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Chapter Sixteen

Eye of Isis

Through all the reading I was doing, I’d discovered that to know the names of one’s angels or ones guardians and spirit guides one would continually be faced with a specific name, or would hear a name often, either via the media, television, radio or the spoken word of friends and colleagues. I began to notice that the name Isis cropped up often.

Due to my religion with Jehovah’s Witnesses I knew next to nothing about any other God but Jehovah, and therefore reading material associated with other gods and goddesses did not appeal to me. So as far as the name Isis was concerned it was the name of a shop selling ice cream, or perhaps an Information Technology Centre.

However, I had, or so I thought, seen the name Isis in the list of goddesses associated with the deer and accepted that Isis had something to do with me. I must say I’m not particularly enamoured with the idea of other gods and goddesses, I still retain the belief that there is but one God, Jehovah. It has been very difficult for me to think of him by any other name, even Spirit, Creator or simply, Father. There was no reason however that I should stop calling him Jehovah, its just that by so doing listeners would conclude I was one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. I have no problem with that. What bothers me is that my ‘meddling’ for want of a better word in psychic things and using Jehovah for God’s name would automatically make listeners conclude that all Jehovah’s Witnesses were like me, and that would be detrimental to the faith of Jehovah’s Witnesses, and that is not my intention, far from it! On no account do I wish disharmony to their faith in any way!

So finding that the name Isis was in my face often bothered me greatly. Still, I reminded myself I must have faith, and since I was still opening myself to learning new things I accepted that I must not place blocks in places where there would be no grounds to place them. After all, how do I know? How does anyone know without first exploring? Who was I to say one should believe this, or that, or the other? Okay one does not have to place one’s hand in the fire to know it is hot, but on the other hand (no pun intended) someone’s got to do it, or how would they know?

I appreciate we should be capable of learning from the past mistakes of others, but it really doesn’t work that way. Sometimes experience has to be reached first hand before anyone can make an honest decision. For example, I used to tell people that bullfights were barbaric and cruel. How did I know? Had I seen one? No. What right then had I to condemn them so readily?
So I went to see one, and now I can say with great conviction that bullfights are barbaric and cruel, but who’s going to listen to me? Surely we all have to find out for ourselves? Besides someone else may find bullfights entertaining. It’s a question of personality and upbringing.

Therefore, I researched Isis, became impressed and was ready to accept her as probably a part of my life although I wasn’t entirely sure if she featured until during and after my next appointment with Big Bear.

Prior to this appointment however, I attended the Healing Centre in Lincoln happily going alone convinced that here the remainder of the pain in my hip would be healed.

My husband was sceptical, and strangely though he never supported my faith as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, he urged me to return to it. ‘You were safe there’ he argued, ‘you knew where you were with them.’

True, I did. I also knew that if I were wrong about this new way of life, then I could soon lose my life in God’s war of Armageddon. My faith as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses was much like the faith of Noah and his family who painstakingly preached of the ruination of the earth and how God was to send a deluge to annihilate wickedness from off the face of the land.
Thus by even thinking of disassociating with Jehovah’s Witnesses in order to follow a path that they did not support, that might separate me from God if they were right, and it caused me quite a bit of concern.
However I reasoned, really there was nothing untoward with what I was researching at that moment in time. After all healing came through handling mineral stones, and God’s spirit, right? Mineral stones came from God, in as much as herbs did, so what was the problem?

I had to follow it through, my gut instinct told me I must. Once I had enough information I could then make a choice.

Journeys seldom faze me. Unlike my husband who stresses about travelling, and just about everything I just get in the car and with a route planner in hand just set off. Lincoln was local, however I’d never driven there by myself, so the way was new to me. I decided, therefore, if God supported my attending the Healing Centre then I would go straight to it without getting lost, and that’s exactly what I did.

Inside the healing centre I met a small group of people that happily greeted me and answered all my questions. I learned how I could become a probationary healer and what steps I needed to undergo to train. I was then asked, by a young woman named Az, if I needed any healing and I said I did, so I was escorted into another room, one filled with a delicious scent from an incense stick.

The room was light and airy, and separated into four by wicker partitions. Each cubicle had someone from the general public receiving healing.

We whispered so as not to disturb the others and I explained about my horse riding accident and how I still had pain in my right hip. Walking was no problem, running was no problem, sitting, swimming, relaxing no problem, but if I were to stand for a period of time, my hip would cease up and cause excruciating pain in my legs.

Az asked me to sit comfortably and close my eyes. She suggested that I lay my hands palms down on my thighs otherwise if they were up then the healing I received from God would come into me and go straight back to him. She explained that I would either feel heat generated from within or cold as different people receive different sensations.

I relaxed and Az said she would take a moment to prepare herself, and then when done, she stepped into my energy field and began.

At first I had a hard time shutting some music I’d been listening to on the way to Lincoln out of my mind, but gradually something else caught my attention and amused me. Az’s stomach was rumbling!

As it grew louder I wanted to laugh, but refrained and endeavoured to blot the sound from my mind. In so doing I successfully blanked my mind and then I felt this beautiful cool breeze shift across my arms and face, alternating with heat then returning to cool again. At the same time, tingling started in my hip and I wanted to scratch it! This interested me, because I realised that when an old wound itches it is getting better.

When Az completed her healing, she stepped in front of me, and asked how it was. My first thought was to laugh at her rumbling tummy, and I asked if she had missed breakfast. Calmly she explained that the energy required to send healing to another and to be a channel for God’s spirit caused the stomach to rumble just as when hungry the stomach rumbles when empty. Food and energy are one and the same in this respect.

I apologised and then told her what I had felt and getting up, and feeling dizzy I soon sat down again, however after a few minutes I was able to get up and go back to the meeting room, where I noticed a significant difference in my hip.

However, though my hip was greatly improved, it was not completely healed. I didn’t for one moment doubt that God couldn’t heal, and so without losing faith I set about trying to establish what was blocking my body from total healing. I thanked and said goodbye to Az and promised to call again soon. I’ve been back twice now, more about that later.

In the meantime I returned to see Big Bear in the hope that through the Spirit of Native American healing he could do wonders for my hip.

While meditating with the chakra cleansing CD, the one thing I really wanted to see was my third eye. The meditation CD stated that as one focused on the third eye chakra one would see laying horizontal to the chakra a closed eye. By focusing the eye would open and stare back. I ached to see it, but though in my mind’s eye I could picture the closed eye I could never get it to open.

Concentrating on my visit to Big Bear’s, seeing my third eye was the last thing on my mind. I wanted healing for my hip and I knew someone could give it to me somewhere. At that time I believed that God’s spirit moved through select healers so all I had to do was put myself before the appropriate ones. I even began to think that perhaps it happened in stages, after all the condition of my hip had improved.

It was a beautiful sunny day the afternoon I entered Big Bear’s house and he led me outside to the caravan where he conducted his healing. We spoke for a good while and then he seated me in the centre of the caravan on a hard backed chair and standing behind me he readied himself and began.

Unfortunately, I’d forgotten Az’s advice to have my hands palm downward on my lap so they were in fact facing upward. I felt no tingling sensations, neither did Big Bear’s stomach rumble but I did see something fantastic!

With my eyes closed there before me spread far across my mind was an eye! It was a beautifully made up Egyptian eye! Open and staring straight at me, crystal clear and huge! The iris was dark yet sparkled and then a name popped into my head ~ and I could not believe it!

I could see the eye of Isis!

I have no idea why Isis is connected to me as yet, but interestingly, shortly after the visit with Big Bear when drawing from a pack of Goddess oracle cards, I drew the card ISIS time after time after time.

I expect it will be revealed to me in time why she is with me and there is one virtue I have gained in all of this, patience. These days I am happy to wait and see where all the little pieces of the puzzle fit and am positive that with all the help I am receiving the complete picture will be nothing short of beautiful.

*** *** ***

Chapter Seventeen

Angel Message 5

It is the time to believe the earth needs you right now! We angels will be supporting you, never fear!

Sometimes we appreciate that there are many things that will distract you. May we suggest that you make out a card and place it predominantly where you will see it often to remind you? It can be something that appeals, a picture of a killer whale perhaps? A dolphin, baby seal, your own child, something that would not be untoward to any other person, if that is, you should feel unable to reveal your faith in us. Otherwise a picture of an angel will not only suffice but will become a talking point with friends. You, dear one can become a teacher in your own right. Every comment you receive for the picture of an angel will require you to give an answer, and everything you say in support of positive thinking and breathing love into the world will be blessed.

This message is going out to hundreds of thousands and it might be that to your surprise whomsoever comments upon your angel may also be supporting this quest.
You will have much to talk about, and together you can accomplish the beauteous act of repairing the earth and making God’s heart rejoice!

Do you own a crystal, dear one? Perhaps you would like to experiment? Do you have a houseplant that is looking tired and undernourished? Buy a crystal, clear quartz or rose quartz and place it on the top of the earth around the base of the plant. Pour positive energy through your thoughts into the crystal and await the results. Very soon the crystal having absorbed your energy will reflect your love and you will see dramatic results with the houseplant. It will flourish! Every time you pass the houseplant fan your right hand over the top of it, picture your love and your energy flowing from your hand to heal the plant. Your positive thinking will have results, the houseplant will benefit greatly from your loving ministrations.

You may do this with other plants and trees too. Go see, rub your two hands together vigorously then stand before a tree and holding your hands either side of the trunk feel its energy. You will be amazed! Trees are wonderful subjects to build up your trust.
There is something else you can do. Our author has experience of this and will relate the story in due course. For now you can do it. With trust for angels and God in your hearts, when you are placid and quiet and at peace, go to where a tree has been felled to its base, and stand upon the stump. Feel the energy of the missing trunk surround you right up to the heavens! It is awesome, is it not? Yet it is sad, you will feel the tree crying for the loss of its magnificent trunk. Its roots live on, deep in the bowels of the earth, yet there is nothing above ground to reveal that they are there. This is why a new sapling should be planted alongside the old then the energy of the old will cause the new to flourish abundantly!

Everything has the ability through energy and love to flourish! And there has been no time in the history of man when your positive thinking is more needed. From every little acorn does not a mighty forest grow? Similarly God will notice and bless you, yet the more people that help the faster the effects, and the sooner the earth will be replenished.

In turn you will benefit, your future selves will benefit as will your descendants. Ah we hear you ask; ‘our future selves? In which way do the angels mean this?’ Dear one, your soul is immortal and it will return for re-growth. You may not see them, yet the universe is filled with the vibration of other dimensions, other planes of frequency. The earth is not all that there is for you.

‘Ah’, we hear you thinking ‘then if the earth is not all there is would it matter if I did nothing at all to help her?’ Yes, dear one, it would matter greatly. For one, your descendants will still be on earth, descendants that you could have educated toward positive thinking, yet not only this, if purely for yourself, whatever help you give the earth now will help secure your own future. True, your soul may choose its parents, yet chances are you will wish to return to where your family reside. Thus the earth will once again be your home.

Think about this wisely. You live in a house do you not? Have you not maintained that house through love and labour in your lifetime? This may have been of considerable cost to you yet you did it, and you reaped the reward of your labours when you relaxed within your beautiful home, and knew the pride and the satisfaction of your accomplishments. Think on, dear one! Extend your compassions please toward the very earth on which your beautiful house is standing. All it takes is positive thought, loving energy, and if only one person from every house in your neighbourhood acted accordingly, just imagine the affect to the earth that would bring!

So, dear one, are you ready yet? Do you require more counsel? We think not. It is so simple that with Faith, Love, Optimism and Trust all these things will be so. Just apply these emotions to your every day life, and live to see the results. Your life will be enriched as you pour your loving energy into the atmosphere. Like a mirror your love will be reflected everywhere you focus and it will return to you with certain results. God will bless you, angels will support you, call on us, we are always here; we promise that never will you walk alone!

*** *** ***

Chapter Eighteen

Relationship Harmony

When we started this book, I wasn’t entirely sure where we were headed. It appeared that the angels were talking about one thing, and I another. As we have gone along however, I can clearly see what they were aiming for. The angels’ intention is to inform of positive energy and how through faith, love optimism and trust you have the ability to heal the earth. And their further intention is that through my recent and current experiences you may be encouraged to believe that healing the earth through thought alone is indeed possible. Not only that, but recognition of angels in your life can only prove beneficial to you.

I also wasn’t sure that I knew enough to write an entire book, yet the counsel I keep receiving via the angel cards and the angel number book has taught me that there is much, much more to say and new things are happening all the time

For example, take today for instance. My husband and I drove into Boston town, knowing that finding a parking space at that time of day is nigh impossible. I told him that on the weekend I had tried my psychic parking space trick and it worked! Where I’d supposed there would be a space awaiting me there was, a car drove out as I drove in. So bearing that in mind I told him, ‘maybe there will be a parking space under the tree outside the church in Tunnard Street.’ Then I said, ‘mm, maybe because I’m doubting it there won’t be.’ (I’m still finding my feet when it comes to being sure about things when telling other people.) So as we drove along I gave myself a good talking to, and told myself to trust, then I affirmed, ‘yes there will be a parking space under the tree outside the church.’
Admittedly, I was still a trifle doubtful, but in my mind’s eye I could visualise the space. There it is free parking too.

Well my husband tried other places first and none were available, and as we came into Tunnard Street, I saw the reversing lights of a green car right beneath the tree. ‘There!’ I exclaimed, ‘he’s pulling out, just wait a moment.’ But my husband said, ‘no he isn’t he’s reversing in.’ and he drove on by!

Now had that of been me, I would have made sure by waiting, but my husband drove on, and right behind us the green car followed us out!’ So I’d been right, there was a place waiting for us under the tree! That sort of thing is inclined to strengthen my faith in an ability to be psychic. Plus before we had left home I’d meditated an hour with John Holland’s psychic awareness CD, and had repeated after him that I was psychic. So I felt confident enough to believe, well at the time, almost, now most definitely.

I know of a woman, who before leaving home tells her friend exactly where the parking space will be waiting for them in town, and it is always available. It really is a case of learning to listen to intuition, noticing the flashes of insight and acting upon them and having trust. When things happen so often they aren’t mere coincidences, people can either foresee an event occurring or by the power of positive thought they make it happen.

Therefore what the angels have been telling you, I do not doubt is so. By the power of thought alone, things will happen and you can help heal the earth.

Recently my husband and his two sisters were at odds over their parent’s will to the point of stalemate.

Therefore, after meditating I told the angels that I needed their advice and that I intended to draw an oracle card from Doreen Virtue’s Archangel pack, and incredibly (and it made me smile big time), I drew the one entitled Relationship Harmony! The immediate message was thus:

“We angels are opening the hearts of everyone involved. Arguments and conflicts are being resolved now.”

How could I argue with that? How could I even doubt that angels had not been behind my drawing such a card? How could I even doubt anything regarding angels after writing eighteen chapters of this book, already? Yet I do doubt, at times, although the doubt is happening less and less. I am really beginning to trust now. And through that faith I trust that the angels are overseeing this relationship problem between my husband and his sisters, and whatever will be resolved will be to the greater benefit of all concerned.

I began meditating on my sister in laws, through distant healing filling them with love and light and cleansing their chakras. I visualised their auras surrounded by golden light and imagined them standing alongside my husband with the three harmonising. I mentally hold the thought of this throughout each day.

Incredibly when I first started to send the distant healing to my sister in laws my stomach rumbled just as Az’s had done. I longed to tell her! And although we were going to Lincoln shopping that very afternoon, the healing centre closed at twelve noon. I do not know where Az lives and the chances of finding her amongst all those people was akin to finding a needle in a haystack. Still climbing the hill to visit the Cathedral, I discovered a little tiny crystal shop and just had to go inside, and who should be serving behind the counter? Az. Incredible! Was that angel intervention or psychic ability? I’m inclined to believe they work together.

The day after drawing the Relationship Harmony card, I doubted again, and told the angels I wanted to draw another card. Guess which one I drew? You guessed it, the Relationship Harmony card. A trifle unconvinced, I went through four other boxes of oracle cards seeking comfort and each one was okay, but did not make me feel much better. So I reshuffled the Archangel pack and out loud said, ‘okay, I’m going to draw one more card from this pack to make myself feel better. Even if it’s the same card again.”

Guess what?

It was the same card again! I laughed out loud when I saw Relationship Harmony in my hand. Can that be coincidence? Never, the angels are answering my prayers, and yes I did still have doubts, until I read the additional message for that card.

Archangel Raguel:

“Your prayers for personal peace have been answered and you are to be commended for your role in ushering peace into this situation. Visualise everyone (including yourself) being cooperative and open-minded, even if particular persons aren’t usually this way. Trust the inner guidance you receive, and know that changes are sometimes uncomfortable but often necessary. Ask me to help with any aspects of relationships that need healing. Know that all relationships ultimately have blessings, growth lessons and love at their core, even if appearances seem otherwise. Stay focused upon the truth as much as possible.”

A few weeks later the situation with my sister in laws and my husband resolved itself and at this moment in time they are amicable and talking once more.

Pink Light

Soon after accepting the ability to use thought and visualisation to cleanse the chakras I heard that a friend was having family relationship problems and I wanted to help.

I first meditated and cleansed my own chakras, imagining that I was filled with light and that a bubble of white light protected my aura and that a shaft of divine light was running through me from head to toe.

Once I felt suitably grounded and energised I closed my eyes and with my mind’s eye and my friend’s permission I began to picture the inside of his house. I then took three deep breaths and began to visualise a pink cord running from the left of the front door, beginning over the door. I let the pink cord flow down the hall into and around the living room, making sure to go into all the corners, from there into the kitchen, out into the hall again, into and out of the cupboard beneath the stairs, up the hall and around to the staircase.
From here it flowed up the stairs and along the passageway into the bathroom, the first bedroom out and into the second, out and into the third, out and coming back down the stairs it met where it had begun over the front door. In my mind’s eye I tied it off with a knot, tight and unbreakable, and then I went outside and imagined doing likewise with both the family cars.

Once done, I went back to the house and from the pink cord visualised pink light oozing out into every room in the house. By the time I was done the sunshine that shone through the windows settled on a pink glow within the house, and then I visualised everyone coming home from work and school and entering this beautiful environment. I pictured that with the very first step they would feel good, and as they moved deeper into the house they would feel happiness surround them, and all stress and tension associated with recent arguments would leave them. In that house within their family unit they would feel safe, secure and very, very loved.

I then sent a cell phone text to my friend of what I had done, and trusting the angels I sat back and waited.

That evening I received a reply text; ‘It worked!’

Later my friend told me, that the moment everyone stepped through the door the look on their faces altered, they moved through the house cheerfully, they greeted one another warmly (now this was a household that had reach stalemate over a period of days) and now each were willing to discuss the point of view with the other in a loving way.

The outcome was that before the day was done they were reaching an agreement and the days that followed the whole family were harmonised. Even in their cars they reported feeling good about life, they smiled, they laughed they were happy. And they went out as a family on one particular day that they were celebrating and had the best day of their lives!

My friend and I could only bless and thank the angels, as clearly for the whole family to react so harmoniously in the course of a few hours it was nothing short of angel intervention, positive thinking and the healing light of God’s love that surrounded them within the family environment.

*** *** ***

Chapter Nineteen

Severing Etheric Ties

One of the things that impressed me while reading through the various books I have purchased recently was how attached we become to other people. Attached in such a way that we can be affected by their moods, their emotions, their joy and negativity.

Without being aware of this many of us have a tendency to feel miserable or despondent to situations when we should be happy. I found I was blaming the menopause far more often than needed for carting around with me feelings of other people. For example, having nothing to worry about, I found I was agitated, or moody, depressed even, and I’d think ‘why am I like this? What have I got to be unhappy about?’
This has gone on for years and at one stage I even reached the conclusion that ‘these feelings can’t be mine.’

Oh how happy I was to discover that they weren’t! And how very happy I was to discover that I could get rid of them. I could sever what is known as Etheric ties that bound me to other people and vice versa.

You see when we interact with people we set up a bond with them, a connection through our auras and we can become bogged down with the feelings of those people. Sometimes it’s rather nice. Dependant on how spiritually aware we are or how knowing we become we can find pleasure in feeling the emotions of others, and it can become helpful, if for example someone we love is feeling down or in pain. We can instantly, either by personal contact or by distant healing send sympathy or healing to them, or give them a telephone call and after enquiring of their well being, no matter their reply we know in advance how they truly are and endeavour to cheer them up. Often times when we feel loved ones are ailing in some way, just our thinking on them in a positive manner will make them think of us, and if they need help and aren’t too proud to say so, they will call us for a chat. So Etheric ties can be valuable tools to have.

Generally though, due to many people being filled with problems, their emotions can have a detrimental affect on ours, and so for the benefit of all concerned one should sever those ties with those people.

One afternoon, feeling fed up and knowing I was carrying the emotions of others I first tried the idea of standing still and saying out loud to an empty room, ‘these feelings are not mine and I wish them to leave me, NOW!’

This does work, but is not as effective as completely severing the ties that bind.

Therefore, having read how to do this, I gathered my courage, thoroughly thought through the situation and laying on my bed one afternoon I called Archangel Michael to my side and told him of my intention, and then I began.

Thinking of all the people that I have known throughout my life, and especially people who have caused me stress or who I knew would have a detrimental effect on me, and even people I love, as odd as that may sound, I visualised Archangel Michael using his sword and literally severing, cutting through the connection between myself and those people. I also spoke their name with each one, and in my mind’s eye saw them cut adrift from me. I did this with everyone I knew or have ever known, my pets past and present, my parents, even my husband and my children, until I stood alone, fresh and new and by myself unbound by anyone. And the relief! It was wonderful! I felt alive! In control, able to make decisions, I was no longer held back or down by other people, I could cope with my situation and know that I was standing alone fighting my own battles with my own emotions. Above all, I was free, and with that newfound freedom I soared and I flew and I loved every single second of it.

I thanked Archangel Michael, and now with my mind’s eye, I continually check my aura to see if anyone has become attached to a degree that would bring me discomfort again. Having known what it feels to be free as I stand with only angels to connect to me is such a perfect feeling that I never want to lose sight of it.

Try it. You owe it to yourself and to others. It is not a selfish thing to do, it shows courage and love and believe me they and you will feel terrific once it is done.

The power of the mind, faith love and trust in angels as well as positive thinking can move mountains and I am beginning to believe that may even be literal.

*** *** ***

Chapter Twenty

Angel Message 6
Making a Choice

Sometimes when we angels look upon the earth we are appalled by the devastation. Your God made it perfect and we feel hurt at heart for his loss. Like a baby, God nurtured and cherished the Earth and set mankind upon it with a direct order to protect and cultivate your beautiful planet. It has everything mankind needs to bring him perfect peace and happiness. There is no need for war; no need for one man to slaughter another to acquire what is already his by right. God gave freely of this beautiful planet, why should man suddenly feel that he owns it? What right has he to threaten molest and maim his fellow man who has equal right to be here? Look around you, why do you need more of what you already have?


Free will?

What would you do with it?

We know many of you are lacking, dear one we appreciate that many are weary of what is termed ‘the rat race’ yet you need look no further than yourselves for peace and satisfaction. What is it that you think about the most? Your financial situation? Your family? Your health? Do you worry incessantly about the kind of work you do? Are you a slave to someone else’s company? Do you take work home with you? How much quality time do you spend with your family, your parents, your children, your partners? Yourselves?

What is the use of working yourself into the dust if one day you shall be joining that dust?

Listen, dear one you are all here for a purpose. Yet if you live day to day, hand to mouth in the rat race you are never achieving your goals.

You may not remember it, but before you were born into the life you know now, you were someone else, you actually chose your parents that you have now. Did you not know this?

From the heavens you looked down and you decided whom you would settle within, an embryo growing in its mother’s womb you found appealing, and you waited until the birth and settled your spirit into the human form and you became the person that you are, encouraged by the parents that you chose to nurture you. And no matter that life you found yourself in, no matter if it were a hard life or a test or whether it was a loving environment, you are learning, are you not? You are here to learn, dear one and when you leave the human host you reside within, either by death of the human body or by the spirit’s choice before that time, you will learn better if you pull out of the rat race, break the link of ever widening circles, like ripples on a pond or like a whirlpool that sucks you under.

For the light worker there is always a choice. Have you not heard of occasions when some tragedy or near death experience has literally changed a person? Oftentimes what has occurred is the light worker within has decided to leave, but unable to leave you with no soul, or leave you open to the mischievous ones he or she has arranged beforehand an exchange with another light worker, another spirit, who is known as a walk in. Walk-ins take over when the previous spirit walks out, and this can be for numerous reasons, however in most cases the human will change drastically. Truly his spirit has altered and something extreme changed him and seemingly not always for the better. Often his family do not know him anymore, this person appears as a stranger among them. He may not even remember them especially if he has been involved in a near death experience. This can be so hard upon his family. At other times he may become more responsive, different in a good way, more loving, approachable and the change has been a good thing.
A few times spirits are unable to stay for the entire lifetime of an individual, if a walk in is available they may take over if not, sadly the human host will pass away with his spirit. As the Bible states, ‘his spirit goes out, he goes back to his ground in that day his thoughts do perish.’ As to his spirit it retains everything, all knowledge goes with it, standing it in good form for the next experience that it chooses, the next family it settles among. As a human one may not remember one’s previous lives, but various things can remind one.

Places. The human may go somewhere knowing without a shadow of a doubt that he has never been there before, yet it feels familiar to him. He may do or say something with absolute conviction that he is correct, and not know how he knows this. He may work with his hands and know what to do in an instant or he may see someone that is familiar to him when he knows he has never set eyes on them before. All of this, dear one is due to the spirit within, remembering those places, those people, those things and from mapping out the human life before it was born.

Thus what you do now in this life matters, and especially as you come to trust what we tell you, you will realise why things are the way they are, and it will change you. Not always because the spirit within has decided to uproot and leave, this isn’t necessarily why you are changing, its due to the fact that listening to our messages is opening your eyes and heart to the truth and you are starting to listen to that little inner voice and recognising that this is your spirit talking to you, guiding you. Your spirit who is your intuition your sixth sense of protection. Sweet one, your inner guide can help you so much more than this! Why do you suppose he is called a guide?

To hear him or her, for many guides are female, meditate. We cannot stress enough how important meditation is for you! Not only will meditation help you to connect with your spirit guide but it will also enable us angels to make your acquaintance. We cannot interfere with your lives until invited. Unless you acknowledge us we cannot help, though how we long to help! It pains us greatly to see you struggle when we can help so much, all you need is to call upon us with faith, love and trust, and we will be at your side drawing close in an instant!

Wendy has realised this, she is stunned by the experiences she has been having and so fast too! She is smiling as she listens to us directing this message to you. Her experiences with us could write a whole book, perhaps two. And those experiences will continue now that she has accepted us into her life. Always a generous person, always kind to others, she has become different in such good ways! All her qualities have been enhanced, she sees things differently now, looking around the outer edges of any given situation, thinking before speaking, working things out for herself, knowing what those around her need intuitively. She’s aware that her busy schedule prevents her from meditating as often as she would wish, however she tries hard to take time out to sit with us, to draw angel cards for messages that are applicable to her questions, and to cleanse her Chakras. She desires to heal the earth and the people, and when she now sees any person that is ailing she wishes them to be healed, and her loving thoughts help those ones.
Right now she is hand rearing four orphaned kittens, and heartbroken by a fifth that she discovered too late after they had lost their mother.

So, dear ones you are here for a purpose and not just because your parents wanted a child. You chose to be here and you chose to come here to learn. Therefore, if all you are doing is living each day in the same routine, if you are working hard for some other person and making them wealthy in the process, of what good is that to you? What are you storing up inside? What memories are you making? Most importantly what of those others who placed their trust in you, their heart? What are you doing to interact with those ones, so that their lives are enriched? It’s not all about making money, you know?

Trust in God that he will provide. You may feel on the borderline of poverty, yet why should you worry? God loves you and he will not let you suffer. All the same the human system is not fair to the majority and while many of you may give a few pounds to good causes, in the main many do very little to help the afflicted ones. And yet, dear one your ability to help is so simple!


What have you learned so far? What is the fundamental truth within the pages of this book?

Positive thinking!

Positive thinking and the ability to send healing to the earth and all its inhabitants through loving, healing thoughts, that really is all it takes. In so doing you can change the world, and dear one, if great minds really do think alike, just imagine what you could all achieve!

Your lives enriched, the earth a paradise, and the spirit within will take to the next life a wondrous experience that can only have positive results within the next generation of the life he or she chooses to settle.

Precious one, think!




*** *** ***

To be continued in Chapter Twenty~One