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Chapter Eleven

It was February 21st 2007, when I tried my hand at hypnotising my husband. He was a little nervous, and extremely sceptical, but willing to try. He had always maintained that hypnosis was trickery, and that it would never happen to him.

I have to admit the way Brian Weiss hypnotises his clients is not traditional to television. It is more of deep meditation. I think it largely depends on the way the speaker speaks as well as tone, fluctuation of voice, pausing, counting up and down as well as the descriptive manner that allows a client to be hypnotised, as much as anything else. I’ve certainly never attempted hypnotising anyone, and never envisaged ever trying. Basically it was I that wanted a past life regression, but so far apart from odd snatches I’ve not had such a journey as my husband had that day.

After having him sit in his favourite armchair, I asked Rick to close his eyes and following the meditation set out on page 252 of Messages from the Masters, I began with Meditation 1, entitled Through The Door Into Past Lives.

It begins: “With your eyes gently closed, take a few deep breaths. Imagine that you can breathe out the tensions and stresses in your body…Imagine that you can breathe in the beautiful energy all around you…”

And so it continues.

After a while and as the book encourages, I slowly counted down from ten to one and asked my husband to remember a recent meal, noticing taste, colour, smell, texture, and who was with him at the time. Then we left that time and went on to a childhood memory. From there to in utero, that is inside his mother’s womb and his subsequent birth, then back further and down a staircase into a beautiful garden where before him was a door, and beyond the door was light. Asking him to open the door and step into the light, I asked him to look down at his feet and see what shoes if any he was wearing, before looking around him.

I took him back to one past life, and after he ‘died’ in one life I had him float above that body and into a previous life. This way we believe that the first time we did it he went back to his very first life. See for yourself as I write here in his words all that he saw.

“I went back to that Sunday you and I had a meal at the Merry Monk Inn, and then I went back to the playground when I was kissing Melanie. (Both were five years old at the time). We were walking around the school arm in arm and kissing and Melanie’s mum who was also a teacher was standing at the school door watching us, and saying, ‘ah, that’s so sweet.’ I could see all the other children standing by the door waiting to go in, and another teacher telling Melanie’s mum that he didn’t think I should be doing that, and Melanie’s mum replying, ‘its, alright she’s my daughter.’
Melanie was wearing a lilac top with a black and orange skirt that had white zigzags.
Then I heard the sound of water, and I was wet and warm and was somewhere dark and I could hear muffled voices. I knew I was in my mother’s body, and then I heard shouting, arguing…and I felt a sharp prod as though someone had hit her belly. And then the dark was merging to light and I saw people…dark figures, three or four of them standing around me as I was born.

Then I almost panicked when I felt a black patch cover first my right eye and then my left and I felt a sharp band of pain in my right upper thigh which lasted about ten seconds and my body became very light and stretchy like elastic. My feet were heavy and anchored to the floor, like lead weights screwed down tight, while my body stretched higher and higher until I could see above the clouds. Then there was a pop as my head detached from my body and floated over the top of the clouds so that I could see through and look down at the ground far below. I saw colours of green and yellow surround me as my head floated.

Beneath me I could see mountains and valleys and a volcano erupting and I found myself on a ledge high up in the mountains where there was a cave. We lived here. My feet had rabbit fur on them and other animal fur was draped around my body. I was with a large group of boys and one man. He had a big bushy beard and they all wore animal furs. The man was standing with a long pole in one hand that went from the ground right up to his shoulder.

Then I was off the ledge and down on the ground being chased by an animal. It was large and had brown fur and had huge tusks curling around, it looked a bit like a cow. I was running and it chased me, and I fell through the ice and I couldn’t get out. I was eight or nine years old. I think I drowned. I can’t remember growing up.

Then I felt my head rejoin my body and I looked toward the door surrounded by the green and yellow light and I stepped through and found myself back in the garden. And at that time, the sharp pain returned in my leg again for about ten seconds, and then I heard you counting back to one, and I woke up.”

He told me afterward that while he was floating he had never experienced ever being as light-headed as that in all his life. It was frightening and at the same time, a nice feeling. Also it was never dark (except in the womb) was always light – like daylight, and he came back feeling really good, having no worries, pain or anxieties. He said it was a lovely feeling.

The next day, I spent longer taking him to another life as previously mentioned. We went through the same as before, kissing Melanie though this time he saw his dad driving by in a red lorry. Next being in the womb and being born, and then he was stepping through the door into the light and returning to a past life where he found himself in the body of an old man looking down at his feet in black shiny shoes.

“I was wearing a pinstriped suit.” He told me afterward. “It was brown with cream stripes, I hate those sort of suits! I had white hair and it was in the time of horse drawn carts. Everything was in drab colours like seeing an old black and white photograph. There were a few vehicles about a few motorcars with trade names written on their sides, and on the sides of the horse drawn wagons too.

There were lots of people and the big wide streets were crowded. I was a tradesman going from store to store offering my wares. Though a tradesman, people looked up to me. I think I owned my own business and few people did. I was tall and slender, like the build I have now, and well respected. I dressed well, and spoke well and I felt contented.

Then I was floating again and I returned to the cave child thrashing about beneath the ice of a big lake, and each time I bobbed up above the water I could see a large group of people watching me from the opposite bank. Then two girls hurried across the ice and one of them pulled me free and returned me to my father and my brothers. I never saw my mother, and I felt that I didn’t have one. I think she had died. I felt the loss of a mother and was always delighted when other people were around.

Then there was this big vicious snowstorm and I ran and hid in a cave with the girl that had rescued me. She was wearing boots as were her tribe, while mine wore only fur on our feet. We sheltered among the rocks until the snow stopped.

Then I saw the yellow light return and become green and I floated through it back to the garden.

I could see the faces of the cave dwellers but I didn’t recognise any in this life.”

I told him next time I do a life regression with him and if he sees again the cave girl that rescued him from the ice, he should look in her eyes and see if he recognises her in this life.

My husband has attempted some regressions with me, and I’ve tried some while alone by playing the meditation CD that comes with Brian Weiss book, Mirrors Through Time, alas, though crystal clear, I have only ever seen snatches of lives.

First off I found it difficult to relax and I couldn’t stop scratching. It was as though having noticed an itch and trying to relax I was bombarded with more and more of them till they irritated me beyond belief. Still I persevered, and eventually felt energy flooding into my brow, as I do when I am doing my Reiki empowerment. I love this feeling! It almost takes the top of my head off, I feel the energy flowing in and filling the crown of my head to capacity.

What I saw over a period of several attempts is as follows:

1) A pink castle with white towers and an oak door.

2) A pink and white horse (sounds more and more like ‘My Little Pony’ toys every time) and the horse had a strange band around its body.

3) A woman’s face framed by dark hair and wearing a white frilly edged bonnet.

4) A cobalt blue sky at dusk with bushes on the horizon and a tall tree with tops like a palm tree and a bendy trunk, the right side of which shimmered with golden light.

5) I was a Victorian girl in laced black boots. Wearing a dark dress with a white apron and a white bonnet on my head. Aged about eleven years old I was standing on a cobbled street. My feet felt heavy and the shoes were hard and hurt. The cobbles were wet from rain and my dress was heavy material and rough on my legs and coloured dark brown or black.

6) The worst thing I saw was of someone knelt on a platform in a village square. Their head was on a block and there was an executioner dressed completely in black. A long robe with hood and a mask covered his face, all black. Their arms were raised over and behind their head as they wielded an axe to execute the person knelt by the block. With this I had two flashes. In one I was that person knelt on that platform about to be beheaded, and in the next moment I was standing back with the onlookers pressed against the platform looking at myself about to be beheaded. I can only assume I had an out of body experience to witness this at that time. Or I was unlucky enough to be beheaded once and another time to stand witnessing an execution, either way, I felt that both those people were me. This would explain my aversion to axes for everything we suffer from or know of and not know how we know it, can usually be linked to something that happened to us in a past life.

At any rate the beheading scene certainly explains why I’ve tended to lose my head so readily over various people and situations all through this life!

*** *** ***

Chapter Twelve

Angel Numbers

At the beginning of this book I explained how the number 4.20 had dogged me all my life, thus when I discovered that Dr. Doreen Virtue had published a little pocket guide book entitled, Angel Numbers, I just had to buy a copy.
On obtaining the book, strangely, 4.20 wasn’t the number I looked up first for other incidences had been occurring.

I noticed that one night when I woke at 1.11am that the night before as I had gotten into bed the clock had read 0.00. This amused me, but it wasn’t until the following night when I’d woken looked at the clock and read 2.22am that I began to ponder how strange this was.

The fourth night I woke at 3.33, the fifth at 4.44, the sixth at 5.55. Naturally the clock could go no higher than this, and besides back then before I knew better seeing 6.66 may have completely freaked me!

So when the book was delivered I at once looked up the sequence of numbers that had most recently occurred.

The explanation for the numbers are as follows: 0.00 ~ ‘The Creator is emphasising this message to you and asks that you pay attention and follow the guidance without delay. Zero relates to prayer or meditation practice, and the all-encompassing God Source. God is talking to you.’

‘1.11 ~ An energetic gateway has opened for you, rapidly manifesting your thoughts into reality. Choose your thoughts wisely at this time, ensuring that they match your desires. Don’t put any energy into thinking about fears at all, lest you manifest them.’

‘2.22 ~ Have faith. Everything’s going to be all right Don’t worry about anything, as this situation is resolving itself beautifully for everyone involved.’

‘3.33 ~ You’ve merged with the ascended masters, and they’re working with you day and night – on many levels. They love, guide, and protect you in all ways.’

‘4.44 ~ Thousands of angels surround you at this moment, loving and supporting you. You have a very strong and clear connection with the angelic realm, and are an Earth angel yourself. You have nothing to fear – all is well.’

‘5.55 ~ Major changes and significant transformations are here for you. You have an opportunity to break out of the chrysalis and uncover the amazing life you truly deserve.’

Incidentally 666 is not the sign of the devil, as I once believed, it does in fact refer to staying focused in spirit to balance and heal your life.

You will no doubt notice as I did, that each message was a progression to the one of the day before. This I felt was due largely to my continuing trust and faith and how during each new day I actively sought new ways to connect with my angels.

I decided that as the angels saw me accept their messages they were willing to allow me added responsibility and reveal more information.

Finally I sought the number that was most important to me. Why in all my life had the number 4.20 been so apparent?

Now I accepted the answer without a shadow of a doubt.

‘4.20 ~ God and the angels remind you to stay centred in faith. Your manifestation and healing power starts with your faith and belief. Give doubts to Heaven.’

I thought this wonderful! My healing power starts with faith and belief! This then had been my stumbling block as to why I seemed only capable of healing when the recipient knew little or nothing about it. When anyone was in expectation that I could heal it never occurred. Why? Two things, one I was thinking ‘I’ could heal them believing the power came via mineral stones, and two because I felt if they were in expectation of my so doing, then that became a mental block as I doubted that it would work at all. In truth my ego got in the way.

Once I read the message for 4.20 I actively began to recognise that healing came, not just from the energy of crystals but also from angels, and ultimately from God. Once I accepted this, and learned about Archangel Raphael, the healing angel, and trusted that on calling for him, the recipient would be healed, it worked. Three times now I have healed in this way, oops, there I go again; ‘I,’ have done nothing, ‘I,’ have been only the channel for angels to work through. However, having accepted that I can be of help in this way, the experience has been far more amazing than ever before.

Whereas once I tried too hard to heal, by focusing, screwing up my face, literally dwelling on the subject as hard as possible, nothing occurred, now all it takes is to place my hand on the recipient, call on Archangel Raphael and ask for healing and hey presto, for want of a better phrase, it works!

In fact I actually feel like a channel, I feel as though I bridge the gap between the recipient and Raphael, and the healing takes literally seconds. I feel the healing energy move through me, it is a very humbling experience.

One afternoon my son David was playing football with our five collie dogs on the lawn when one of them tripped him up and he fell with his leg twisted beneath him. He screamed and I, having seen everything, rushed toward him. Dropping to my knees at his side I held one hand skyward and placing the other on David’s leg, cried “Raphael help!” Immediately I felt a bolt of something like electricity chase down my arm through my body and down my other arm into David’s leg. A few moments later David stood and announced the pain had gone. He got up and could walk with no problem and I was stunned for the way his leg had been twisted back like that I’d been sure it was broken. Truly that experience was nothing short of a miracle.

Another number that the angels have used recently, is 5.52. This is the time the angels wake me each morning, so I can carry out my promise to get up, come downstairs and wasting no time, come to my laptop and listen as the angels tell me what they wish others to know through the pages of this book. It is only when the house and day is so quiet that I can hear them deep within my mind and heart. If I am unsure of a word or a phrase I simply ask, and they verify with the fizz along my left side.

Last week however, although I had no more need of proof that angels work in miraculous ways, I was beginning to doubt whether writing this book really was the work of angels. As I went about the house pondering this thought, I entered my son David’s bedroom and on the windowsill I noticed an old digital clock was flashing. I thought it strange because a few days earlier when dusting it, I thought how sad it was that no one used it anymore and had concluded that the batteries must be long dead or corroded.
Therefore, when I saw 6.47 flashing on and off on the screen I naturally investigated the matter. This was most strange, I decided, remembering the batteries. I turned it over and discovered of the four batteries that the clock should have, one was in and one was half out and the other two were completely missing.

Okay, I thought, so how is this clock working with over half its power missing? Why is it flashing at all, since for years nothing has shown up on the screen? I extracted the two remaining batteries and turned the clock over thinking that the flashing numerals would have stopped. However, they were still flashing! And continued to flash for some time afterward. No! How could this be? The clock had life without batteries? No way! I had no other choice but to conclude that the clock was angel powered, and 6.47 was another message.

I consulted the book and read ‘The steps you are taking are in perfect alignment with the guidance from your angels.’

I had my answer. FLOAT is truly inspired of angels!

*** *** ***

Chapter Thirteen

Images and Spirits

With the exception of Jehm, it’s difficult to say where all of this began, for me. I look back and see there are parts of my life that now make sense, and I appreciate the fact that angels are reminding me of many things for back then I had not been one to keep a journal.

Other things I’ve noticed of late as being significant, odd, or questionable, are like the following. Over a period of several days in a row I encountered sick wood pigeons and messenger pigeons, lots of them, even one that sat precariously on a narrow window ledge watching me type at my computer. Appreciating that as a power animal a pigeon is a messenger from God made me think. I felt I was being reminded of my mission, for each time I saw a pigeon acting uncharacteristically odd, as with flapping its wings hard and hovering while looking at me through the window, I felt God was saying, ‘are you ever going to write this book then, or what?’ For at the time, rather than working diligently on Float I had been wasting precious time playing solitaire!

Years ago, other odd things occurred. As a family, we were seeing ghosts. Our home on Canvey Island in Essex was built on farmland. The whole estate linked with Deepwater Road was developed on land that had belonged to a retired farmer, by the name of Mr Martin. Before that it had belonged to a farmer named Mr Scott.

Mr Scott was blown to pieces in the war, and only his foot was found. He also had a little black dog that went everywhere with him. We don’t know if that died at the same time, nothing was ever said about it.

For decades my brother, Barrie and I had been woken by footsteps coming down the side of the house and petering away to silence. We left trip wires, believing the footsteps to be those of the Cowdy Custards a group of children we didn’t get along with and whom we took great delight in throwing tomato filled mud bombs at. There’s a fine art to this. One must make certain the mud is particularly pliable, so that it can be shaped into a ball around a rotten tomato if possible. Then the ball of mud is secured on a cane, and with the cane held behind, the ball of mud must be lobbed into the air to endorse a direct hit, in this case on one of the kids throwing stones and arrows at us from a hundred feet away.
The Cowdy Custards didn’t like this, and would often cry and run home to mummy splattered in mud and tomato. This was great fun unless you happened to be one of the Cowdy Custards.

The trip wires however were never broken nor had any of the bowls of water we’d left on either side of the trip wires been disturbed. It was mystery. Simply we never could establish who was taking a short cut through our garden to Hawksbury Road, where we assumed they were headed.

This went on for years, and every morning of November 1st there was a knock at the door. When we opened it there was no one there. We never did find out any other significance of November 1st only that it was All Saints Day and it followed Halloween.

We had some second cousins that lived in the next road from us, namely Montigue Place. We all lived in cal-de-sacs and with Michael being a little younger than me I would often see him home at night from the top of our road and watch him till he rounded the corner of his. Most nights when we walked to the top of the road I’d see a man in a raincoat. He would stand with one hand inside his raincoat, a bit like Nelson, and he wore big heavy boots. I never thought to tell anyone about this man, he never bothered me in fact he never even spoke to me. He’d just be there, regular as clockwork at 6pm every night. Michael never mentioned him, and neither did I. I just assumed Michael could see him, and it never crossed my mind to think otherwise.

As I grew older I would often go horse riding, at a riding school at Hadleigh and rode two ponies, (not at the same time) Dinah (black) and her son Jumbo (blue roan), that had once belonged to Mr Martin and had grazed where our house now stood. I remember Jumbo being born when we had lived in Grasmere Road, which is another road adjacent to where we had moved to, in Janette Avenue.

On my way to and from the riding stables early in the morning, mostly before the other inhabitants of Janette Avenue had risen for the day, I could smell the delicious aroma of fresh bread, eggs, bacon and mushrooms. Yet the scent didn’t seem to be at any one spot. Rather it seemed that the whole neighbourhood was having a fry up.

Possible, true, but when I mentioned this to my parents and in passing they mentioned it to neighbours, those neighbours would tell them they only had cereal for breakfast, and that I simply had an over active sense of smell as well as an over active imagination. They said this because I was always writing stories.

Well this went on for years, seeing the old guy at the top of the road, always wearing his raincoat, always standing there, just the same, one hand inside the coat, and the smell of eggs and bacon and fresh bread. I thought nothing of it, until the day when Barrie, coming home from work in his adored Cortina noticed one evening a man standing behind the car as he reversed into his parking space. The man standing with one hand inside a raincoat had just appeared out of nowhere, and just as quickly disappeared into nowhere, receding into a bush until gone, just poof, floating away into oblivion. Barrie almost messed himself! He burst into the house as white as a sheet, and from then on as his car door slammed shut in the avenue he was coming through the house door, moving so fast his feet hardly touched the ground!

As his story had unfolded that night though, I, listening in, remembered the man in the raincoat that I’d seen for years, only just realising that he’d been a ghost!

As soon as this happened, the footsteps mystery, the knocking on the door, and oh! I never said did I? My mum would often feel a hand on her shoulder while bringing coal in from the bunker and turn and find no one there, and she would speak out loud, ‘have peace, may Jehovah be with you’ well that too, all these things ceased to happen…however…then the little dog started to appear!

It was one of those occasions when believing it to be a trick of the light, the whole family saw the little black dog out of their eye corner over a period of several weeks and though they thought it odd they forgot about it. It happened often and all over the place, many times inside the house. Then one evening, we were all sat around the television, a lamp on in one corner, the main light off, when all our gazes were averted to something black literally floating across the living room floor. However, our cat Two-Toes also saw it. He watched it pass by turning his head to follow it, sitting nonplussed as though seeing the ‘thing’ was something he was used to. When the black shape merged with the wall and vanished we all looked at one another. ‘Did you see that?’ With each nod we revealed, ‘I’ve seen it before, often.’

It was then that we realised we had all seen Mr Scott’s little black dog, but again after we accepted it as being an apparition, it was never seen again. I never smelt bacon and eggs lingering around the neighbourhood again either, and it was later established this had been Mr Scott’s favourite meal.

Prior to seeing Mr Scott and his dog, there had been an occasion when at seven years old, and grieving the loss of my beloved grandmother Dinah, (my dad’s mum) I was trying to make paper dolls as she had shown me, and failing. I seemed able to make two that held hands, but not a whole row as she had done. I was tearfully frustrated, having tried over and over, and not achieving it, and I wished with all my might that my grandmother were there to show me. Suddenly, from the corner of the room behind me the birdcage started to sway and the budgerigar fell off his perch and squawked. The sound caught my attention and I looked, and there on the corner of the sofa where she always loved to sit, was Nanny Dinah!

I blinked rapidly unable to believe my eyes. I was overjoyed, thinking she had come to show me how to make the paper dolls. Yet in the same instant that she appeared she was gone again, although I’m sure she had whispered ‘patience’ before disappearing. The next time I folded the paper and cut the doll shapes out I was able to manage joining four together and was delighted!

A couple of days later, after I’d told my mum about Nanny Dinah’s visit she was a little sceptical until a neighbour visiting my mum asked from the kitchen ‘Have you got visitors?’

My mum replied, ‘no, why?’ and followed the neighbours gaze fixed on the crack in the door. The neighbour asked, ‘then whose that?’ and then she visibly paled and whispered hoarsely ‘It’s Steve’s mum!’

The implications of this impossibility hit home and the neighbour hurried out, she did not return for several days and we never saw Nanny Dinah again.

Nanny Dinah, Mr Scott and his dog have not been the only occasions my family and I have seen ghosts and until recently I believed that ghosts and spirits were one and the same. However, during the course of the very many books I have been reading of late, I discovered exactly what a ghost is.

Basically everything is made up of energy, and every living thing is surrounded by an aura.
There are varying discussions surrounding dimensions and the overlapping of dimensions, these will not be discussed in Float for as yet I do not know enough about them, although I find aspects of them fascinating.

If you have had any experience of ghosts you will remember that the ghosts never did anything different. They walked, ball and chain, in the same direction, they wore the same clothes, they stood the same way with hand in breast pocket, they disappeared into walls.

Ghosts differ to spirits, and literally are images set in energy fields surrounding any living thing or imamate object that has been created from a living thing. You may count rocks as living things from the past, since stones record within them happenings that have occurred over time.

Energy fields are everywhere! And each day as we pass through them we leave imprints. Sometimes, psychically active people are able to see those images left behind, and as we all have the ability to be psychic, many people feel a subtle shift or a definite vibe in any particular place where images have been fixed. These then are not to be feared, the images cannot harm you, and once you have accepted their appearance, the human eye, literally stops seeing them, because quite frankly by then the mind has made account of the image. Thus there is nothing more to fear.

Along with energy fields there are also lower and higher frequency levels, with humans being on the lower and angels on the higher. And every single living thing has an aura. Harry Potter’s cloak of invisibility may not be as far fetched as one may think.

I will explain my experience with auras, energy fields, chakras, and healing through visualisation and meditation later in the book of Float, as well as inform of tales of human invisibility, and my encounters with another out of body experience, astral projection and seeing angels!

*** *** ***

Chapter Fourteen

Angel Message 4

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they have to make a decision. Procrastinating is not going to make the world a better place. Hoping that someone else will do it is selfish. Failure to be involved isn’t justifiable. If the ruination of the earth now doesn’t necessarily concern you, just think of your descendants.

However, just as importantly think of yourselves. For when your human shell dies and your spirit goes out, you will be reborn and will then reap the rewards of the hard work of your own selves in the previous life. If however, you have done nothing, if no one has done a thing then the world you return to will be in a sorry state.

It is such a shame, because as previously mentioned, you need only take time out to think positively.

Meditation is something all persons should make time for, dear one. It is so easy, and not only can you heal the world through visualisation and positive thought forms, but you can also heal and repair many areas of your own lives.

We promised to show you how to breathe. Sounds odd, we appreciate that, everyone knows how to breathe, we hear you say, yet there is a correct way of breathing that few people manage to achieve, and yet by so doing your health will improve!

Precious one, sit straight and breathe deeply, fill your lungs and hold your breath for a count of four then exhale slowly. Do this three times and on the fourth breath imagine the air filling every part of your body. Allow the body to absorb this life sustaining air. Do you not feel taller, stronger more adept at making a decision?

Now take time out for yourself, fifteen or twenty minutes should suffice. Find a quiet spot where you will be undisturbed, you may burn incense if you wish, you may light a candle or you may sit quietly with your angels and nothing else.

Either mentally or out loud speak to your own Guardian angels. If you do not know their names this doesn’t matter, they will come forth – have faith - that is all you will need. Your own Guardian angels are only waiting for you to acknowledge them and they will be happy to guide you as you begin your meditation process.

Nothing untoward will happen to you, sweet one you will be perfectly safe and in control at all times. This is not hypnosis it is just the simple art of sitting down and thinking in a quiet environment. The only difference is how you think, what you think about and how to visualise areas in your life or how the earth will benefit from your positive thoughts.

Make yourself comfortable in your chosen spot, close your eyes and relax. Take a deep breath allowing it to well up from deep inside hold it and exhale slowly. Repeat at your leisure three more times, feel all the stress and tension leave your body on each outward breath.


Your mind may wish to wander, acknowledge the thoughts that come in, and very gently picture them surrounded by beautiful rainbow bubbles and floating away out of your conscious mind through the top of your head. Each one that comes in, recognise acknowledge and allow the thoughts to float away. Clear away the mindless chatter until you can hear and feel nothing but the steady beat of your heart. Concentrate on your breathing. From time to time take deep cleansing breaths to bring your awareness back to your task.

Now into the focus of your mind’s eye bring a symbol. This could be part of your body with which you are having trouble, or a part of the earth that needs healing. It could also be a loved one, or a neighbour or someone you saw in the street who appeared to need help. Keep your attention averted on that symbol, and if disturbing thoughts filter in, acknowledge without judgement and have them float away. If these are negative thoughts ask your angels to take them away where they will do no further harm to the earth.

Love, love is the greatest emotion in the universe. Love originates with God, and all those choosing to love cause God’s heart to swell with gladness. Therefore, with your chosen symbol in mind, with each outward breath fill it with love. Breathe love onto your chosen subject, and visualise the healing that will certainly take place. Have faith, dear one this is all it takes. It cannot fail!

Continue to breathe deeply and accepting that your positive loving thoughts are carried by angels to your chosen recipient move on to another symbol, another person or another part of your body or the earth to whom you feel compassion.

Two symbols are enough for your first session. As you send out your loving thoughts toward your chosen subject, relax, breathe deeply and turn your thoughts inward. Dwell on each part of your body, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes imagining that all stress, tension and pain associated with your chosen symbols or your own body are leaving. See them leave through the tips of your toes, see your angels catch them and take them away, have faith, dear one, have faith and love and optimism and trust, and you can heal! Never doubt!

Slowly allow your attention to notice your surroundings, wiggle your toes, your fingers, breathe slowly and evenly or if you wish you may take a nap and sleep. End your meditation positively by affirming that you are a holy child of God, and you have just been carried on wings of angels to a very special place where you can return any time that you wish.

You feel good, do you not? Your body has benefited tremendously through meditation, and your chosen subjects will be feeling the benefits of your harmonious visualisation. On occasions if your chosen subject is someone that you know well you may get a call conveying the message that they have just thought of you. Psychic energy, dear one manifests itself in so many positive ways!

*** *** ***

Chapter Fifteen

Understanding Chakras

For all the things that have happened to me up until early 2006, I now consider myself as though I were sleeping. I did not realise that there was a whole lot more than met the eye. Naturally, I knew I did not know everything, could never hope to do so, but I felt I had a firm grasp on what I did believe and I was happy with that.

Oddly enough, through researching JEHM Book One The Awakening – I underwent a kind of metamorphosis into my own form of awakening. Discovering the word Chakra turned my whole world around.

I discovered that a chakra is an energy centre and we have over a hundred within our body. I believe it’s in the region of one hundred and sixty. The seven main chakras can be cleansed through visualisation. I expect this is a bit like the six hundred laws given to the nation of Israel from God, of which ten became the famous commandments. By giving focus to only two of the ten namely; you must love God with your whole self your whole heart your whole mind and your neighbour as yourself, the whole six hundred were covered. Thus by visualisation through meditation and cleansing the seven main chakras the rest will be maintained.

I soon became absorbed in the fact that the seven chakras seen as energy wheels or fans with overlapping rotors can be represented in visualisation by a crystal of the same colour.

The Root chakra located at the base of the spine is red.

The Sacral chakra located approximately four inches higher than the Root chakra is coloured orange.

The Solar Plexus chakra located in the stomach area is yellow.

The Heart chakra is coloured green.

The Throat chakra is coloured a beautiful shade of sky blue.

The Third Eye chakra is located between our eyebrows and is coloured indigo.

The Crown chakra sits just beneath our skull and is coloured a beautiful shade of violet.

Amid all of these chakras, we have within us a spark of Divinity. This is located in our centre and from it comes white light that through meditation and visualisation can be expanded to fill the whole of our being.

And of course we are not humans with a spirit inside us. We are in fact spirits or light workers, within a human host. It is that spirit within the human being that associates with God and angels, reaching the divinity via the human’s higher self.

When I first read about chakras I was led to purchasing Dr Doreen Virtue’s book Chakra Cleansing that comes with its own meditation CD. This is an easy to follow CD, and I quickly became adept at listening to and applying the suggestions therein.

Fascinated by the thought that cleansing my energy centres would heal all areas of my body with which I was having problems, I happily set time aside for meditation with this CD.

In my mind’s eye I pictured the bright white spark of divinity growing into a flame and filling my insides. I imagined this light coming down from the heavens through the top of my head and ‘saw’ a shaft of light pierce through me and travel right down to the ground, where my feet were anchored or earthed by golden roots into the floor.

From there I sought for and located my root chakra. Being filled with light I found it soon enough. Thus scanning it, the first thing I noticed was that this beautiful ruby red chakra was a dirty mucky brown. It was filled with shadows. Each chakra represents various emotions and when clogged can have a detrimental effect on the parts of the body in association to it.

This then was why I had so much hip pain. I was storing all my financial insecurities into my root chakra.

Let me explain.

Just as when positive and negative thought forms leave the top of our head and go out into the universe, there are times when we think on something and say, ‘oh I cannot deal with this right now. I will put it to the back of my mind until I have more time for it.’ In effect we store it away in a huge filing cabinet within us.
Invariably, other problems arise and that previous one is forgotten, overlooked or buried, and when this keeps happening whatever chakra the problem is in association with, that matter becomes locked inside the corresponding part of our body causing aches and pains that can never be treated with conventional medicine, surgery or treatment.

Think of ghost pains. When someone has had a limb amputated, that is not the end of the matter. One of the worst things about losing a limb apart from the obvious is that the infected part wracked with pain is still in place as far as the brain is concerned and therefore the pain can still be present. I have known people that still have pain in their toes after their leg has been amputated, or their foot itches and there is no foot to scratch.

In like manner problems that we shore up within our bodies can continue to trouble us by affecting the area around them. My financial and security problems were contributing to the hip pain I was having, and it wasn’t until I mentally cleansed my root chakra, did the discomfort of the ‘pain’ begin to ease!

One by one I visualised my chakras and with help from my angels I imagined that the white light was covering and polishing the chakra until it shone. The undersides were clogged and here I pictured angels chipping away at the corrosion until the chakra was able to move and spin freely as it should.

It took me some considerable time at first and I felt mentally exhausted afterward, however I also felt more alive than I had in a long time. I was impressed!

As I became adept at cleansing my chakras, I then gained confidence to cleanse chakras of friends from afar. This really is tiring, but it is also so incredible that I just wanted to continue. Not only could I ‘see’ the chakra’s of friends but they reported feeling better than they had in a long time afterward. Naturally I had to seek their permission before attempting to do this for them.

I learned that belief in chakras originated with the American Indians, and so I began to seek information starting with Luc Bourgault’s book The American Indian Secrets of Crystal Healing. From this beautiful book, I went on to read Jack Angelo’s book Your Healing Power, and armed with the knowledge of these books, I sought out a Shaman.

Shamanism is the world’s oldest religion. Wicca has its roots in Shamanism. And Shamanism appealed to me for a time. I liked the idea of having a power animal that would act as a spiritual guide, and I wanted to discover what my own power animal was.

Finding a shaman living within four miles of my home I was ecstatic! I located him from the Internet, telephoned, made an appointment to visit and went to meet him. His name is Paul (Big Bear) Underwood. Both Stan Stevens and I visited him on separate occasions. I had questions of my own and Mr Stevens had questions relating to Shamanism for some characters and threads within Jehm.

Both of us were delighted with our meetings with Big Bear, we found him informative and a genuinely wonderful person with a big warm heart. His wife Monica, equally as lovely, deals in hypnosis, psychic awareness, crystal healing correspondence courses and past life regression therapy.

At my first meeting with Big Bear he asked me to choose an animal card. He explained that this card would identify the sort of person that I am and it would reveal a corresponding animal to my personality. By now I’d left scepticism a long way behind. After my success with cleansing chakras I was ready to believe anything! Besides everything I was learning was making so much sense.

He fanned out the cards and I slowly passed my hand over them. When my middle finger very subtly tingled I withdrew the card beneath. Big Bear turned it over and smiled. ‘The deer.’ He announced happily, ‘I should have guessed. Gentle and mild of nature, just perfect for you.’ He said before adding that the deer symbolised intuition, serenity, and introspection. He then explained how by meditation I could call to my power animal and ask if it was willing to guide me. He explained we could each have up to nine power animals that help us in our hour of need in so many ways. Each animal has different qualities to aid us in our spiritual journey of enlightenment.

Intrigued, I went home and looked up power animals on the Internet, and through a website called Celtic Connection I learned a great many things. I also noticed that power animals are also connected to various Gods and Goddesses and that the deer was associated with, Artemis, Aprodite, Athene, Diana, Elaphaia, Dionysus, Apollo, Vayu, Lu-Hsing, Cerunnos, Coicidius and Shou-Hsien. Strangely even though I printed up the explanation for the deer, for some reason I thought I’d seen the Goddess Isis on the list, therefore due to this and what followed I was not surprised the next time that I visited Big Bear.

*** *** ***

To be continued in Chapter Sixteen.