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Chapter Twenty~One

The Energy of the Hands

One of the things that I found fascinating in this voyage of new discovery was for me, the energy contained in our hands. I learned through Jack Angelo’s book, Your Healing Power, that if one holds the hands at waist level with fingers pointing toward each hand then one could feel a power ball of energy between them. This is like a soft ball, with a certain tension so that one knows one cannot push any further without reaching restriction.
However, by rubbing the hands together and then carrying out the same exercise, the energy increases and the gap from hand to hand widens. I had a lot of fun with this, and when I find an appropriate partner who is equally as interested I will experiment further by holding an energy ball between their hands and mine from across a room, as Jack Angelo states is possible.

One of my favourite television shows is Charmed, the one about the three witches, and I used to find it impressive when one would call for an energy ball to lob at an enemy, I often wonder how much of that is far fetched and how much is possible. I expect much depends upon trust, but since we hold invisible energy balls between our hands who’s to say what is and what isn’t possible when one has enough faith? I think perhaps if ever I’m in dire need of protection I’d give it a go although I am well aware that thus far intuition and angels have protected me, and I don’t doubt they will again.

I do find, however that when I send distant healing successfully, asking Archangel Raphael to channel through me, my fingertips tingle as the energy is released toward the recipient I hold the image of in my mind. Earlier I tried it with a photograph of my mother who having learned today that she has pneumonia, I placed my fingers on the photograph of her chest region and closed my eyes and imagined the healing going out to her. When I did this my fingertips tingled, later I received tightness in my chest, so I trust that she is feeling better already.

I do have doubts, but when they come I say aloud, ‘no, don’t doubt. Just because you cannot be there to see the healing arrive, or just because you don’t know what is happening once you pray or meditate or send healing, doesn’t mean its not occurring exactly as you imagined.’ Once I cast all my doubts to the angels and have trust that they will heal the people or animals I have visualised and meditated on then I try to forget all about it.

Today I felt pretty miserable. There’s a lot going on in my life right now. What with my in-law’s wills and hand rearing the kittens every three hours even through the night, I feel exhausted! One of the farm cats Jessica, a beautiful grey long-haired Persian/Burmese vanished a couple of weeks back. Her five kittens were less than two weeks old, and we didn’t discover Jessica had vanished until 2 days after last seeing her. We believe she may have jumped into one of the cars of people who came to the farm to buy our chickens we had for sale, at any rate her kittens were cold and starving when I found them, and one had just died. I took the other four to my home and have bottle fed them, they are doing well, and we named them Scampi (he’s the rascal) and Chips his brother, Jessica and Chooch-Chee his sisters.
I’m going to keep Scampi, he really was near death when I found him on a concrete floor of a farm shed and I feel the closest to him, I know he loves me a lot, I feel it.

As well as the kittens to feed every three hours, I have one other cat, Smokey, she’s very old, sixteen, and five dogs so they need caring for almost full time. Also around the farm are thirty cats that I have to care for to keep the rat and mouse population down. There’s my home to maintain, keep clean and tidy and my youngest son to care for and healing to send out to whomsoever needs it. Though the latter is by no means a chore, I do need to take time out to meditate and clean my chakras, before feeling capable to send healing. Then along with editing Jehm, writing Float and working on condensing the script for Star Spangled Night Mare, a story I wrote that is being developed for a movie in the USA, I shall soon meet myself coming back. Thank goodness I work from home or I’d never fit in going out to work. As it is I just manage to grab some time to sleep. So consequently there are days when it all seems to get on top of me. I also provide a taxi service to my children and seem to spend more time on the road than at other pursuits.

However, I do try to take time out to read. Yesterday I asked the angels to give me a message, I find that I like to draw uplifting cards that give me something to dwell on, the unfortunate thing is I love them a little too much and can’t stop drawing them, then forget very quickly what they say. So yesterday I told myself I would draw a few cards and endeavour to work along with them for a few days before drawing another.

The ones I drew were Children, Study and Meditation. Oh what a surprise! Actually, the Children one was, and the additional message told me that I should allow the child in me to be free awhile. To do something childish like go on a swing or a slide, take a nap or build a sandcastle. I was touched by this message and realised that was just what I needed to do to forget all the adult responsibilities for a while and be a big kid again. What I need to do is go puddle splashing!

One September, many years ago I took a group of children including my own to play puddle splashing. I allowed them to go out and wade through deep puddles, my niece actually lay down in one and we all got thoroughly soaked and came home laughing and rosy cheeked.

I washed all their clothes, put the children in the bath and gave them hot chocolate to drink. Even today, so many years later, they still all recall that day with fondness. Some said it was the best day they had had in all their lives, and this was from children who had been all over the world on family trips. A mere few puddles and an adult who was happy to be childlike and see through the eyes of children as to what real fun is all about provided a happy day and beautiful memories. So as soon as it rains that is what I plan to do. To go out with my youngest son and splash to our hearts content. The mere thought of it makes me feel better. It will be such a delight.

As to the other two cards I drew, yes certainly study and meditation is what I need the most right now. This is an effective way of hearing the angels speak, of knowing clearly what intuition tells me. Ultimately in that I will be happy. My energy centres will be cleansed and spinning and bright and beautiful. My healing ability as a channel for angels to work through will be energised. Just as importantly I will feel optimistic about continuing to write this book. I feel the anxiety of the angels that I must get the book finished. I know they have plans for it to reach you soon. This is not a biased thought, or my ego speaking, this is just how it is. The angels inspired me to write this book for a reason, and I feel that time is running out. The book needs to be completed and out among the public soonest, whatever experiences I have and whatever the angels have me write needs to be heard now. I feel humble and peaceful and loved.
My future as a fiction writer is in their hands, as a reader my experience with angels is in yours.

*** *** ***

Chapter Twenty-Two

Working with Crystals

As previously mentioned I have always believed mineral stones to be beneficial to our health only I never realised until I experimented with them just how wonderful they truly were.

I have quite a collection now, each have varying energies that when working accordingly with select problems work beautifully in healing and energising.

In one of the books I read, I learned that if going to bed with a quartz crystal held in the hand, it would leave my hand during the night and magnetically be drawn to the part of the body that has the most pain, or discomfort. I awoke laying on something. The crystal had travelled from my hand held up near my chin to my right hip where I still retained a merit of pain due to financial insecurity. I was impressed!

For a while I decided that taking a crystal correspondence course would be beneficial to me. Thus I applied to join one, and worked on the first exercise with relish. This was to visualise entering a garden and a tunnel into a place where seven roads greeted me. Each road was the colour of one of the chakras. I was to choose a road, any one, in any order and travel it. When I reached its end I was to find a small bowl of crystals and could choose any colour to either leave there after handling or take back with me. I kept choosing the red road. This signified the red root chakra, where both my hip problem was located and also my security and financial worries. Again I was impressed that my body knew what problems and accordingly which part of my body I needed to work on to heal first.

One afternoon several days after doing this visualisation, I was in terrible pain with sciatica, this time around my left hip. I was feeling particularly down that day, a family I knew were taking a long trip and I was concerned for them, I was missing my dad who passed away in 2005, and I was feeling particularly sorry for myself.

In desperation I shouted aloud, ‘Call yourself angels! Look at me!” I couldn’t understand how they were allowing me to suffer so. Naturally I know now it was due to free will, I had allowed myself to reach that state, and I blamed them for not bringing me out of it.
However, not long after this I fell into a deep sleep, and awoke feeling marginally better.
It was then I remembered another aspect to the Crystal Healing course and I decided to give it a go.

The exercise told me to lie down and place the point of one quartz crystal toward the crown of my head. Place another clear quartz point at the base of my feet and have a smoky quartz positioned as low down on my body as possible, thus I placed it at the base of my spine between my upper thighs.

I lay there thinking okay, so what is supposed to happen? No sooner had I said this then I felt a shift in the atmosphere and I panicked for a moment when I couldn’t get my breath. However, I calmly told myself to relax and breathe deeply and I did this and with the exercise in mind began to visualise all tension rising up from my feet and toes into my legs my thighs, my buttocks, hips, waist, chest up and up until I expelled it in one long breath through my mouth. This I did over and over focusing on my shoulders my arms, my hands and fingers, extracting all tension and stress with the outward breath.

I pictured my whole body filled with white Divine Light and imagined myself becoming lighter and lighter. It was wonderful and the buoyancy I felt while laid between the two crystals enhanced this feeling, so much so…that I had an out of body experience!

I remember laying there and thinking, ‘ut oh, I’m out of my body, how on earth will I get back?’

Still I went with the flow, allowing myself to float lazily on the energy bouncing between the two crystals, and feeling as though my head may explode at some stage with the energy from the crystal closest to my crown. Still I relaxed further and though I was gaining a headache, I managed to shift that into the hands of angels to take away, so that I became totally relaxed, floating on this energy field between the crystals, it was ace!

Finally I wiggled my toes and visualised them connecting with my feet, and once grounded again, slipping back into my body was not a problem at all. This was a fantastic experience and one I repeated several times after, but alas it was never as good as that first time. Needless to say, my sciatica completely left me.

Since then I have astral projected to my mother’s bedroom when she has been in bed, and seen Pop sitting on the blanket box watching over her. I was surprised to see him and my gasp caused him to look up in surprise. I spoke to him via my mind’s eye, and he followed me back to my home, but I told him that mum needed him more and I sent him back. I promised him I would speak with him again soon, and have. I have also astral projected to watch my friends sleeping in their hotel room and check that they were safe.

Astral projection is strangely something I always felt I could do, even when I knew nothing of the closeness of angels or crystals or meditation. I just knew at some base level that if I set my mind to it, I could do it. I intend to practise with that a whole lot more and hope to discover why it is possible, because I firmly believe that all these energised things we work with are for the greater good of our own, of others and the earth.
I look forward to the future and the discoveries I aim to make with the help and love of the angels.

*** *** ***

Chapter Twenty-Three

Angel Message 7
Auras and Ozone

You may be unaware, dear one that your body is surrounded by an aura in much the same way as your earth is surrounded by what you term an ozone layer. You can, by visualisation, further protect yourself and your aura by imagining that a bubble surrounds you. Within this bubble is stored all your energy. Energy that you can give out by healing to whomsoever needs it.

Let us explain further.

Have you noticed how at the start of a day, if you are living healthfully, you are refreshed from a good night’s sleep and ready to face the world?
Have you then noticed that no sooner have a few hours passed and you are beginning to feel lethargic? You may drink coffee or tea to keep yourself focused. By mid afternoon you are feeling weary, needing to sleep and looking forward to the end of the day when you can return home. Your thoughts at this time are bordering on negativity, you may be irritable, likely to snap, stress mounts and by the time you arrive home all you wish to do is flop into the nearest armchair and fall asleep. Sound familiar? Is this your day?

Your family, in expectation of your arrival home may be needing assistance, yet you feel too weary to bother with them, this can lead to resentment and disappointment and cause a normally happy family to become downhearted and miserable.

Try something if you will. Before going to bed tonight meditate and cleanse your chakras, and through visualisation fill yourself with Divine Light, then go to bed asking your angels for a good night’s sleep. Set your alarm to wake you a half hour before normal and use the time to meditate, cleanse and align your chakras and visualise your body aura surrounded in an additional protective layer, a bubble if you like, coloured white then green then lilac. Hold the thought that now within your bubble you can give your energy to whomsoever requires it, but by interacting with you other people cannot draw away your energy without your permission.

For this is what has occurred in the past, dear one. On all other occasions by going about your daily life and mixing with crowds at work and travelling to work, or other daily activities people around you have drawn off your energy without your being aware of it until you begin to feel lethargic. You may even notice that after being in your company awhile others seemingly abound with more energy than they had before. This is because unwittingly they have drawn off your energy, making them feel better. Dear one, your energy can even be sapped just by walking amongst a jostling crowd on your way to work, school or going about your daily life.

You have heard us mention negative and positive thought forms, and with these your aura can be affected. Negativity can make holes appear in your aura thus your protection is void. Dark matter can and will seek entry to your body when your aura is damaged. Thus thinking positively and protecting your energy field with an additional protective layer by visualisation will greatly increase your protection and help you to remain focused optimistic and energised throughout each day.

In the same way, the earth’s protective shield, its ozone can be damaged by negative thought forms, and it too can develop and has developed holes. Dark and dangerous matter can flow through these holes and have a catastrophic affect on humanity. Though various chemicals have added to the problem, in the main it is negativity that has caused the holes to appear. Thus positive thinking will repair the damage and all earth’s problems will begin to fade as through your continued good thoughts the earth can be repaired.

Thus, dear one you can see how positive thinking not only has the power to save the earth on which you live, but can also protect your own body. In the same way you can visualise protective bubbles, shields, space suits, eggs, whatever is your choice, around your home and your pets and loved ones, so that they too can bask in their own energy throughout the whole of each day.

*** *** ***

Chapter Twenty-Four

Green Light

I need to tell you something, while it is still fresh in my mind. Last evening something amazing happened!

My son, David had been playing with the kitten Scampi and nothing untoward happened although he was getting Scampi to slide down a panel but the kitten didn’t fall, just slid. I told him not to do it as Scampi is just a baby but something must have already occurred for three hours later Scampi was in a bad way. Immediately I called upon Archangel Raphael for healing.

Scampi couldn’t raise his head and walked as though intoxicated. He was also cold and had messed himself. I bathed his back end cleaning him thoroughly then cuddled him close to keep warm. I thought it odd that he should be so cold as there are 2 hot water bottles in the cage beneath some towelling. I gave him a teeny drop of gripe water, as suggested by my friend, Bridgette Thomas who lives near by, and then placed Scampi beneath my jacket and stroked him. David held him while I fed all the other kittens, then I took him back, David went to bed subdued because he felt responsible and I sat with Scampi in my arms wishing him well.

I then had an idea. I collected from my crystal basket a blue and an orange citrine remembering that these crystals aid ailments in the liver, kidney and stomach area, and I held them close to Scampi. I then poured all my love into him and asked for Archangel Raphael and the angel Yvonne to heal him. Then I visualised Scampi being surrounded by green light and him breathing green light in. The moment I pictured the latter occurring Scampi started to reach out his paws as though playing, like kittens do, just tapping the blanket in front of him, and then suddenly I received a sharp pain in my neck and left shoulder, that was gone in an instance. Then I saw Scampi literally turn deep emerald green. Scampi started to purr and continued to play, lifted his head and simply before my eyes he miraculously recovered. The green healing light from Archangel Raphael had healed him!

Immediately I took the kitten upstairs to show David that he was well again telling him he should thank Archangel Raphael as I was doing.

I thanked him over and over, I adore Scampi and David would never have forgiven himself if Scampi had died. I’m not sure what his problem had been, but today one would never know there had ever been anything wrong. It is incredible!
This isn’t the most amazing experience to date, I’m saving what is for the grand finale, but certainly other than that, Scampi’s healing was fantastic!

Thank you angels and Archangel Raphael! Now I know why I kept drawing the angel card Yvonne, that tells me ‘You have a special bond with animals. Animals respond to your kind and gentle ways. You have a special understanding of them. You can relate to the innocence and trusting nature of animals, and you feel a call to help them.’

I have often wished that animals can speak human language, yet when one stops and really thinks about it, I guess just like a foreigner in a strange land, they can express themselves in ways to be clearly understood, so long as the listener is truly listening.

The other day for example, my dog Bob galloped toward me to be petted. He doesn’t do this all that often, he’s his own dog, likes his independence, he doesn’t wish to rely on or appear to need anyone. Yet as I was standing under one of the farm’s large Yew trees that was planted in the late fifteenth century Bob came up to me, and when I petted him he yelped and ran away. I thought I‘d trodden on his paw, and called him back to take a look at it, but the moment he stood before me again, for some reason I was alerted to turn one of his ears over, and there on the underside I found a large tick.

I’ve never seen a tick before, and I couldn’t work out what it was. Was this thing growing out of or into Bob’s ear? I rang the vet for advice and discovered that the creamy white thing hanging off his ear, resembling a piece of Sweet-Corn was in fact a tick that had burrowed its head and top half of its body into Bob’s flesh in order to live off his blood.

The tick caused Bob considerable pain and distress, and though I had previously tried to pull it off after speaking with the vet I knew I must not attempt this again, because to do so could snap the tick in half and the head and body is then left inside the animal where it starts up an infection.

The vet told me I could buy a tick tool to remove the tick, but first I had to apply something to make the tick lose its grip. I could have taken Bob to the vet, but I wanted to see if there was anything I could do instead. Vet’s can be costly, and if there was a likelihood of my other animals coming into contact with ticks in the future, I wanted to know how I could help. Therefore I telephoned Bridgette, who is very knowledgeable in animal health, and she came over with her tick tool. She told me we should use either white spirit or mentholated spirit to wipe over the tick on a piece of cloth, but I only had turpentine so we used a little of that. Once we had gotten the tick to loosen its grip, my husband held Bob firmly, and with me holding Bob’s ear back and Bridgette sliding her tick tool over the body of the insect, she tugged hard and fast and it came away intact. I examined the critter…it was gross! Loads of spindly brown legs and a knob of a head and all that had been buried in my dog’s ear! Poor Bob!
I applied antiseptic cream to his ear and set him free. He was ecstatic! His eyes bright he bounded across the garden so happy. It was obvious to me that he had known what to do in the beginning even though I had been unaware of his problem, and he had come to me, because he had known I could help him, and I had been alerted to the difference in his actions around me enough to know that he was trying to tell me something.

More experiences like that were awaiting me after I obtained a certificate in Reiki 1. This will be revealed in a later chapter.

*** *** ***

Chapter Twenty-Five

Angel Message 8
The Earth Needs You

There is something we would like you to know, that is how the earth works right now. Oftentimes people disagree with what they learn and there is nothing we can do if you do not trust what is written in this book. You have free will, dear one we cannot make you believe anything. Yet it is our experience that through the experience of one that cannot be disproved others will come to the knowledge of truth. You have learned many things in this book, things that have astounded the author as much as they astound you, and she has so much more to tell you! Dear one, there are many like her, and through the manifestation of their love and trust the earth continues to spin.

The earth and the ozone rely on nourishment as much as you do, and only positive thinking and love keeps it afloat right now. Again though we bring to your notice that if you were asked to support so many, and so much, how could you possible cope on the very little you were fed?
The earth, precious one needs more people to act and help her. She is slowly, very slowly in our terms but oh so quickly in yours, dying. The earth is malnourished and starved of love and positive energy. Humans are takers no matter who they are; there is a merit of greed inside them. It is not their fault, society breeds contempt; the way in which people live brings about a ‘me first’ attitude. The saying charity begins at home, is one thing, but that doesn’t mean that it should stay there. You people need to widen out. Becoming gluttons of your own lifestyle does not help anyone, least of all yourselves. You are fooling yourselves if you allow your ego to think otherwise.

Do you not remember that Jesus said there is more happiness in giving then there is in receiving? You should try it, if only the once as a test. Remember also Jesus’ words when he said when you throw a party do not invite all your posh friends, do not invite with the motive of being re-invited, instead invite the lowly and the poor, those that have nothing with which to repay you. Your joy will come in their gratitude, the shining of their eyes, this will be your reward, and God in his heaven will smile down on you and us angels will rejoice. For one act of unselfishness has sent love abounding in the earth and that pure joy of love will have helped the earth repair herself.

There is so much you can personally do to help, positive thinking, good deeds selfless acts toward those less fortunate than yourselves. What of the homeless and the beggars, how do you treat them? By way of an example when Wendy sees someone in the street begging for money she applies in her heart the words of an apostle, namely: ‘money I do not have, but what I have I give you’…and she goes into a store and purchases a sandwich a drink and a chocolate bar and hands to these ones. True she could have given them money, but she needs to ensure within her heart that the money is not going to feather someone else’s pocket or is not to be used in cigarettes or drugs. On one cold day she purchased some hot food for someone.
If that person is a genuine beggar, then this food will fill their stomach and ensure that for one day at least they smiled. That smile brings forth positive thinking, and those thought forms heal the world.

Our messages are drawing to a close now, we have advised correctly and know that only you can make a decision. We truly ask that you connect with your own Guardian angel and then call upon the aid of all the other angels available to you – there are thousands! And as importantly to build your trust and faith, you should read as many self help books on positive thinking, healing, crystals, chakras and angel therapy as you can, and if moved to do so, you should write down your own experiences for others to share. Motivation is a good thing, listen quietly, allow your angels to guide and speak to you and write down all your thoughts, feelings and experiences. There will always be someone who will not only listen, but by your example they too will be moved to act to heal the world for the benefit of the generations to come.

Blessed be, dear one, blessed be.

*** *** ***

To be continued in Chapter Twenty~Six