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Chapter Twenty-Six

Human Invisibility

What do you think about invisibility? That is the idea of human invisibility. If like me the television series, The Invisible Man thrilled you, then certainly you too would derive great pleasure from at times not being seen. Just think of the benefits!

To be in the company of neighbours, relatives, enemies…to hear what is being said about you, to go on aeroplanes and see the world without needing a passport or a plane ticket, to go anywhere and not feel threatened or in danger, you could even get out of jail, free… the list is limitless, I would certainly love it anyway!

A while back I began a story entitled Lynx. This was written around the idea of human invisibility and I joined an online group where people discussed this possibility and wrote of their experiences. It appears that invisibility is possible, although there is an art to it.

Basically it’s all to do with the aura that surrounds every single living thing, and being able to sit quietly or to be peaceable. Two experiences I remember the most are when one young man arrived at a party. He was feeling carefree and happy and entered among his friends but no one seemed to notice him. A waiter carrying a tray of drinks never offered him one and people in groups stood around talking but did not include him. Finally bemuse he decided to go to the bathroom, and on the way upstairs he passed a woman he knew who didn’t acknowledge his presence. He began to wonder if it were some game they were all playing at his expense. The bathroom was engaged when he reached it so he waited. In the meantime a young girl came to use it and when the door opened she just breezed past him as though he wasn’t there. This happened again when some other girl came to use the bathroom. Finally only when there was no queue outside the bathroom was he able to use it.

He then went downstairs and entered among the groups of people, who in turn spoke to him, saying things like, ‘thought you weren’t coming’ or ‘you’re late’, not one of them believed he had been there for some time, but all were baffled as to how he knew what they had been talking about within the past hour. It was a mystery to him, until he began researching the art of human invisibility, and then he realised that was what must have occurred. He had felt so peaceable, so happy that his aura had reflected his peaceful state and he had ceased to be there just as though he were floating through life without a care in the world.

One other experience that enthralled me was of a young woman who was sitting meditating on a stool at the side of the television in the living room of her home. She was quiet and absorbed so when her husband came in from work she did not notice him, but more to the point he did not see her. He went from room to room looking for her. Mystified he went back to the living room, crossed to the television switched it on and sat watching it awhile, not noticing his wife sat at the side of it.
After a few moments he got up and went to the kitchen to pour a drink, and when he returned he was startled, for there was his wife just getting up from the stool. ‘Where have you been?’ he asked her.
Puzzled she replied, “Nowhere, why?”
“Nowhere?” he reiterated, “You must have been somewhere, I’ve searched the house for you.” She smiled at him, “I’ve been sat here all the time.”
“No you haven’t I would have seen you.”

The conversation continued, leaving both mystified and frustrated. It wasn’t until some time later when the woman stumbled upon the art of invisibility that it began to make sense. In her very relaxed state her aura had shrouded her so that she appeared invisible and due to her meditation, she had been unaware of her husband’s return from work.

There were many more cases similar to these two, and just as a chameleon is able to blend into its surroundings by changing colour our auras can do likewise thus giving us camouflage and this is just another part of our possibilities. Along with sixth sense, healing, visualisation, past life regression levitating, and out of body experiences to name but a few being invisible is just another thing we can do…if…we put our mind to it.

In fact, I am beginning to acknowledge that if we put our mind to it…nothing is impossible for us…truly, nothing at all.

*** *** ***

Chapter Twenty-Seven

The Benefits of Love

There are heaps of stories whereby love has altered situations but one stands out in my mind more than anything.

It is the story of the baby in the first crib.

In an orphanage there were rows and rows of cribs each with a baby and these were cared for in the best possible way. They received warmth and nourishment and were changed and made comfortable and they acted as babies do crying, demanding attention, it was a full time job for the carers and nurses working at the orphanage. However, the baby in the first crib nearest the door was always smiling, gurgling, happy. It would make eye contact and this baby thrived, was never sickly, and more often than not was quiet and appeared happy.
So the orphanage staff placed a different baby in the crib, and over a period of a few days, the new baby in that crib became as the first, although the first was now becoming despondent.

Management could never understand why the baby in the first crib was thriving, so they began a series of experiments. They thought maybe being nearest the door, the child could see a light on in the next room so they tried turning the light off, it made no difference.
Perturbed, they tried positioning the cribs differently, rather than in rows, but again the baby nearest the door thrived whereas the others simply existed.

No one could understand why, or what was happening. Could the child hear something from beyond the door? Was it more responsive to sound, could it be that by the door the child interacted more with the outside world? They tried positioning several cribs near the door, but it was always just the one child that thrived.

In desperation someone suggested they rig cameras and watch the baby in the first crib every minute of each twenty-four hour period. The answer arose that very first night. Still they kept watching until they were sure of their findings before they released the information to all members of staff. The baby in the first crib was being loved.

Every night, when only skeleton staff remained on duty, a cleaner would enter the room and she would go to the nearest crib by the door, pick up the baby there and cuddle it close. She would then spend at least ten minutes talking to and cooing to the young child, pouring out her love and kissing the child and singing it a lullaby. Then she would lay the baby back into the crib and go about cleaning around the other cribs, before saying goodnight to the baby nearest the door and leaving the room. She did this every single night without fail, and it was due to this simple act of love and kindness that the baby in the first crib thrived.

Management were astounded, and it became recognised how powerful love was, even if given unconditionally and with quality for no more than ten minutes in any twenty four hour period, a baby would become noticeably more alert, less demanding and have the overall appearance of doing well, looking happy and responding to and interacting with others more than a child that merely had its basic needs met.

Thus love when given freely and genuinely is powerful and I so adore this story for it impresses upon me how much more so people and nature and the earth could abound if we loved them all that bit longer than ten minutes.

*** *** ***

Chapter Twenty-Eight

Seeing Auras

I suffer with double vision, this started in 1982 when I was a passenger in a car crash and broke the windscreen with my head. Thanks to double vision, I am very, very good at seeing those magic eye pictures, however when looking at things everything seems to ghost just slightly, so that its not a clear sharp picture. However, this never explained why I could see a thin band around people, like the sort of hazy wavy line one sees on the ground when the sun is very intense. Besides my double vision only extends within a few feet of me, the further away something is, the sharper it becomes.

Still I figured that those bands I could see around people were the cause of my double vision. Strange though how I didn’t see them around imamate objects too.

When I began researching all of what has occurred recently, I discovered we all have an aura. This starts simply as an etheric line around the body standing out an inch or a little more from the body, like the wavy lines seen when the sun is very hot and reflecting on a highway. I became enthusiastic about reading this, since those wavy lines had been what I had seen around people for years.

I discovered that first one has an etheric line around the body, then on top of this and this can be some distance from the body, is the energy field and then comes the aura. This is bubble like and can be coloured. The colour reflects the personality and health of the person the aura surrounds.

Intrigued, I started buying books about the aura and soaked up the information like someone who had thirsted for the knowledge since time began.

Once I knew what the aura was, I began to take note, using intuition to guide me to see the colour of a person’s aura. Slowly, slowly, I did see colours and I also noticed how wide a person’s aura could be, the day I sought my daughter’s. I could see her etheric line no problem, but where was her aura? I then noticed this cloud surrounding her at least two feet from her body, and discerned the colour to be gold. Reading what each colour represented I soon appreciated that I was discerning the right colours because those explanations matched whomsoever I’d seen that colour surround. For example, yellow – spiritual awareness and pink for love, my young son has white – innocence, purity and truth, and at his age, could it have been anything less?

My husband’s aura was black. This concerned me at first, contrary to popular belief he is a kind man. Tender of heart and though he stands up for his rights, he is often wrongly accused of being arrogant. I am perhaps the one person that knows him best, and he is not as he appears, he is better, sweeter and my best friend. Still seeing a black aura surround him concerned me. What did it mean?

There have been occasions when one or other of my husband’s family have been unkind toward him, even to the point of one of his sisters telling him the wicked lie when he was just a little boy that his mother had been squashed by a lorry. Several hours passed before she told him it wasn’t true. This had a life long impact on him, the devastation he felt at that time has remained with him all his life and he never recovered from that moment when his heart was broken not even when he discovered that it was not true. He finds it difficult to forgive his sister for telling him that heartless lie, or for the fact that his father was a bully and his aura reflects these things.

A black aura I discovered represented, long term un-forgiveness. Once I realised this, I could see how having a black aura suited him perfectly, and I am sure that for as long as he lives his aura will continue to reflect that terrible, terrible heartache from the lie he was told by someone he trusted. Such a wicked, wicked lie that went deep and changed his life forever. My heart goes out to him, and as much as we are counselled to forgive I think everyone will agree that this would be a hard one to achieve. That lie did irreparable damage and changed the course of his life.

I can see my own aura it is yellow – which means emerging psychic and spiritual awareness, optimism and hopefulness, positive excitement about new ideas. That definitely explains me right now! These explanations are from the book Chakra Clearing by Doreen Virtue.

My daughter’s aura, being gold represents an inspired person.

Once I started to discern colours I began little games with myself, looking for auras and then asking a person how they were. I found that every time the colour I had seen represented their situation at the time. Red featured often and this is very telling, since the angels have been informing you about the effect of negative thought forms ruining the earth. For a red aura represents money worries or obsessions, anger and un-forgiveness, anxiety or nervousness.

The problem I found at first with looking for auras is in having to stare at people. The aura is more noticeable around the head area, thus if you’ve seen me staring at you, then my apologies but at least now you know why!

However seeing auras did become easier, and when it did, I realised that my previous and somewhat unorthodox way of looking for and discerning them before was nothing to the fantastic experience I was to have when I a person’s aura appeared right before my eyes!

Billowing Clouds of Love

During the last few months of my spiritual awakening I have met many wonderful and exceedingly helpful people. The overall feeling surrounding these people has been love. They all believe in and have connected with angels, they all love God and all believe in Jesus. Many accept that in our lives we have spirit guides, several connect with spirits in one form or another. All believe that we are spirits within a human host and all believe that we have a higher self that has lived many lives before now, and will continue to live many lives after this one.

Love has been the basis from which they grow, and I have found nothing untoward or frightening among any of them. It seemed to me that I slotted right on in, as if I am part of them now and have always been, even in times when I would once have shunned them.

I am learning so much, I read books and think, ‘oh yes, I can see that.’ It is logical to me, and it’s as though I am being reminded of things I once knew but have forgotten. Again the overriding factor in all of it is love. We are here to learn how to love, and how through love we can heal one another and the world, how through positive thought forms life for every living thing and the earth can be enriched.

I have experienced many things, several noted here, more yet to relate, but none have impressed me more than the night I saw someone’s aura in all its glory.

Previously I’d discerned them. Seeing the etheric line around a person and in my mind’s eye discerning the colour of the aura, by simply knowing by intuition what that colour would be. At times seeing flashes of colour, still the elusive billowing cloud of colour I’d been expecting to see eluded me.

I went to visit the wife of a newly acquired spiritual friend. She is involved with psychic awareness and past life regression workshops and we were sat talking about all manner of spiritual things, when she started to talk about love.
With her eyes intensely blazing with love she spoke of angels and God and spirits and the first thing I noticed was what appeared to be shadows dancing around her head, I mentioned this and with a smile she immediately dimmed the lights. Now I could see even more!
Behind her head rose a cloud of yellow, it was large and billowed around her as she spoke. I was transfixed! Enthralled. Though I listened avidly to what she was saying, I was watching this dancing cloud grow larger and larger around her head and shoulders and then as she spoke more intensely about love of angels her aura turned pink!
When she had finished speaking, I told her about it and she was amazed that I’d seen it and related the time when she had seen radiant rainbow rays of colour shining out of her young daughter, so she could identify with the joy I was feeling at that time.
Yet there was more, I had seen more than the beautiful billowing cloud of her aura…and her husband had seen more with me…but this…I’m reserving for a later chapter of this book, the overwhelming humbling experience I had that night one that has truly changed the way I think about life forever.

*** *** ***

Chapter Twenty-Nine

Angel Message 9

Soon, soon now you shall see the manifestation of the choices that you make and the world will be healed. It will take time naturally, however there is nothing that God wills that cannot be achieved. And God willed from the beginning of time that the earth would be a paradise reflecting the glory of God bringing honour to his name through you.

There is nothing that you, in God’s image cannot accomplish – you just have to believe in yourself. Every thought you have when acted upon can only bring direct and positive results. It is when you think deeper about the first thought that you fail to act on that first thought. The problem with humankind is that they tend to think before they act, even though they advocate doing the other way around.

Take for example making a decision, how long did you ponder and finally come back to square one? Can you not see that nine times out of ten the original intuitive thought is the one that will bring forth the most success, the most kindness the most sense? Why then did you spend so long pondering an act that would have brought you joy at the onset, before you argued the pros and cons of your original thought? See how much time you wasted? Not just wasted time but stress to your system, or if you were discussing the options with someone else, maybe arguments ensued.
Sometimes an impulsive act is the correct one to make, it after all was decided at some deeper level, which more often than not is your soul speaking, and through your soul comes God’s own thoughts.
We’re not talking about an impulsive decision this is something different an impulsive thought is usually borne from a selfless act of kindness, whereas an impulsive decision is usually borne of desire.

Often that first initial thought that you had is the correct one, because it was thought about deep, deep in your soul where correct thinking originates.

Your soul has experiences of lifetimes, it has the capability to lead you, guide you in ways of all things to the greater good. If you can but remember that the soul is your guiding force and the human is just the shell, then you will not allow the human heart and mind to override the impulsive thought and make it an impulsive decision, because the impulsive decision comes with conditions.

Imagine that you wish to pledge an amount of money. Your world often has sponsorships for various charitable events. You see the needy portrayed on your television screens in your newspapers and your first impulsive reaction is to give freely. You want so much to help, you place yourself in the shoes (if they are lucky enough to have shoes) of those people and you truly feel for them. You pledge perhaps twenty pounds, figuring that this sum if given by many would go a long way to help the suffering, and you pick up the telephone and find that your call is held in a queue. If you do nothing but listen to the music as you wait the poor may get your initial pledge however, as you wait you start to reason, ‘why should I give so much? What of the rich? What of the lottery winners? Can they not give more? In fact why can the rich and the lottery winners not give a million pounds, surely they would not miss it? Even if they gave the interest of a million pounds for one week, surely they could do that?’ By the time your call is answered you could possibly be pledging little more than five pounds, having talked yourself out of your impulsive thought, having made a decision. Or you may conclude that having pledged the twenty pounds in your heart, that if God were listening in, you should not go back on your word, but by then to give the twenty pounds you will be giving begrudgingly, and you will have lost your initial joy to help. Likely you will judge yourself on your foolishness for giving to a cause whereby red tape will prevent the needy gaining your donation anyway. You may conclude you were sucked in like a fool, and you will not be one again. So many people, dear one, think this way, which is why there are so many poor and suffering, and why there are so many that mistrust the motives of the few that sincerely want to raise money to help the poor. Thus if you stuck with your impulsive thought, you would have joy and the poor would have food and water for one more day, it may even feed a whole family for one more week.

True not all the aid gets through, but can you justify not trying in view of that? Of what good to you is twenty pounds that may be swallowed up on frivolous things and leave you with no accounting of it? Far better is it not to assume that the twenty pounds may have saved someone’s life, may have bettered someone’s life for just a little while, or until the next person donates money, rather than not remember what you did with the money should you have kept it.

True, the rich could afford more, true, the lottery winners could pledge more, however remember the saying ‘heaping fiery coals upon someone’s head.’ If you begin to get the ball rolling, if you at least show that with so little you are prepared to do so much, then those with much should feel moved to do what they can in light of their realising that they have the means to do so, that by your example they too can give and give so much more. You have to break the link, the cycle that prevents impulsive thinking from taking root, you have to squash impulsive decision because to not do so, the soul will never advance in the body it finds itself in, because impulsive decision breeds greed, and the storing up of one’s possessions, keeping what one has diligently worked so hard for to oneself. If nothing else, remember please that you at least do know where your next meal is coming from and with a roof over your head, you do know where you will be laying your head tonight, thus we beg of you to spare a thought and twenty pounds or more for those that do not. In this way you will be rich, your soul will thrive and you will be richer than the lottery winner. Happiness cannot be bought neither can self worth, but giving will go a long way, especially in giving your last halfpenny to someone that needs it more, so too you will reap the joy and have the knowledge that you willingly helped another less fortunate than yourself. Remembering that you are all brothers, all children of God, all a part of God, thus you should be equal, remember this and you will enrich your lives in more ways than monetary. A little kindness goes a long way.

Sometimes you may think that you know all there is to know, ‘to the making of many books there is no end, and the writing of them is wearisome to the flesh’ King Solomon may have thought so, but not you, dear one. Those that can write are few, though indeed there are many books, yet there are not enough books whereby writers enable angels and God to speak directly through the pages of books they have written, in order to reach the minds and hearts of those that do not write. There are many, indeed masses of people needing to know, needing to read books like these and not being able to get enough of them. Books like these need writers like you that are among the readers, truth seekers, honest hearted persons willing to think, to feel, experience, ponder outside of the box, so to speak, people who are open minded enough to say to God, ‘look here I am, use me.’ People who will willingly subject themselves to the time and the effort of sitting quietly and allowing angels to speak through them, allowing God to speak directly to them in order that the world in general is not floundering, not thrashing about like a fish out of water desperately seeking the answers of life.
Why do you not listen? Why do you have to question, question always question? We are here, we tell you these things, we advise, yet still many go away disillusioned, figuring that the authors had too vivid an imagination or they are crazy.

Let us tell you something, remind you of something important. The writers that allow us to speak to you through them are very courageous people, they realise that with their names on these books the masses could quite easily rise up against them, call them blasphemers, ridicule them, throw them into asylums or worse kill them. It wouldn’t be the first time a messenger of God has died for allowing God’s message to pass through his fingers. It won’t be the last. The authors know this, yet still they continue to allow us to speak with them, they willingly allow God and angels to strive to get the message across, and slowly bit by bit people do listen, they do give books like these the benefit of the doubt, after all how can they disprove that the author has not heard the word of God through God or angels? Thus think about this, are the authors so crazy that they would risk your wrath?
Most writers realise that what they are doing by channelling the thoughts of angels and God to the many is a humble privilege wrought with danger. They also trust that being as they are ‘working’ for God so to speak that they will be kept safe, this is true, yet do you not strive to keep your children safe, yet still some are lost? Thus time and unforeseen occurrence befall you all, and the writers are aware, and humble enough to realise that being safe is not necessarily so, and it is commendable therefore that the writers of such books recognise that they may literally die for the help they are providing, they recognise and they accept, neither being martyrs to the cause or foolish, they just realise that since the soul never dies then death has no hold over them, only those left behind will suffer the grief of their passing. However, were they at fault, could they ever justify not offering, not allowing, not accepting that God and angels wanted to speak through them? Not at all, could they ever justify turning their back on such an assignment such a delight? No. So knowing all these things, we say to you, that the writers are not crazy, they are not seeking to be rich (though many will be rewarded well) they do not seek glory, but rather through faith, love optimism and trust they offer up their services to angels and God in order that the real truth of who you are and what you are here for may be announced. And if you allow it, through open mindedness, this truth WILL set you free.

We have spoken much about healing through positive thought forms, and how it is possible to know God and angels through your higher self, how easy it is to show God that you are a willing vessel for the knowledge of life to be spoken through, yet even so we still see doubts arise. Patterns of the past are hard to extinguish we realise this, yet so many of you are slow to accept the truth. Are slow even to feel a pinprick of light that may burst into flame in case you are being misled. Hello? What have you to lose? What do writers who channel our messages have to gain? Glory?
You think they seek glory? You think they would willingly place their hands in the fire, their neck upon the guillotine to write something like this if it were but fiction, if it were but vivid imagination? Even a writer of fiction must make sure of his facts, for is not all fiction based on fact? Or the imagination of fact? We say the latter in this way, due to many presuming by imagination that there is life beyond the earth, they do not know for sure so they presume to know and in so doing they research and speak with others that presume to have seen, have had experiences and are sure of what they have encountered, thus stories, fictional stories even when those stories are classed as science fiction, are still based on fact, for who is there that can dispute it as otherwise?

Thus the final answer here is no matter whether or not you believe what these books are saying to you, no matter that you believe or not that they hold the word of God and angels, only know that the words are uplifting, that the truth is offered, why should you dismiss it as the crazy imaginings of a writer with an over active imagination? What have you read in this book that would be detrimental to you, if you placed just one ounce of trust in these words?

How can you prove that what is written here is not the word of God and angels?
How can you prove that it is?
Ah, that part is easy, adopt positive thinking, and you will know for a surety that positive thinking can heal the world; that collectively mankind can end the suffering; that collectively all can enjoy riches of joy and of knowledge that comes from a close association and friendship with God.

Think about it; really think about it, do not make an impulsive decision, instead allow an impulsive thought – after all when all is said and done, what have you got to lose?

*** *** ***

Chapter Thirty

Bath Time

When I first began experimenting with Chakra cleansing, the one thing I wanted to see more than anything was my third eye.

I wasn’t entirely sure how one sees this. Was it literal, or perceived? Would it be clear or hazy?

I knew enough that I wouldn’t see it in any mirror I may look into, I knew that seeing my third eye would be something viewed through my mind’s eye, but I wasn’t sure how it would manifest.

One of the things I learned through Doreen Virtue’s books was the benefit of using Dead Sea salt crystals in my bath. This, I read was an aid to connecting with my angels as well as purification and detoxifying my body.

Along with this I learned that bathing in a room where an incense stick burned would enhance the likelihood of seeing angels. Some people see the silhouette of angels through the incense smoke. Naturally the scent of burning incense in a well ventilated room is pleasurable, however I found that using one in the bathroom detracted from the enjoyable experience I was led to believe would occur. Simply with the steam the smoke bore down on me heavily and I was unable to breathe. I soon stopped burning incense when in the bathroom and to have the room well ventilated by an open window when in the bath was too cold for comfort.

However sea salt I could cope with, so too soft relaxing background music coming from another room.

Thus relaxed I was able to enjoy bath time by meditating in warm water. Submerged in warm water in a dark room with nothing but the glow of a single candle was a very harmonious and pleasurable experience.

Here I would meditate with my gaze fixed on the candle and I focused on sending my energy out to lengthen the size of the flame. Little things like this may seem nothing but really do strengthen my faith in energy.

After a few days however, and still trying to see my third eye, I started bathing in total darkness. This really is soothing. Warm water, darkness, peace and quiet - no background music – it really is quite magical. The sound of the water moving around me is the only music I need.

During one of those sessions in the dark I was dwelling on seeing my third eye. I decided firmly that I wasn’t going to leave the bathroom until I saw it. This all occurred before the meeting with Big Bear and seeing my Egyptian third eye, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I didn’t even know which way the eye would be looking – inward or outward.

I concentrated and my face must have been quite a picture I should imagine, my brows drawn together my eyes tightly closed, I focused with all my might. Still I saw nothing.
A little dismayed I sat up from the water and noticed a light near the bottom of the bathroom cabinet near the floor. I lay back in the water, thought about that light and sat up again. It was not only still there but as I looked it positively glowed.

I stared at it then looked back toward the door. The crack beneath the door is slim but I figured whatever was glowing by the cabinet was receiving light from beyond the bathroom door. Only one thing…there was no light on in the hallway and the bathroom window is behind the cabinet. There was no mirror for reflection and had there been any of these things it would not have explained that as I gazed at the light, it literally grew before my eyes.

It grew and it grew until it developed into a bright white light filled with a blue centre that just bounced on the floor in front of the cabinet. How odd, I thought, transfixed by the sight. I could not tear my gaze away.

It grew before me until this light starting out the size of a grape became the size of a naval orange at which time it changed shape, forming into a very vivid and unquestionably beautiful eye. The iris was bright blue shining from a bed of dazzling white and it blinked at me, twice.

Oh this was wonderful! I just stared at it and laughed out loud. I lay back in the water got up again, and it was still there. I stood up, pulled the light switch cord, and the ‘eye’ vanished. I turned off the light and there it was again, a little subdued at first but growing stronger and stronger brighter and brighter as I looked at it.

I exited the bath, switched on the light, towelled myself dry and left the room. With a large fluffy white towel around me I sat with my family in the sitting room thinking of nothing but that light. I had to see if it was still there. Returning to the bathroom and closing the door behind me, I turned off the light and looked to the floor. Sure enough the light began to glow and grow right before my eyes until it developed into the eye. Again it winked at me. I was ecstatic with delight. BUT…I had to know…and so switching on the light I rummaged through the bottom draw of the cabinet thinking maybe that somehow there was an explanation. Somehow light was getting into the room and reflecting off something in the bottom of the see through drawer. Now when I turned off the light the eye had gone. So I tried to simulate it. Placing a piece of silver paper down the side and front of the drawer I expected this to reflect light somehow. It did not. In fact no amount of playing with or experimenting with various cartons and packets produced what I had seen. Obviously nothing material had produced that eye.

I pondered this experience for some days and mentioned it to Angela Cannon when she healed my back pain with the Bowen Treatment, and she laughed and told me; ‘Angels do that. I had a similar experience. An eye shaped light that bounced on the floor when there was no way that there was any light reflecting into the room.’ She went on to explain that this was a test, that the angels were testing my reaction to seeing the eye. That I had enjoyed the experience would reveal to them that they could show me more things, miraculous things. I was overjoyed!

A few weeks later I had my experience with the Egyptian eye I saw during my healing session with Big Bear after which time I began to discern my third eye when my literal eyes were closed. I see it reasonably easy now. First it is hazy and then it comes into focus, a big beautiful eye that gazes back at me with as much incredibility and wonder as I assign to it. We love each other and we endeavour now to work together seeing and perceiving that which is beyond the scope of others. Until that is, such books as these will enable people to experience the joys that have been handed to me and through faith and trust will allow them also to connect with their angels and experience such beautiful and incredulous things.

*** *** ***

To be continued in Chapter Thirty~One