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Chapter Thirty-Six

More Animals

I suppose if the angels have concluded their messages, my time for talking to you is also drawing to a close. This in no way makes me sad, for I feel a strong determination to write other books. Now I have begun this journey of spiritual enlightenment, I am sure there will be trillions of things to tell you in the years to come.

Each day new things happen to strengthen my faith and my belief in angels and the Universe, in healing, the power of the mind, the way Holy Spirit fills me and through correct breathing procedures I am able to send out healing to wherever it is needed.

One of the things told to me after my Reiki attunement was that animals very often seek out healers when they are ailing and repeatedly I have drawn angel cards that reveal I have a special bond with animals.

This weekend just gone I stayed at my friend Michelle’s house in Canvey Island, and was awoken by her cat, Carmel mewing loudly. My first and instant thought was, ‘the cat is unwell.’ Immediately, I swung my legs from the bed, sat on the side and began the dry bathing for Hatsu Rei Ho, connecting to Reiki to empower myself to heal the cat. Maybe I didn’t need to do this, but I haven’t meditated as much as I would have liked recently and I felt my batteries were a little ’flat’. This was just a personal thought, and at any rate before I left the room my fingers were tingling and I felt re-empowered. Opening the door I found the cat sitting outside in the hall. I bent down to her and held out my hands and she walked toward me and between them. Immediately I felt a flood of energy leave my right hand and go directly into her left cheek, with that she walked away and apparently slept all day without another murmur.
I knew she had received healing but wasn’t sure why she needed it. When I posed the question to myself, I heard the answer, ‘she had toothache.’ At sixteen I realised this was highly probable for a cat of that age, and did not doubt it one bit, besides why should I doubt what had been revealed to me, do not the angels know what I do not?
I was just glad to help the cat, there can be nothing worse than toothache and especially if you cannot ‘speak the lingo’ to say what is wrong.

One of the things that astounded me though was this. Weeks before when Michelle’s puppy had been hit by a car and I’d sent distant healing, I had been shown that there was a problem with the left cheek. I had assumed it was the left cheek of the puppy, but apparently not, and after the experience with the cat, I felt very strongly that that was where the feeling was being generated. At any rate that I noticed this at all, impressed upon me that when angels notify a person of where healing is required, how important it is to regularly send healing out to the universe whereby it can be widely distributed to whomsoever needs it, for unlike us the angels know who is crying out for help.

Incidentally that same weekend I was asked to send healing to the puppy, my friend Bridgette had three sick dogs, each with life threatening problems. By visualisation I sent them healing, and even though one of them is a very old dog, sixteen years old, and the other two are twelve, all three recovered and are well. I am constantly amazed each time this occurs, however it also strengthens my faith and my trust more and more.

When you contemplate that all it requires is positive thinking and a smile…wow…its almost mind blowing to realise how much can be achieved by doing so little.

I used to go door to door telling people that one day God would make the earth the paradise he had promised at the beginning of time…I totally believed that…now I believe that mankind have the potential to make that just so… and all it takes is positive thinking.

Speaking of God, I am reminded of his humour. Being in his image I think of his amusement when animal antics make me laugh.

I once thought of writing a book called Timba Tales. Our dog Timba is very intelligent and a thinker. Things he does impress upon me the intelligence of animals and the amusement they give us.

When Timba was five months old he sat watching Bonnie herding cattle. He never made a move to go near the cattle, but just sat watching taking it all in, as she weaved this way and that and stayed clear of flying hooves.

A few months later after continually watching Bonnie day after day he attempted to ‘have a go’ however, the cattle did not obey him and he came away crestfallen.

He pondered the situation. I could almost hear his little mind ticking over. Why would they obey Bonnie and not him? (It never crossed his mind to bark, in fact he was almost a year old when he first barked and when he did, it made him jump. That was very funny too).

A few days later while playing in the garden with a ball Timba discovered that the ball squeaked and this made him jump. He spent the rest of the day making it squeak. Then a few days after this when we called Bonnie to herd the cattle, Timba came too. He was half way across the field when he stopped, he obviously had a brainwave and he raced back to the garden to get his ball.

From there he came back to the field and racing alongside Bonnie he started squeaking the ball and the cattle petrified of the strange sound started to run. Timba was ecstatic, bounding across the field, ‘squeak squeak, squeak squeak’, the cattle obeying his every turn. He returned to us, eyes bright, and dropping the ball between his paws, stood tongue lolling happy with himself that he had achieved his goal.

We were proud of him for having thought that through. No one had told him, he had just pondered how to herd and was chuffed with his achievements.

As he grew he copied Bonnie in just about everything, but soon became the Alfa male in the pack, and took the lead. He learned to herd chickens. At the end of each day when we shout ‘bedtime!’ to bring in the hens he will round them up. He is very gentle of mouth now, but that wasn’t always the way.

He was once very sharp with them, and drew blood. Once his mind registered chickens and blood together he decided ‘food’ and sought to kill chickens to eat.

My friend Bridgette gave me a tip. ‘Tie the dead chicken around his neck’ she told me. ‘Then scold him, by shouting bad boy! for at least three days.’ This we did. Timba was very upset. He kept waddling toward us with a chicken hung around his chest attempting to be petted, and we would cry out loud, ‘go away you bad dog. Look what you did!’ and we’d touch the chicken.

I watched him sit in a corner and ponder the problem. In front of him I purposefully made a fuss of Bonnie (we only had the two dogs back then) and each time Timba got up to come to me, I shooed him back with an angry shout. Clearly he was very upset.

However, he was thinking.

When my husband was idly stroking Bonnie while he spoke to someone Timba was watching. I was watching too. He made me laugh. He got up and while my husband was engrossed in conversation, Timba literally pushed Bonnie out from under my husband’s hand and took her place, so that he was being stroked affectionately. Truly Timba almost swooned with the pleasure. I then informed my husband that Timba had switched places with Bonnie and my husband looked down and said, ‘it’s you! You bad dog, go away!’ Downhearted, Timba slunk away.

After three days we removed the chicken and acted as though nothing had happened. Timba never killed a chicken again. In fact from then on he became very gentle with them. If when bringing them in at night one hen should hide where we can’t reach it, Timba will wiggle into the spot and very, very gently tug the hen out by her tail feathers so we can grab her.

Plus he has started to help collect the eggs.

Often the hens lay eggs in places other than the hen house. Being free range they find little hidey-holes to squat in and lay a mound of eggs before we discover them. Timba has a wonderful nose for scenting out nests of eggs, and will bring them to us one by one in his mouth.

One particular afternoon as my husband was working beneath a tractor, Timba brought him an egg. My husband thanked him, set the egg to one side and continued working. Very soon Timba had brought him a half dozen eggs. Finally, my husband got up stretched and said to Timba ‘okay then boy where did you find all the eggs?’ Timba ran a head a little way looked back wagged his tail and ran ahead again. My husband followed him and discovered that every yard or so Timba had haphazardly laid an egg in a trail back to the nest where another dozen or so eggs awaited them and Timba was thanked and given a couple of eggs to eat as a reward. That he thought this through all on his own amazed us.

He truly is a remarkable dog and what’s more he knows it!

The way Timba is, the way the other dogs are, the cats we have owned, Biscuit the pony, mice, rats, guinea pigs, budgerigars they have all had their own little characters, their own specialities that made them unique. God was having a good day when he created animals and I expect they have given him much to chuckle about ever since then.

Imagine what the world would be like without animals. Doesn’t bear thinking about does it? Yet with the environment as it is, many animals are losing their precious habitat.

Do we not owe it to these treasures of creation to send positive thinking out into the world, so that they too can continue to have a home on this beautiful earth?

I sure you would agree that we should.

*** *** ***

Chapter Thirty-Seven

Faith and Love

Thesaurus informs us that the following words define the meaning of FAITH.


I love to round out a word in this way, by using thesaurus as a means to establish a more definitive phrase or paragraph in which the word is presented. Without thesaurus it would often be difficult to put a point across.

When I look at the list of words noted above, I am impressed to know that through the pages of this book, FLOAT, I have accepted the full meaning of Faith. I have absolute confidence that the angels have helped me write this book with a view to it being published to help other people, who like me are presently connecting with their angels.

By the experiences I have had I am assured that I can rely on the angels for any purpose or problem I may undergo. I am convinced they will not let me down. I have a pure belief that they will come to my side whenever I call upon them.

That I am devoted to them is plain to see, that they are faithful to me and God goes without saying.

With commitment and dedication I offer myself to God and angels to do as they please to the highest good of all who will read my books inspired of angels.

In this I have unwavering faith.

In the Old Testament the Hebrew word faith meant steadfastness. This is what I feel in my heart. With all that I have learned and committed myself to, I wish to remain steadfast. I love all I am learning, and will continue to read and take in more knowledge. As I gain confidence by experience or am touched by something another author has experienced, my faith is strengthened. Continually I feel blessed.


Of love thesaurus shows many meanings. Among them the following:


Love is a complex emotion. Yet the underlying sentiment that flows throughout this book of FLOAT is that of unconditional love.

Unconditional strengthens the word of love. By absolute, unrestricted, total, categorical, revealing an unbreakable emotion and one that is faithful.

God and angels devote to us unconditional love. Though we transgress often they overlook our imperfections and continue to love us. What we may do is not who we may be. That humankind do bad things singularly or in groups neither God nor angels hold against us. They look only to the bad thing and not to the doer of the bad thing, thus nothing can separate us from God’s love.

Sadly, for the many of us, turning to angels and God in prayer is brought about when undergoing tribulations or when we feel the need for the Divine. People call upon God to oversee the safe passage of a loved one undertaking a journey, or to heal a loved one from an illness. You likely know people who think of God only at such times. That you are reading this book proves you are not one among them. And the purpose of this book is to manifest a desire in you through my experience to gain some of your own, through which you will tell others who in turn will seek their own experiences and so on. In time those with knowledge will be compelled to apply positive thinking to heal their loved ones and the earth. Love will compel them to do this. Unconditional love will move them to act without delay.

Ancient Greek has three distinct words for love. Eros, Philia and Agape.

Though often thought of as romantic, Eros does not have to represent sexual love. It can mean a love you have for someone that is more than friendship.
Deep love.

In ancient texts Philia denotes a general type of love, the love between family and friends, the desire for enjoyment of an activity as well as between lovers.

Agape in Ancient Greek refers to a feeling of contentment or of holding one in high regard.

Though there are varying senses for these three words, it has been proven historically impossible to separate the meanings between them. Love is love, it is an emotion that drives us, moves us to act.

Linked with the heart chakra, love manifests actions and desires that change our perspective of life and of others.

The Heart Chakra located in the centre of our chest promotes love, the most powerful healer in the universe. Loving ourselves is the foundation of good health and happiness.

Loving others, unconditionally, as God and angels love unconditionally brings about universal well-being that promotes a healthy planet for ourselves, our loved ones, our animals and future generations.

With faith and love…life is bliss.

*** *** ***

Chapter Thirty-Eight

Optimism And Trust

Thesaurus shows us the following meanings for optimism:


I have to admit when I first heard the angels reveal the title of this book, and my friend Angela revealed that knowing angels likely each letter of the title stood for a singular meaning, optimism was the last word I thought of. I had believed that obedience was the word I sought.
I confess the word obedience had a negative affect on me. Almost to the point of my being annoyed by believing that here the angels were saying, have faith and love and trust but be obedient in what we tell you.

I am rebellious of nature so hearing the word obedient did little for my wiliness to write this book. I’d do it out of unconditional love, but I wouldn’t do it if made to do it. Was as simple as that.

I was intrigued true, I wanted to write it, but being forced to do so niggled me. Therefore to have Angela say ‘not obedience, try optimism’ well what a relief!

I still wasn’t certain however that optimism was the correct word until half way through the book when I realised that it could be nothing else. Float has certainly increased my optimism to want to know more, I thrive on a need to know more, am optimistic that all that has been written here, all I have been reminded of will in someway be beneficial to others, that will strengthen their own faith by my example.

That is a humbling thought. It also makes me smile…’what! ‘That all the stupid daft things that have happened to me in my past might encourage others to have similar daft experiences of their own?’…No…only joking…It might actually impress upon them that I am as nutty as a fruitcake after all. Huh, again only kidding…

Truly…I am honoured and humbled to think that my experiences may in some way help other people to gain faith and trust that they too, on a similar lowly way of life as I have, might also connect with angels.

That humbles me.


We place them way up there, on pedestals as super beings, ever mighty, associated with God, yet they are on par with us and we with them…all spiritual beings all associated and privileged to be close to God.

Again I am humbled.

I digress…


Exemplifies a life view where one looks upon the world as a positive place…so says Wikipedia the free encyclopaedia.

I like that, don’t you?

Exemplifies a life view where one looks upon the world as a positive place…

Doesn’t that just fit with the overall theme of this book FLOAT? Or as Dr Dana Lightman PhD creator of the POWER OPTIMIST programs aptly puts it;

‘Optimism is a vital ingredient for a life that is creative, productive and enjoyable. Research shows that optimists live longer, enjoy better health, and do better in relationships, work and sports. For some optimism comes naturally. For most, it is a positive attitude towards life that must be learned and cultivated.’

I’d like to rearrange and make an addition to that comment. Optimism is a positive attitude that must be learned cultivated and expressed by faith, love and trust TOWARD LIFE.

If optimism comes naturally or is learned we should use it in ways that will benefit others and the earth for the highest good. Our very lives and future selves not to mention the future of all mankind, depends upon optimism. Optimism will promote a desire to nurture and manifest an attitude to motivate in us positive thinking.

This in turn goes out into the universe…where it heals the world…simple as that.


And is where the meat comes in…simple enough to explain faith, love and optimism…simple enough to believe and accept that with those three emotions one can pour positive thinking into the universe…nothing to it, huh?

Maybe yet…possibly not so…let me for one moment be the opposite of optimistic…let me be pessimistic. Let me apply the word AND here and turn it into BUT…

When I used to be one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, I would maintain that it was easy to tell the sheep from the goats. The sheep were by nature placid and accepting whereas the goats would continually reveal themselves by butting in and saying; ‘but…but…but…’

After all that had been revealed to them, through the bible, through bible based publications by revealing to them that black is black and white s white and even shades of grey had explanations, they continually undermined the truth, by looking for arguments.

It appeared that they were only happy if they could undermine a foundation, cracking it open a little at a time, determined not to listen but rather to detriment any fact placed before them.

It’s such a shame that we have pessimists among us. Those who feel it their duty to criticise others and generally BEFORE they have no grounds to do so.

These ones are generally troublemakers, altering their perspective on things requires patience as well as love. They may require definite examples before they will believe, and even if they reap the rewards of the hard work others have put in, they may still question why things are so. You may not change these people, you may be commended for trying, but you must not become downhearted so that you are robbed of your own positive thinking.

Negativity breeds contempt? No, contempt breeds negativity. Once you have begun to be riled by the ‘goats’ so to speak you will quickly start to doubt your own truths. If strong enough to withstand the onslaught they will place upon you then be courageous and try to have them see what it is you aim to achieve, but if not then pray for them and ask the angels to help them ‘see’ how negative thinking destroys faith and how positive thinking can bring so many benefits to them, their loved ones and the earth. Call upon Archangel Michael to bring this about.

Linking Optimism with Trust AND is a very important word. It places the two in relation to one another. It places Faith and Love in relation to optimism and trust. It groups all four together, it impresses upon us that one is no good without the other, and that as a whole when applied in our lives we and the world will benefit.

It shows us that angels felt that as a whole, Faith, Love Optimism And Trust are requirements needed to keep us healthy to fire our enthusiasm and to steer us onto a path that will be our salvation both now and the future to come.


Thesaurus reveals other words that can mean trust, these are:


In relation to the above, what is trust?

It is letting others know your feelings and emotions and having confidence in them to respect you and not take advantage. It is to share your inner feelings and thoughts with others. It is placing confidence in others so that they will be supportive. It is having an inner sense of acceptance that you can share secrets with others. It is a sense that things are fine and that nothing can break the bond between you and another. It is having trust in God and angels of things seen and perceived. It is having trust in faith.

This past year working with angels has altered my perspective in so many things. Would you believe as I wrote that line I checked the clock and found it to read 4.20?

God and the angels remind you to stay centred in faith.
Your manifestations and healing power start with your faith and belief.
Give doubts to Heaven.

‘Give doubts to Heaven’, doesn’t that just sum it up nicely, and so timely too?

I have learned to do that. Give my doubts to heaven and leave them with God, and then with F.L.O.A.T. I continue to think positively, nothing else matters. It will all work out for my ultimate good.

*** *** ***

Chapter Thirty-Nine

I’m Alive!

I’ve loved writing this book. I sing more. Lyrics to songs appeal in ways that they never appealed before. After sending my biography and the first three chapters of Float to the publishers I felt absolutely on top of the world. I know this book will find its way into the hands of many people. That thought has been with me since I began writing the first chapter.
Nevertheless I felt a tiny pinprick of doubt deep down inside so after sending the chapters to the publishers I sat down with a pack of angel cards and said out loud ‘ I know I shouldn’t doubt, I know there is no need for that, however, if you could just give me a sign please so I know that the book was inspired of angels and as such will be published one way or another please cause the middle finger of my left hand to tingle over the appropriate card that will keep me thinking positive.’

With that I fanned out the cards with my right hand and slowly ran my left over the cards. I hadn’t gone too far in when I felt a definite tingle in the tip of my middle finger and withdrew the card from the pack. Turning it over I smiled and laughed out loud.

It was the creative writing card, and among other things reminded me;

Archangel Gabriel loves to help writers and journalists deliver healing messages…Gabriel can also open doors that will allow for publication of your articles and books, if you ask for her assistance.’

What more assurance did I need?

Absolutely delighted and filled with faith, love optimism and trust I went out that afternoon in the car and playing the song I’m Alive by Michael Bolton I was singing along at the top of my voice;

I’ve slept under the sun and I’ve tasted the rain
Cold rain
I’ve loved more than once
And I’ve stared down the face of pain…
But look at me…
I’m still standing here today.

I’m Alive yeah I’m Alive!
And I’ll walk this winding road
I’d rather take a leap of faith than be alone…

Yeah, I’m Alive

I feel stronger, more powerful
More beautiful than ever…

It was when I got to this bit that WHOOSH I was hit by the fizzing I associate with angels drawing close, straight in my face, all around me, I could literally feel their joy at my joy. What an amazing experience.

I laughed more turned the music up and sang louder. I don’t think I have had a happier more joyous, more exquisite moment than I had at that time. It was wonderful!

Truly, I am alive and I love this amazing life I’ve been given.

*** *** ***

Chapter Forty

Inspired by Angels

‘You are a light worker.
God needs you to shine your Divine light and love
~ Like an angel ~ upon the earth and all its inhabitants.’

This was the message that begun me on my journey, and impressed upon me my divine path through life. This was the message that brought me to writing this book, this book inspired of angels. They have revealed much to you, as they have to me. I read back on those messages with a sense of awe. True, my fingers had typed those words, but those words had not originated with me. Before embarking upon this book, I knew nothing of how thought process could affect the earth either negatively or positively, nothing at all. It never even came into my mind or my heart to believe in the slightest possibility of these things.

To discover what a light worker was, was both enlightening and at the same time so readily acceptable as if I had always known, like coming home after a long and arduous journey, and being glad to be back, it made utter sense to me. And this book, is the first offering I make to the world in general, that those that read it may be encouraged to recognise their own homecoming and realise that they too have an obligation to remember who they are, why they have come here and what they purposed to do here before being born into the body the soul now inhabits.

I always thought I knew where I was going, with my daydreams, the pedestals I erected for myself to sit on and look around and say, ‘yes I’m here, I made it’. Now my dreams go beyond sitting way up high and surveying ‘my world’ it stretches far wider than I could ever have dreamed possible. The obligation I have to the world is infinite, it stretches and stretches through time and space and beyond even that, and whatever I think about flows out to the universe and has a bearing on all creation. That is such a mind blowing, awe inspiring thought! It alone will be doing great good for the earth.

I am past asking ‘why me?’ It’s not why me, I’m no one special. What special attributes must one have to be a light worker anyway?

We are all Light Workers.

That’s the whole truth of the matter. Just as there are angelic creatures in the heavens, and all around us, there are those that elected to ‘live’ within human hosts in order to learn relationships, and through those to know love…then through love to feel the overwhelming compulsion to want to help, to heal, to protect, to share…even to feel pain…and to learn that through knowing pain, emotional and physical, we are reminded it is love that heals.

The dedication of medical staff, the devotion to work long hours to help repair, heal and consol all this begins with love. A desire greater than anything we know drives people to move mountains in the face of adversity…love…

By love we live and breathe and die…

By love we help our fellow man, flora and fauna…the earth itself…the universe…angels…the Creator…the Great Spirit…God…

Our whole existence is dependable on love…without it we are nothing.

Love moved me to write this book, faith and belief in angels convinced me that through its pages readers will be encouraged to recognise the Light Worker that they are, and to remember the path they set themselves before they incarnated in this world.

By that remembrance they will do all in their power to help spread the word…how could we have forgotten just how easy it is to be happy?

Yet we did, we all did…but it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

You know the one thing I noticed when I trusted in this journey? I noticed how readily people listened to what I told them. I also noticed how many hundreds and thousands of people there are out there that already know it but are unwilling to allow themselves to believe it. Therefore with just one reminder, with just one person courageously speaking out, (and angels make this so) people whom you would least expect to do so will readily accept everything you tell them. It’s incredible, it really is!

And yet it isn’t when you stop to think, we are all Light Workers, and we are all only just being given a little prod, a slight nudge to remember that. And what do light workers do?
They spread the divine light, they illuminate the truth, and as such they remind everyone why we came here, what we are here for, and how we should interact with one another, love one another and be there for one another. We are all connected.

At no other time in the history of mankind is the divine light currently being shone around the world. Thousands are flocking to the light, thousands are readily remembering who they are, why they are here, what they should be doing, what they came here to achieve.

I greatly encourage you to read everything that comes your way. I have a vast collection of books now, I am soaking up the information like a sponge, and it all makes absolute sense to me. There is so much to learn, so much to teach, and if things are repetitive that too is good, for it helps us to absorb, and everything is acceptable in its own time.

Several chapters back I hinted at having a grand finale for this book, and I until recently that was so. However, something topped it. Things are happening to me all the time, each more incredible than the last.

Continually I applaud the angels, I applaud myself for having faith and trust in angels, I adore them…they are everything to me and I love them so much.

That angels inspired me to write this book, has been a continuous wonderment to me, I feel humble, yet I know that the world over writers and other people are being reminded how their talent and gifts can help others to the greater benefit than ever before.

We are all needed, there is not one among us who cannot take part, and for every talent a man may have, none is greater than the gift we all have within us, the capacity within our hearts to love and to share that love through positive thinking with one and all and the entire universe.

Know how light travels? I have always been awed by the thought that my little ole torch light just keeps on going. That the beam of light just carries on a travelling, and that the sunlight that was made in the sun’s centre during the days of Jesus is only just now being shone down to the earth. Things like that just amaze me and now to learn that every thought that goes out of our heads has either a detrimental or a positive effect on the universe – wow – and that love – sending it out, manifesting it for all creation – that just goes on and on and on…encompassing time and space to infinity, well doesn’t that just overwhelm and humble you? It does me.

I had a wonderful experience a few months back; at the time I thought nothing could surpass it. Remember I was visiting the Shaman? Well his wife was talking about love, and as I looked at her, I became aware of her aura. It surrounded her like a bright yellow cloud and each time she said the word love a sheaf of pink ran through the aura. I was engrossed gazing at this. Then behind her, behind the glow of pink and gold that surrounded her, I noticed shadowy images, as though a crowd of people stood behind her, and then on either side of her a gold face appeared. So bright, that all I could determine was the oval shape of a face that glowed pure gold. I was transfixed by the sight a little amused a little overwhelmed and filled with a sense of love and light. I felt beautiful in that moment, and I felt connected, as one with all those other spirit beings. In truth I felt I had arrived at a moment in time that I had never even left. I was home.

Afterward when I related what I had seen, the Shaman told me, ‘well while you were gazing at my wife and seeing all those wonderful things I was looking at you. And your forehead had golden rays of light emanating from it, and at one point they were so bright that your whole face was completely obscured in gold light. It was truly beautiful!’

I was stunned, yet at the same time exquisitely happy, and it made me realise that truly, yes, we are all Light Workers, we are all connected, and whether spirit in a human host or spirits of light we are all one and the same.

Finally, in conclusion, as wonderful as that experience was and as much as I hold it dear in my heart, I was to be impressed further by the love of angels when one morning, when I was feeling particularly sad about an emotional upset in my life at that time something extraordinary occurred.

In my car I was listening to an album by Lionel Richie. Now the funny thing is, I have had this particular CD for years, but had always played my favourite tracks, skipping the others.

I was listening to track 5 when it came to an end and in expectation of track 6 I was confused when a song I hadn’t heard before began to play. In my confusion I only half listened to it, but as it drew to a close I thought to myself, ‘that was kinda nice, I’ll play it again.’ So I clicked for rewind to the previous track and a different track came on, one I knew. I thought, ‘eh…what?’ Thus I set about searching for the track I had heard. I couldn’t find it. This was odd. Not only had I listened to a song I had never heard before; now it didn’t exist?

I stopped the car and determined set about finding it. Finally I did, it was track 17. How had the CD player jumped from track 5 to 17, and how when I had clicked for it to be replayed had it returned to the beginning of track 6?

When I listened to the song again, it all became crystal clear. Below I shall quote the lyrics. See for yourself.

“I just want to tell you,
all the things you are
and all the things you mean to me
When I find myself believing there's no place to go,
when I feel the loneliness inside my heart

You're the answer to my prayers and you're with me everywhere,
You're my angel - miracle, you're all I need tonight
You give me shelter from the rain, you breathe life in me again,
Your my angel miracle your all I need to know - tonight.

Life is just a moment,
We're blowing in the wind
We're trying to find a friend
And only time can tell us if we win or if we lose
And who will stand beside us
When there's darkness all around me your the light I see
When I need someone to ease my troubled mind


You're my angel...
All I need tonight...
You're my angel...


You’re all I need to know…”

I shouldn’t have been surprised that the song is entitled ANGEL, nor that angels had done this for me at that moment in time to remind me that they are constantly with me and that I am loved. They send signs when we are feeling low but truly what happened that day was nothing short of a miracle.

That song moved me to tears, not only that, it also uplifted me, and I now play it whenever I am feeling a little low. Yes, I do still get low, half of me is a human being after all and as a human I struggle with negative tendencies, however these are lessening as the Light Worker within me gains ground for a more positive outlook for the future.

My life has certainly changed for the better, and I love it and I know that it will exceed all my expectations.

This book was inspired of angels, I would never have done it alone, and as they revealed to me with the message for number 5.55 shown to me on the bedside clock this morning I am thoroughly ready and willing to work with them to do all that I can to help others find the life that they too, truly deserve.

“Major changes and significant transformations are here for you.
You have an opportunity to break out of the chrysalis and uncover the amazing life you truly deserve.”

No longer am I living within the box and sleeping. I am wide awake now and by keeping an open mind I’ve broken out of my old shell and am heading for the life I truly deserve…

I’ve discovered so much, and am still learning. I look forward to the years ahead with relish. I feel re-born, re-vitalised, refreshed…alive…and know now the exquisite delight of blissful joy.

With positive thought, faith, love, optimism and trust you too can enjoy the exquisite delight of an abundance of peace and joy.

Blessed be,

Wendy Christine Tunnard de-Veryard
April 20th 2007.

*** *** ***

. Credits

I would like to thank the following persons and spirit, whom without their love for mankind and our earth this book would never have been so lovingly written.

Spirit: - Jehovah God, The Grand Creator, Our Father in Heaven or whomsoever you perceive him to be.

Archangels: - Michael, Raphael, Gabrielle, Uriel, Metatron, Jeremiel, Chamuel, Haniel, Zadkiel, Raguel, Raziel, Sandalphon, Ariel, Jophiel, Azrael, Gabriel.

Angels: - Indriel, Athena, Azure, Bridgette, Caressa, Chantall, Daniel, Deriree, Fiona, Isaiah, Leila, Maya, Oceana, Omega, Patience, Rochelle, Rosetta, Serena, Serephina, Teresa, Yvonne, Zanna.


Barbel Mohr - Book – The Cosmic Ordering Service

Dr Doreen Virtue PhD – Angel Oracle cards – CD’s and Books – The Light Workers Way, Chakra Cleansing – Connecting with your Angels Kit and probably every other book she and her angels have written. Website:

John Holland – Books - Born Knowing – Psychic Navigator - Power of the Soul - Meditation CD’s. Website:

Jack Angelo – Book – Your Healing Power

Luc Bourgault – Book – The American Indian Secrets of Crystal Healing

Neale Walsh – Conversations With God books 1 2 & 3 – Website:

Dr Brian Weiss PhD – Books – Only Love Is Real, Many Lives Many Masters, Mirrors of Time, Messages from the Masters – Mirrors of Time Past Life Regression CD. Website:

Dr Caroline Myss PhD – Book – Anatomy of the Spirit

Rhonda Byrne – Book and DVD - The Secret

Liz Simpson – Book – Chakra Healing

Sarah Ingerman - Book – Soul Retrieval

Adam – Book - Dream Healer

Lynne McTaggart – Book – The Intention Experiment – Website:

Jan Morgan-Wood – Book – Easy to Use Shamanism

Silver RavenWolf – Book – Mind of Light – Website: WWW.SILVERRAVENWOLF.COM

Margrit Coates – Book - Hands on Healing For Pets

Martin J Scott & Gael Mariani – Book - Crystal Healing for Animals

Judy Hall – Book – The Crystal Bible

Alistair I.M.Rae – Book - Beginners Guide to Quantum Physics

Dr Douglas Baker – Book - The Human Aura, a study of human energy fields

Taggart King – Course Manual Reiki First Degree Shoden - Website:

Monica Underwood – The Crystal Way ‘Home Study’ Course


I’d like to thank the following people:

Richard P.Tunnard - My husband and soul mate and keeper of my heart who willingly allowed me to practise Reiki on him and to chatter endlessly about all the things I was learning and didn’t criticise, not once. Thank you. I love you truly.

Noel Edmunds – Whose story in a National Newspaper led me to purchasing and having faith in the book The Cosmic Ordering Service by Barbel Mohr.

Stan B. Stevens - A soul mate through the research of his book Jehm I was led to Doreen Virtue’s Chakra Cleansing book and connected with the angels.

Paul (Big Bear) & Monica Underwood - Who I found online and lived close enough to me to visit, and through whom I learned a little about shamanism and crystal therapy.

Deborah Pickstone - Who invited me to attend her psychic awareness circle after we met at the shop Opti-Mystic in Spalding.

Jane - From the Opti-Mystic shop in Spalding who gave me much to ponder plus a copy of the magazine ‘Kindred Spirit’ through which I discovered the website The Intention Experiment and Lynne McTaggart’s book of the same title.

Tricia (Keziah) Twelves - My Reiki Master whom I met through Deborah Pickstone and who has provided a great deal of encouragement in Reiki Healing.

Az - From the National Federation of Spiritual Healers located in Lincoln who gave me my first healing session.

Angela Cannon - Who through The Bowen Technique and Spiritual Healing eventually cured the thirty three year old pain in my lower back.

Jude Walling – Friend and counsellor who helped me find myself and gave me confidence to pursue my dreams.

Dr. Martyn Walling – My doctor who recommended his ex wife (above) for my counselling.

Nancy Richardson – Dearest friend who is thrilled to hear of my psychic experiences and through the rough times has bolstered my confidence and reminded me to apply positive thinking against all the odds. It Works! Thank you.

About the Author:

Prolific British author Wendy Tunnard de-Veryard has been hobby writing for 43 years. Her delicious sense of humour and ability to write a complex and gripping story has encouraged hundreds of thousands of people to visit her one hundred stories website Night Dreams since she opened it in 1998.

In 2005, Publish America published her book Star Dappled Night Mare. This story is currently undergoing development for a low budget feature film in South Carolina, USA.

2006 and 2007 saw Wendy tackle a new line of writing, that of non-fiction. Inspired of angels, Wendy has written FLOAT, as shown here and is expected to write many other self-help books in the future.

Wendy, 52, lives with her farmer husband, Richard and their three children in South Lincolnshire, England and along with writing as a hobby she also breeds red and white Border Collies suitable for pet, agility, fly ball and herding. Her dogs have appeared on Yorkshire television promoting Micro-chipping for Elwood and Briggs veterinary surgery.

Wendy is also a Reiki practitioner and is currently developing a Reiki Holistic Wildlife Retreat at a meadow near her home in the village of Frampton.

Currently (2008) Wendy is looking into studying Quantum Touch Healing and intends to open up a room in her home to offer healing through Reiki and Quantum Touch.