joy to themselves and their loved ones.

Through the Intention Experiment it is being scientifically proven that the human mind is far greater than ever realised in the past, and that men such as Einstein and Beethoven, Jesus and his apostles understood The Secret as it is called, though in effect it is no secret to those of the Universe. This ‘Secret’ has been attainable to all mankind ever since the world began, it has just been ‘lost’ under education that has taught people to rely on them selves for all that they require.

A child brought into the world is closer to God at that time than at any other time in its life. Having recently left the spirit realm the soul remembers and within that newborn is capable of remaining close to God.

Know please, dear one, how children can ‘see’ fairies? How they have imaginary friends? Can you not, stop and remember how you too had such an experience when very young? Did your parents not tell you that you had an over active imagination, or that you were seeing things, or that you were lying, that is the greatest of all misdemeanours, or that perhaps you were told that seeing such things was bad, perhaps came from the devil? It is such a terrible shame that adults have to be so ‘grown up’ and as such cannot allow them selves to believe in such things, even though such things likely occurred when they too were young.

Sixth sense, dear one, intuition, the sense of the soul these things are not bad, these are normal human behaviour. You all have them, you all have the ability to channel into and take possession of a psychic ability that will protect, enhance and brighten your lives.

And within sixth sense, the acceptability that allowing it to guide you is normal, one will ‘see’ both literally and mindfully the fairies, and the angels and will understand and accept that positive thinking alters perspective to the greater good of all.

We are coming to an end of our messages now, having encouraged and enlightened you as to all that is available to you, if you just allow one seed of trust to take root, to smile with each new day and have faith in all you are learning, to manifest your desires with positive thoughts, to heal the earth through good thoughts, loving thoughts, ‘I want to help and make a difference’ thoughts.

All it takes is desire, dear one, a desire to want to… Remember what Jesus replied when asked, ‘if you just want to you can make me better’? He replied, ‘I want to. Be well.’

In truth, dear one, that is all we ask of you. To make our hearts glad, to cause God’s heart to sing, all that is required is to hear you say, is ‘I want to…I want to…I believe…I trust…I have faith…and I am exquisitely happy…my life is good…I am well…I am healthy…I have an abundance…’ Dear one, believe all these things and it will be just so…for you who are made in the image of a God who cannot lie…will have these things…the moment you believe and you trust that you already hold them within the palm of your hand, they will come to you.

Give glory to the Universe dear one, to all that your God has given to you…and inherit all that was yours from the beginning of time…

God wants you to be happy…why should he create you and have you suffer? The happy God that made all things wants you to be happy…does not the birds sing…whatever the weather? So can you. Manifest joy in your hearts and you will attain and sustain the greatest gift of all…love…and with love everything is possible…the healing of the earth…the healing of your loved ones…your friends, the stranger in your midst…yourself.

What is the real secret? What truly gives you all you desire? What truly heals the world? What truly makes you happy?
Positive thinking, dear one positive thinking – it truly is as simple as that.

*** *** ***

To be continued in Chapter Thirty~Six