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(Faith, Love, Optimism And Trust)

By Wendy Tunnard de~Veryard and the Angels

An Ebook


‘You are a light worker.
God needs you to shine your Divine light and love
~ Like an angel ~ upon the earth and all its inhabitants.’
Indriel – Messages from the Angels Oracle Cards – Doreen Virtue PhD

If you are reading this book, thank you, know please that the love of your own Guardian Angels were behind your decision to do so.

If you are expecting that the following pages will appeal to, and arouse your interest for angelic guidance, then you will not be disappointed.

Angels inspired me to write this book. Everything within its pages are either true experiences of my own, or that of others, similarly guided by angels.

That you are intrigued enough to be reading this book reveals to your angels that you are ready to take the first steps, or perhaps the next step on your spiritual journey.

Your angels sincerely hope that you will embrace the inheritance that was yours from the beginning of time, and that you, like me, will know the sheer happiness that comes from listening to the Divine Guidance of God and his angels.


All in a Number

It was no coincidence. It occurred too many times to be so, yet it was years before I actually began to notice that there was a significant reason why the numbers 420 dogged me so steadfastly.

Generally it was the time, twenty past four in the morning or the afternoon, I would be doing any manner of things, or wake suddenly, and I’d think, ‘what time is it’ look at the clock, groan and utter, ‘ I should have known,’ as the hands of the clock revealed the time ~ 4.20.

If that wasn’t enough for me to conclude it was odd, the following sealed the thought.

Labour pains for my first child began at 4.20 in the morning of January 18th 1984.

Labour pains for my second child began at 4.20 in the morning of July 27th 1985.

Contractions for my third child began at 4.20 in the morning of August 24th 1995.

The school bus returned my children home Monday to Friday at 4.20 every afternoon.

When I was at school my own school bus left the town for my stop at 4.20 every afternoon.

Early one morning while camping in Epping Forest with friends we set off for an early morning trek on our ponies; the time? Needlessly, I checked my watch; it was 4.20am.

On May 22nd 2005 my dad passed away at 4.20 in the afternoon.

On April 20th 2007 (4-20) my eldest son left the nest for the first time and moved into his own new home.

On October 11th 1955, my mother’s labour pains began at 4.20 in the morning of the day that I was born.

Oddly the proofreading, editing and modifications for this book Float were completed on April 20th 2007.

Coincidence? Or could there be a reason?

I used to think that 4.20 were a signal for the time of the day when I would die. But I couldn’t understand why I really needed to know this to the degree that it kept happening, even after I reached this conclusion. However, I successfully put it to the back of my mind as perhaps one of life’s mysteries that if it were significant for any reason at all, only time, no pun intended, would tell.

Strangely, learning the significance of the number 420 came about randomly, but before I can reveal what that was, I’d like to introduce you to some very close friends of mine. Apparently they have been close to me all my life, yet it has been only recently that I have acknowledged their existence. These friends are my Guardian Angels. Every single person that has ever lived or are alive today have at least two.

This isn’t a book I would ever have expected to write. All the past events of my life I am recording here, basically to impress upon myself as much as to explain to readers that throughout the years there have been several incidences when my life could have ended, yet something saved me. Sixth sense played a part sometimes, at others I was surely saved by God and his angels. Only now as I pen this book, am I beginning to see a glimmer of light as to why I am here. I am fifty years of age and I feel that for the most part my life thus far has been uneventful despite the odd occasions when danger lurked. Yet only now am I beginning to understand that my past experiences were intended to impress upon me the existence of angels. And through writing this book I am asked to pass on the knowledge I have acquired for the purpose of opening the hearts and minds of readers in order that they, like me will gladly accept angels into their lives. And ultimately in so doing they will listen to advice from their angels on healing the world.

Through open mindedness and acceptance of angels this book will be as much a revelation to me as it is to you, as this path I now walk is still relatively new to me, and I am researching and experimenting all the time, and learning and accepting new things on a daily basis.

Thus I ask you to join me now, on this voyage of spiritual discovery, as to why I am here, what purpose my life has for this earth, and how similarly, you too can find answers to your own questions.

Following soon are some paragraphs inspired of angels who are sitting on my left telling me what to write. How do I know this? Because when my angels draw close I feel a soft breeze on my left and my skin tingles. In actuality, I liken it to fizzing. On occasions I feel my hair ruffle as the angels settle in close. Deep in my heart, as a far away thought, or by trust in my gut feelings I hear angels speak to me.

The Angels wish to impart a very important, life awareness message to you through the pages of this book so that you may cease being downhearted about the way of the world. Angels can support you in every area of your life, you need only call and ask for assistance. Though you may need them, they have to be invited into your life before they can support and guide you toward all you desire.

To explain further, the angels will speak to you directly:

Angel Message 1

“We angels in God’s heaven are all around you. We are not far from each and every one of you and you should feel comfort that you are never alone. Call upon us whenever you need help in your lives for any matter that concerns you.

We love to help!

You are often downhearted, dear one, not knowing who hears your cry for help, feeling alone, yet you need only to whisper and we will be at your side.

In fact you are never alone, you have two Guardian angels with you from birth, and these Guardian angels go everywhere with you. You may not know the names of these angels but really we can be identifiable to you in so many ways.

Sometimes you hear a repetitive word being spoken or you may see signs, street signs, traffic signs, store signs or words in newspapers that seemingly jump out at you, time and time again. When this occurs, dear one recognise that these words represent the names of your angels.

Whenever you are sad or lonely know that we wish to come to your aid. You do not need to know our names to cry for help. You need only call, ‘angels please help me’ and we will be there instantly at your side. We can comfort, strengthen, guide, take away negative feelings, or build you in all areas of your life.

Please be assured that you are never alone. Yes, we know and appreciate that there are times when you feel so alone that you are wretched and suicidal unable to see the way out of your problems, but we beg of you to remember at that time to have faith and trust and call us to aid you in all your troubles.

There are many self-help books that will impress upon you that angels not only exist but have also helped so many people change their perspective in life and alter the path that they have previously trod. We will not only assist you but can and will change your life for the better. All your dreams will manifest themselves before your eyes. You will not believe how easy this can occur. We open doors for you that you believed were slammed shut, we can make possible the seemingly impossible, you only have to trust, dear one.

There are times when we bring gifts to you that you are unaware are from us. Look around you, what do you see that gladdens your heart? A ray of sunshine coming through the clouds on a dismal day, do you not know that this is a sign from God that your prayers are being answered? God hears every prayer sent to him in his name, he adores you! And he loves it when your pleas reach his ears, your heartfelt pleas that reveal your faith in his existence.

We angels fly to your rescue at such times, are there beside you, listening as your heart whispers all your problems and heartaches. And we will assist, never doubt!

There are times maybe, that our ways are not your ways. That the way in which you hoped for help does not manifest itself in ways that you would have wished it to occur, however we beg you to have faith! God’s ways are not man’s ways, and whatever he has purposed for you, we promise will gladden your heart and bring you immense joy!

You need only to trust.

At other times we bring you joy through the outpouring of God’s love through deeds that you have carried out in helping others. At such times those whom you have given your attention to, may appear ungrateful, this is often the way of man he distrusts motives even as he accepts them willingly. Please rest assured that all your fine works have been viewed by God and he is rewarding you even now. All your fine works are amassed in Heaven – nothing goes unnoticed.

God loves you so very much, and he is grateful when you turn your attentions to the plight of others. This needn’t be within the human realm it could be within the animal kingdom or loving assistance shown to the incredible foray of plant life that exists upon your planet.

When we give you an assignment to fulfil we are lovingly at your side, and rejoice to see you carry it out with trust and faith for its certain success. For it will have success, for it stems from God. And it is impossible for God to lie. Did you know that, dear one? That he through whom you have life cannot lie? All mankind should feel grieved at the heart when they attempt to do so, because mankind was made in God’s image. How different your life would be if no one were able to lie. Imagine how beauteous!

Of course you may wonder how you may know when you have been handed a Divine assignment, yet really you have no need to wonder. That you have prayed and an answer appears, all that we ask is that you faithfully adhere to it and see it through. Once this is accomplished you will never look back, everything that we purpose for you cannot fail. It originated with God and all God’s plans have sure success!

You will be happy! Listen to your inner self, reach deep within, that tiny little voice isn’t your own, sweet one, it is us, your angels guiding you through God’s love, doing all in our power to cause you to rejoice!

See how things fall into place when you apply the wisdom that we send forth, see how easy it is to heed our advice? You can be happy, know it feel it, apply it!

The world is in a sorry state, much needs help at this time, there are insurmountable problems facing the earth and everything that you feel goes out into the world in either a positive or a negative way depending on those thoughts that you have.

People don’t know this, but every thought that you have goes out through your head and into the universe. The words affect the universe. Have you not noticed how it always rains on a bank holiday? Do you know why this is? Its because so many people have believed that it will rain, that all those thoughts have amassed together and made it happen! Yes, that is the way of it. Thus if all humankind were to collectively send out harmonious thoughts to the earth, she would be able to repair herself, for positive thoughts are healing thoughts and a balm to the soul.

Healing is another thing. Everyone has the ability to heal. Yes! It is there within you. What is your first thought when a child is hurting? You wish, do you not, to bring the hurt into yourself and free them of it? Or when they have fallen your first thought is to look at or place your hand on the wound, and both these abilities are your healing power. You need only to practise and believe that through your trust in God and angels that the wound will heal rapidly, often right before your eyes depending upon your level of trust. Why can we not just heal the wound in its entirety? Because dear one, if we should and you are not yet accustomed to faith in us, there is a little thing called ego that will creep into the way between you and us.

You must be taught first how to remove ego from your midst, and then everything that you do, every healing act that you carry out, you will give glory to God. For this healing ability comes from God, and there are certain things that you need to know before you can tap into that healing power. The first thing you must know of and feel to an extent that moves you is love.

With love we live and breathe and die. Notice that word, breathe, it is very important and we will assign a chapter to this necessary ability later in this book. It may sound simple enough yet there are ways, specific ways in which you breathe that block us from you. So too there are specific ways that you breathe that enable us to come to you more easily, allow us to be there at your side. Although we are never ever far from you at any given time, some of you would wish that we make ourselves known to you, and yes this is possible, if you learn how to breathe.

There are so many things that we wish you to know, and we are so excited to be able to do so through the pages of self help books that enable us to give off our secrets that were also yours from the beginning of time. You may or may not be aware that within your soul can reside a Light Worker who chose to leave their home in the heavens to live with you, within your higher self, and learn from you, from a human standpoint. At your death, this Light Worker will either return to the pod, beneath the Godhead or move on to the next child that is born. Many are recognising that you are not a human with spirit inside you. You are in fact a spirit residing within a human host. When you see it this way, you will begin to make positive changes to your life, to allow your higher self to lead you in ways of happiness and joy!

We have other words to impart, subjects that are important to your happiness. These words will appear in Chapter Three and other subsequent chapters of this book.

*** *** ***

Chapter 2


I’d like to introduce you to my dad; Stephen James Veryard. I knew him as Pop, due to the fact that when I was very little he owned an old Reliant Bond, with an engine that made the sound of popping. The name stuck, and my own children referred to him as Grand Pop.

My dad was precognitive, being able to see into the future by means of visions. Most of the time what he saw made no sense, and often he would have a premonition about someone that he had no way of warning. Not only that but his gift wasn’t such that he could pinpoint the finer details of the warning, knowing only that by seeing someone’s face before his eyes, that someone were about to have an accident or be involved in a fatal situation.

Perhaps if Pop’s gift had been better understood he might have had the courage to recognise and expand upon it. I have read many times recently that the angels give a little, see how it is accepted and if favourably, they will give a little more. I’m sure my dad was unaware of this, and more than anything recently I have wished he were still alive, for we would have so much to talk about!

That’s one of the things I find incomprehensible. Why has it taken till now, after my father’s passing for me to accept that I am as gifted as he was? Not only myself but also every single person has the ability in some way or another to be psychic. For me its Clairsentience, or Clear Knowing – I know things ~ knowledgeable things without knowing how I know them. I feel the compulsion to speak my truth and feel utterly convinced that what I say is so. There have been a few times in the past when I have been proven wrong, however more and more now those few times are diminishing mainly since I have accepted Angels into my life. These days I’m being proven right with everything I say.

Most of it is having trust. Trusting what I know; enough to speak it and having the courage and compulsion to do so.

I think Pop was a little afraid of doing that, and I can sympathise, yet we were very alike, and I don’t believe Pop would have cared if he’d been labelled a nutcase, in the same like manner that it doesn’t bother me. What would have bothered Pop was how publicising his gift would have affected the rest of his family.

My school friends had already ostracised me enough due to Pop’s ability to know where I was at any given time and be waiting there when I arrived. He used to make me laugh with the quip, ‘If you arrive first chalk a cross on the floor. And if I arrive first, I’ll rub it out.’

Needless to say, I often overheard my friend’s say, “Let’s not ask Wendy to come with us. Her dad will be there before we will.” Though I laughed along with them, it never really sunk in why Pop always knew where I was. I just believed he knew me too well. It never crossed my mind until years later that he was precognitive.

Yet this gift wasn’t something that was used to its greatest ability. I don’t know if he even understood why he had it, he seldom spoke of it. And its strange to me now, that within months of his death that I should become aware that I too had some kind of psychic ability, as for years I’ve been aware that I am able to heal with my hands. However, I firmly believed there was a scientific reason for that. I thought it was due to the handling of mineral stones.

One of the last conversations I had with my dad, was on the subject of crystals and how the minerals contained within them were able to balance out a person’s lack, that is whatever the body required could be extracted by the handling of certain crystals.

I’d been seeing a Herbalist, located in Boston, Lincolnshire in England where I live and was intrigued that when he placed a certain liquid on the underside of my wrist the little gadget he had hooked up to my ear lobe was able to take readings on the absorption of the liquid within seconds. That fast!

This impressed upon me how the human body could gain what it required through the pores of our skin when in contact with any particular substance. In like manner it could also absorb substances that would be detrimental to us. I began to view perfumes differently. No longer placing scent to the underside of my wrist. It were possible, I decided, that the very reasons I was seeing a herbalist about, namely feeling out of balance, was caused by my body absorbing perfumes that were detrimental to my health.

Thus, bearing this in mind, and knowing I had some ability to heal others through my hands, (more about that later) I reached the conclusion that, handling crystals or mineral stones as I preferred to call them back then, could make the body empowered and healthy.

My dad was very interested in this idea. He’d been suffering from sickness for several weeks, and saw the logic behind what I was saying. However, though we looked everywhere for such a shop to purchase mineral stones for him, none were ever found before his death. Since then I’ve found dozens.

Pop worked as a pattern maker on night shifts at Ford’s motor industry in Dagenham, East London. He worked there for over forty years. I’m not sure how much work he actually managed to get done, his stories of the fun he had at work were hilarious! But he did design the bonnet of the Ford Capri.

One Tuesday morning, he returned after his Monday night shift very subdued. After a while he revealed that on the Friday night, during his break he was doodling on a pad and had drawn a picture of a large black hole situated on the wall behind him.
Come Monday night when he entered his place of work, he found to his amazement that behind his desk a large gaping hole had been hewn out of the wall.
Immediately he went to his desk drawer and extracted his pad to find there, a drawing, showing an exact replica of the hole now facing him. Apparently, over the weekend a water pipe had burst and maintenance had had to burrow into the wall to mend the pipes.

The thing was, okay, this was a little uncanny, but how was he to know that what he had ‘seen’ could have prevented the accident or, even if he had realised the implications of what he had drawn, how was he to know whether anyone would believe him?

Then again what was this? Just a doodle of a large black hole in a brick wall, how was anyone to know the water pipes behind were about to burst open?

We all thought the experience mildly entertaining, but soon forgot about it.

Pop kept a large sheet of card in his garage. He had seen other things, and generally speaking, he had a flash of recognition of someone distant, and usually it signified that person’s oncoming death.

Many of these things were inconsequential to us as a family, but could have been warnings nonetheless for other people.

Among those people and events were the following, as written by Pop.

John Denver
Una Stubbs
David Niven
Syd James
Robert Hardy
Arthur Askey
Potamen River Air Crash
Ben Winter Submarine
Zoo Kids
Marks and Spencer
New York
Loads of Water

I confess many of those events mean nothing to me, though I am wondering if the latter two correspond to the tragedy of 9/11 and the Tsunami of 2005.

On odd occasions Pop would ‘see’ something happening to people within our family. One of those occasions was when he saw my husband, Rick falling. Several months later Rick fell from a shed roof and a sheet of corrugated tin almost severed his left arm at the shoulder. Miraculously medical staff saved his arm and though he caught MRSA and fortunately got rid of it, his arm is today as good as it ever was.

Yet why did Pop not forewarn Rick, when he had so many instances of knowing how accurate his visions were? I’m sorry I cannot answer this question. I am concluding that Pop was unsure of how his precognition would be accepted or labelled, but then I am only guessing.

The last flash of precognition Pop had was of loads of water. He never lived long enough to see the fruition of that event. The tsunami that took so many lives along the coastline of the Indian Ocean. Other times when he did see the culmination of his ‘sightings’ he would freeze and tell my mother ‘I saw that.’ And then he would see that along with the names he had written down, or the event, the whole scene would roll before his eyes, as if he were seeing it all there and then in slow motion, as though he were actually a part of it all.

So when my friends would announce that they preferred not to have me with them when they planned an outing, it was because they had recognised that my dad had some kind of hidden ability that enabled him to pinpoint exactly where I would be at any given time.

There were occasions however, when he would uncharacteristically warn me not to go somewhere I was used to going. I thought he was just worrying about me. He was a worrier. Sometimes he would make himself sick with worrying about things.

On one occasion he asked me not to visit my friend, Suzanne down at Winter Gardens, as it was then known. The area is built up now, but back in 1966 Winter Gardens on Canvey Island in Essex, consisted of sixty acres of farmland. It was isolated with just a few houses dotted about and one long road for access.

I wanted to see Suzanne, and so on this occasion I disobeyed. Getting on my bike I headed out for Suzanne’s house one Sunday morning. Half way there someone drove an old grey Morris Minor van slowly by me, and pulled up at the kerb just a few yards ahead.

I was eleven years old, and as far as I am aware had never had my sixth sense kick in before that day. I felt apprehensive, sick and worried to the pit of my stomach, and I can remember thinking, ‘If I pass on the driver’s side he could reach out and grab me. So best to squeeze by on the inside.’ This I attempted only to have him lurch across the passenger seat and swing open the door to prevent me going by.

“GET IN!” He snarled reaching for my arm.

“No!” I yelled trying to manoeuvre my cycle up the kerb and around the door. He made another grab for me yanking the handlebars toward the open door so that I tottered toward the inside of the car. We continued to shout at one another and I looked him full in the face, knowing instantly that I did not know this man.
Suddenly from the opposite direction a car came into view and the driver of the Morris Van shoved me away, slammed his door shut and sped forward and out of sight.

I didn’t wait to see if he might return. Instead I turned my cycle around and raced as fast as my legs would allow back home, in expectation all the way that he might be coming up behind me.

The next day at school I told Suzanne and her sister Gail about the incident, but I never ever told my parents. From then on Suzanne and her sister would walk down to meet me and the three of us would make the two mile journey to their home and back. After that experience never again did we travel that road alone.

The following week however, my mother was reading a report to Pop from the newspaper. It is only now as I am writing this that I wonder if he had told her what he had ‘seen’ for why else should she emphasise the report as she did?

“Look, Steve, two children have gone missing from down at the Point, a boy and a girl. Police are appealing for witnesses who may have seen a ‘grey Morris Minor van’ parked nearby.”

I looked up when she read this, and I noticed my dad visibly pale before my eyes. I knew at once he had ‘seen’ this vehicle before, and I knew he had ‘seen’ that I would be involved.

Sadly, those two children were never found, neither was the driver of the Grey Morris Minor van. I have never forgotten his face.

Six years later another strange thing happened to me.

Out of Body Experience

I was never one for having lots of friends, preferring my own company or that of animals. With my mum suffering from asthma, we were unable to have animals in the house, so no dog or cat for me. Instead I filled a garden shed with guinea pigs, rats, mice, water snails, grass snakes, lizards, water beetles and worms and by breeding the snails and the mice and selling them to pet shops, I saved enough money to buy a pony.

Mum named the pony Biscuit. He was a yellow roan New Forest/Welsh Mountain and was very, very pretty. We purchased him from the greengrocer of all people who had gone to the new forest and bought a herd of ponies very cheaply intending to make a good profit. Several friends and I went along to buy a pony each. I fell in love with mine on sight, yet he was reluctant to leave a strawberry roan colt that my only friend, Michelle fell in love with. This was okay, for Michelle firmly believed her father would buy her the strawberry roan. Unfortunately that was never to be.

Loading Biscuit into the horsebox, the strawberry roan galloped alongside the fence whinnying at his departing friend. If it wasn’t enough to hear his distress, I felt it, deep, deep inside. So too Biscuit’s heart was breaking, and I ‘saw’ that these two had been friends from birth a little over a year before. They were inseparable, and here they were being separated for the first time in their young lives.

Michelle and I promised the split would only be temporary, and Michelle worked on her father for the rest of the week, until reluctantly he agreed she could have the pony. Jubilant we made preparations to collect the strawberry roan, and pictured the great reunion of the two ponies. Yet deep down a gut feeling told me that something was wrong.

Sure enough when Michelle approached the greengrocer about purchasing the strawberry roan, he told her, ‘I’m sorry, but that pony died yesterday.’ We were heartbroken! Not just for us, but for Biscuit who would never see his best friend again. Michelle was angry with her dad for taking too long to decide, more so when we discovered what had happened. The little pony had drunk some water from a bucket that had been used previously to carry lead based paint and he had been poisoned.

Traumatised by the turn of events I felt I owned it to Biscuit to explain what had happened, and why we had to break our promise to bring his friend to him. At the time, I thought it may have been my imagination that I saw tears fill his eyes, at the time, I felt that the depth of pain I was feeling was mine, what I did not understand was why in my mind’s eye I could see all the memories of Biscuit and his friend’s previous life as they ambled together through the forest. In fact, it is only now as I write this, that I really remember all of what I saw that day and accept now what happened. I was ‘knowing’ Biscuit’s pain, I was ‘feeling’ his heartache and I was ‘seeing’ his memories of happier times with his friend.

The same also when many years later following a riding accident I sold Biscuit to a young girl by the name of Natalie, in Hertfordshire, many miles from where I lived in Essex. The day the horsebox arrived, I felt Biscuit’s distress, and I wanted to change my mind, but Natalie was excited and I didn’t want to disappoint her so reluctantly I let him go with the promise that I would come visit him as soon as possible.

It wasn’t for the want of trying. For many years I tried to track him down, Natalie had sold him to a riding school who in turn had sold him to a man in Watford and over the next 25 years I felt his pain of my broken promise, until one day, one afternoon when Biscuit would have been aged 32 I felt his pain evaporate and I knew that he had died. My heart aches that I never visited him, it hurts more that I sold him at all, it hurts grievously that his little friend died, for I felt his loss all his life, like a dark shadow deep within him, and it never went away.

When I owed Biscuit on occasion friends and I would take our ponies in a horsebox and spend the weekend in Epping Forest. On one such weekend I had my first out of body experience, though it would be thirty-three years later before I discovered that’s what it had been.

Biscuit was noted for being rather lazy, and in expectation of the weekend in Epping, I decided unwisely, to leave him stabled all week and feed him oats. Thus by the time I mounted him in Epping, it felt as though I were sitting on a quivering mound of flesh eager to fly like the wind. The moment twelve riders set off Biscuit dashed past ten of the other horses and neck and neck we galloped alongside the only rider on a racehorse.

Talk about exhilarating! It was all I could do to keep in control. Biscuit wrestled for his head, desperate to take the lead over the chestnut racehorse, as friends behind cheerily called, ‘what did you put in him, Wendy? Rocket fuel?’

We had been riding for about an hour when another girl in the group asked if I would swap Biscuit for her sluggish pony and I readily agreed. Her slowcoach mount was bliss after the mad ride I’d been having with Biscuit. In an hour of galloping through the forest he hadn’t let up, he was still full of energy and wanted to be gone whenever the group stopped to take a breather. I sincerely regretted stabling him all week and feeding him oats, oh and glucose tablets, that I had also added to his feed each night.

After about an hour of riding the other girl’s pony she asked for him back. I remember not being happy about it, for the slower ride through the forest on her pony had been most pleasurable. I actually got to see around me as we cantered by!

Still she wanted him back, so I had no choice and reluctantly mounted Biscuit as the other riders took off down a hill heading for a copse of trees. Biscuit was away before I had fully gotten my feet into the stirrups, so here we were careering downhill at a full out gallop as I reached for my stirrups, grappled with the reins and tried to hold my pony back. Suddenly we were between the trees, and the other riders were just disappearing out of sight about five hundred yards ahead when a huge tree loomed in front of us.

Imagining Biscuit smashing his head into the tree, and unable to pull him around, I closed my eyes and hoped for the best. The next thing I knew, I could see Biscuit grazing nearby, and I standing back from a distance of about four feet could see that I was up a tree, feet above me, back against the trunk, head to the ground, my hard hat laying some feet away. I saw myself topple, my feet and legs sliding sideways onto the ground and then someone screamed! I clearly remember thinking, ‘whose that?’ not knowing the sound was coming from me.

It is incredible to know now that I had been standing back looking down at myself and I’d had an out of body experience but at that time had not known of it. It had been the scream that had sent my soul rushing back into my body. I remember that feeling well.

Suddenly I heard voices all around me, ‘is she dead?’ ‘Tony, you know first aid, you take a look.’ Next thing I knew someone was pulling me to my feet, ‘no bones broken’ Tony, announced telling me, ‘you’re lucky.’ And then firm hands were shoving me back astride Biscuit.

I felt odd. For one thing my body felt as though it were severed in the middle as though my lower half was disconnected from my upper half, and I felt decidedly unwell.

Dejectedly, we rode through the forest, and Biscuit’s energy had evaporated, either that or he knew something was seriously wrong with me, and I don’t doubt that he did. He walked slowly behind the riders, and someone rode at my side, I don’t know whom. I think perhaps they took the reins and led me. We came to a road, and I can remember hearing the familiar clip clop of the horse’s shoes on the concrete but it sounded muffled as though it were coming from miles away. I then heard children’s voices, and looking to my right saw a field full of boy scouts. There were hundreds of them!

“Look at all those boy scouts!” I exclaimed.

The other riders reined in their mounts and I noticed them looking oddly to where I was pointing and then one of them announced, ‘Wendy, there’s no one there.’

With that I felt really weird and fell forward onto Biscuit’s neck. I remember falling over his side as if in slow motion, but nothing after that. Apparently I’d fainted and slid from Biscuit’s back, and the next thing I remember I was being bundled into the back of someone’s Mini, and hearing someone telling the driver I’d had an accident and would the driver and his passenger please take me to where we were camping near the Rose and Crown public house in Chingford. I also remember the driver saying that they were house hunting and that they would drop me off as soon as possible.

It was over 2 hours before the driver of the mini car arrived at the pub in Chingford, having visited and looked around three houses by which time my friends having believed I’d been kidnapped were frantic and pulled me out of the back of the mini.

It was another three hours after falling asleep in the horsebox that I went walking, supported by Michelle and her boyfriend, John downhill singing at the top of our voices, toward the nearest medical surgery where a doctor examined me and announced I needed an ambulance.

This arrived at the same time as my parents, and I remember feeling shocked that they were there. I was forty miles from home, and though Michelle had made a call to them as we had arrived at the surgery, I knew my parents could not arrive so quickly through London traffic on a Sunday evening.

What had happened was this: Earlier in the day, my dad had announced to my mum, ‘I think Wendy will need us later. Let’s visit your sister, so when she does we will be only two miles away from Epping.’

Thus when Michelle rang my home, my brother answered the call. He then contacted my parents who were at my aunt’s house, and they arrived at the surgery moments before the ambulance arrived.

In hospital an examination and X ray revealed I had broken three vertebrae, and slipped two discs, and that one break had been a hair’s breadth from my spinal cord.

For the next couple of decades I would suffer with pain in my right hip and back, taking various pain killers and undergoing physiotherapy, massage, herbal remedies and acupuncture until now when I can happily say I am pain free from the effects of that accident, thanks to crystal and spiritual healing, the Bowen Technique and the love of angels.

Incidentally, remember the scouts that I’d seen? Well on researching for this book I discovered that various parts of the beautiful Epping Forest is now designated for the activity of boy scouts.

*** *** ***

Chapter Three

Angel Message 2

World Issues

Many people believe that angels do not exist and that grieves us. We have to wait years before people recognise that they have their own Guardian angels. Some people never notice in all their lifetime. Their lives could have been so different!

Think back now to how your life was before you began to accept that we were with you, can you not see the difference? For some of you your lives were bleak, and filled with confusion, especially for those of you that contemplated the way of the world. You were at a loss as to understand why God allowed many atrocities to happen. Dear one, God is never to blame. All, all mankind were given free will, therefore whatever he decides will become.

Now is the time to look forward not back. With your newfound belief you can change the minds of others, young people may be more inclined to listen to your words than you assume. Many young people are concerned about the earth, after all if the earth should fail, then so too will their futures. They need the earth as much as she needs them. What better people to teach your truths to?

Once you become established, and we will help you, you will be able to reach millions. There is no doubt about this number. Never forget that what you do now you do for God, and God can make things happen. He can unstop ears, through you, he can make honest hearted people hear him, listen to him and act upon what they hear.

The earth needs you now. As previously mentioned all thought forms go out into the cosmos, negativity reigns right now, and the earth is dying. Though beauteous still, deep down she is grieved to the core, yet few notice. Take this as an example. When you were feeling miserable and going about your every day life, who was it that noticed how you were feeling? And of those that did noticed, how many of them cared enough to want to help? Oftentimes, people have miseries of their own to contend with, they do not need yours as well. Thus they prefer not to notice how miserable you are, after all, you look alright, surely if your problems were as awful as theirs you would not look so good? Thus they offer light-hearted comments, such as ‘try to cheer up, just remember how lucky you are’ comments that they feel are enough to show a merit of sympathy, while not necessarily having to literally help.

Now think of the earth, she may appear well enough, she may look ‘alright’ although there are areas that need attention, they are so far away people need not be overly concerned about them. The world is a big place, what does it matter if a few spots are blemished? Thus people place their head in the sand and assume others will do whatever needs to be done to correct matters. It’s too far away to be anything to do with them, besides many people have troubles of their own that are impossible to see around, let alone contemplate how they may help the land they place their feet upon.

Yet what goes around comes around, and everyone may be more involved than they believe on a level that is closer than they think.

No doubt you have heard many times how buying this product or that product will be bad for the earth in the long term, or how gases emitted into the atmosphere, choke and clog the environment. Why these warnings! Does a parent not take responsibility for his child being burned, when he places that innocent directly before the heat of flames?

Think on, dear one! Your governments are to blame. If men in this calibre were to prevent the manufacture of such products, how then could you purchase them?

Men, for all their good intentions are weak. No matter that certain products carry government health warnings, is that not passing the buck? Because man has free will, he can make the choice that will ruin his life then those in higher authority can be freed from the guilt of blood loss.

Thus if the men of governments were to prevent manufacture of ‘certain to kill’ products, then the choice would be alleviated. Men could not buy that which was not freely available, now could they?

Yet is this likely to happen? It’s a lovely thought, but think on! Since every man has free will, and since the life of man is orientated by the love of money, are they seriously going to prevent the manufacture of certain goods, the very products that make them rich? We think not. Therefore is up to people like yourself, with every talent you possess to reach out and re-educate the world!

It’s a colossal task, yes? Do not be downhearted. While God can place his thoughts within any man, remember he gave them free will. What would be the good of forcefully altering man’s perspective? Like any man, woman or child God wants to see that people love him and his creations enough to be compelled to set things right.

Do not allow yourselves to believe the notion that all the capital amassed by the sale of such ‘certain to kill’ products will be used to balance out the effect these products have on the earth. Have you not seen the lavish lifestyles of your leaders? You, you alone are paying for this! Yet many of you are living in poverty, you have debts with soaring interest rates, and still you continue to enliven the circle that is causing your very distress.

It is time to break the link! One man has the ability to step out from this ever-growing circle, yes one man! So then see how beneficial it would be if many of you were to step outside and speak up, really speak up! Yes, we know, a daunting prospect, but why wait for someone else to do it? The earth is dying! Now is the time to do something constructive about that. You, you alone, by pushing past your ego can help to alter things. Every small-scale project becomes a large-scale project when many are involved. All it takes is choice words. Pre chosen phrases that reach out and touch the hearts of those who show concern for the land in which they live, words that will grate on the conscience, enough to force action from those ones.

And the action? Do you foresee that man must stand in large numbers preventing the earth’s destruction? We can see how such an action in the face of the law and governments may have a negative affect upon you. How you may feel fear and grieve that as much as you would like to help the earth recover, this, this outspokenness, this being ‘out there’ in front of people that know you, or even people that do not know you, this will make you a laughing stock. We can see how daunting such a prospect would be, even when faced with the fact that you are above such ones, for you are doing something to help the very earth they are standing upon, for the sake of their own generation, not just for those that come after.

Little one, do not fret this is not what God asks of you. Saving the earth is so much simpler, and no one need know that you are helping. No one. All it takes is that as an individual you start to think positively. And if this book, or others like it should move you, you need only to loan the book, or advise that others purchase it, not to make the authors rich, but rather that our advice reaches the hearts of many.

Do you not know, that the spirit of God lives within the pages of the Bible? We appreciate that many people read the Bible, yet how many truly understand the information it imparts? Perhaps it is considered out of date, it was written when the world was new, and perhaps you may conclude that God did not envisage a dying earth, for if he did, why did he not prevent it from happening?

Free will, dear one free will.

Yes, so true that a parent is responsible if he allows his child to get close enough to the fire that he is burned, innocent ones must be taught that the fire is hot, yes, but why place a child in the vicinity of the fire just to prove that is so?

We angels are going to help you no matter what to understand how you can save the earth. The first thing you need to know is that every thought that comes into and goes out of your mind has a bearing on the way that the earth fluctuates. We appreciate that this may sound incredible to you, but it is the way that God formed you, that by the power of thought alone, you indeed are able to keep the earth at the level that God intended.

Just think about this a moment, if you have the power to heal yourself and others, then why could it not be so that you would be able to heal the earth?

You have a certain responsibility as a light worker on earth to keep your home clean and beautiful and in good working order.
Unfortunately, many people have forgotten their ultimate goal in life. They believe that they are here only a short time and that in that short time they should cram as much into living as they possibly can, even when that belief causes ruination for the earth. So many humans live for the day, and hope someone else may take care of the future for those that follow.

This is such a selfish attitude, yet many do not see it as such. They believe that they have but one life and so they should live that life to the full regardless of how that way may affect others around them.

Please do not become downhearted! It may seem that someone is trashing your beautiful garden, it may seem that each time you set to rectify matters someone comes along and throws garbage over your good work, but please rest assured that for the number of humans with bad deeds in mind, the many good people will in time make their own impact on the earth. Besides, dear one, you are not alone. God blesses everything you do, and he will help you!

Cultivate, cultivate, cultivate! The earth needs you to help her survive. She was cloaked perfect, God is perfect, nothing he created can be anything less than perfect, and that includes you, dear one, you.

Now, think on, you have all the tools that you need so there is nothing more we can tell you in order that you may delay another moment. Find a quiet corner and meditate. Visualise the earth in your mind’s eye and focus, breathe deeply and on the outward breath imagine that your healing power is rushing into the parts of the earth that are desperately crying out for healing and we will do the rest.

Humankind together, as one, can achieve so much, yet you dear one, are not alone, never assume that you are. There is great movement throughout the angelic realm right now, we are seeking to remind and educate the human race to repair their beautiful inheritance, the earth, created perfect by God, ruined by man, but through man can be made beautiful again. Do not doubt, every little seed together will grow into a great forest, true? Never for one moment underestimate your healing ability. Never for one second assume that you are but a mere speck of dust and that nothing you can do will help the earth. Sweet one, you are precious in the eyes of God, and every good thought that you have toward the earth is blessed tenfold by God. Every positive thought counts.

We hear you asking, why does God need us? If he created the earth, then why does he not repair the damage?

Oh, sweet one, there is much you do not see! Open your eyes, and think about this question logically. If only on a human level, then think of it this way. If you were the creator of a marvellous garden and someone came along and caused havoc would you not be downhearted? Perhaps for the first time or two you may consider it your duty to repair the damage, and in all probability you may endeavour to do so, however when your good work is ruined over and over again, would you not become disheartened to the point that you may say, ‘what is the use?’
Surely then God has a right to think likewise?

The Bible, dear one is inspired of God and is God’s instruction book for mankind. Yes, man wrote it, many men in fact, but all were inspired of God and angels, just as this author who is penning this material now for us, is also inspired of angels. She hears us. We speak deep in the depths of her soul, and she listens and types, and should she feel that something we have said is her own ideas creeping in she checks with us, before typing further.

How does she know that we are with her? How can we impress upon you that around the world at this time, many others are hearing the voices of their angels and are passing the messages on? Each light worker, sitting within its human host is able to explain in their own way through whatever means they are gifted with.

Wendy’s happens to be writing. And in order that you may believe, she will now select a few chapters to inform you of her own journey to where she is now in the stream of time. We write this book together, and as a whole it is intended to reach honest hearted persons who in their own special way can assist others in repairing the earth, securing its future for multitudes and ultimately for the love of God can make his heart sing!

*** *** ***

Chapter Four


The ability to heal others wasn’t something I accepted I could do until six or so years ago, and when it occurred I noticed it immediately.

My son, David then aged six had a very bad headache, and I was exceedingly worried. I gave him all the usual treatments and checked his skin for red blotches and finding none, lay down at his side on his bed, asking him to sleep. I felt if he could close his eyes and rest the headache would go away. I was sure it had been brought about by his playing on the computer for longer than he should have.

We lay there a half hour when he started crying with the pain, and in desperation I placed my hand over his forehead and wished with all my heart that I had his pain. I felt that if it were mine, I could use very strong painkillers and get rid of it.

We lay there a few minutes more when suddenly a pain began to mount behind my eyes, until it became so strong that I barely heard my son happily announce, ‘oh its gone!’ At that moment, some part of me, on a level deeper than thought, for thought was painful, remarked, ‘yes, I know it has. I’ve got it.’

As he jumped from the bed and ran downstairs, I followed, hand on head toward the bathroom cabinet to take some strong tablets. Within the hour, neither of us had a headache.

Needless to say, it was the fact that I had extracted his pain into me, that I noticed the most. This had never happened to me before, not even with my two older children when there had been many times I would gladly have borne whatever pain they had suffered throughout various ailments over the years.

Several months after the incident with David’s headache, a little boy living nearby fell out of an apple tree. His parents took him to hospital who declared that no bones were broken just spraining to one shoulder, and that would take considerable time to heal. The pain in the shoulder however was such that when the little boy moved it was excruciating. Therefore when I invited him to my home to watch a movie with my son, his father had to carry him around and deposit him onto the sofa.

My chair was adjacent to the sofa, and as the two boys watched the film, I placed my hand on the back of the boy’s shoulder and focused on his pain. Sure enough within minutes I felt a tightening in my own shoulder and then excruciating pain!

Okay, I thought, so it does work. How I don’t know, and what’s even more worrying is how do I get rid of the pain this time? Would painkillers be strong enough? After all I had the symptoms of someone else’s accident, and had their pain truly gone?

I waited till the film ended in order to ask the boy, but just as the credits rolled he jumped up and headed for the door. I called to him ‘hold on, what about your poorly shoulder?’ He stopped mouth agape, and exclaimed, ‘oh, its gone! The pain has gone!’ He then trotted off home quite happily.

I on the other hand was left mystified. Of course I’d heard about the ability to heal and had in fact studied how the energy of mineral stones were able to help with healing various illnesses, but I had never experimented. Not just mineral stones, but also crystals and oils, herbs and plant extracts.

I began to think back to the time when David had been conceived. I’d been diagnosed with blocked fallopian tubes due to an infection from using the coil as a form of contraception. My body had sucked the coil up inside my uterus and over the next eight years flesh had grown around it and caused an infection and blockage of my fallopian tubes. I’d needed an operation to correct matters. So in the unlikely event that I would ever have another child, I decided I may as well diet seriously, since I wouldn’t be gaining any weight through pregnancy, which had been a form of mental block before to put off dieting. Thus I lost all my extra weight by jogging and dieting, and we went on holiday to Centerparcs for the very first time.
While there, I treated myself to an aromatherapy massage with five oils, three of which I later discovered aided fertility, and I went home feeling refreshed and on top of the world.

Three months later I discovered I’d become pregnant that very day I had had that massage. Okay fine, this was a miracle in itself after the diagnosis I’d received, however, for what reason did I attribute the oils to aiding the conception?
Some sixth sense revealed it to me (more about that later) and once I researched the oils and discovered what three of the five had been for, I was impressed!

Not just impressed but also intrigued. I had not realised till that moment how our skin can absorb whatever is placed upon it and alter organs and cells within us. The oils had unblocked my fallopian tubes. This was confirmed later after David’s birth and by means of a laparoscope’s. In fact my consultant referred to my son as a miracle baby and delivered David personally, much to the surprise of the midwife on duty the morning of the birth. It was quite a party actually, for my two children as well as my husband, an anaesthetist a paediatrician a midwife a staff nurse and a consultant were all in the room with me. It was as well, for the birth was a difficult one, David had the cord wrapped around his neck three times, was blue when born and took a full minute to resuscitate after birth before he cried and we all breathed sighs of relief.

A few years later and after the incident with David’s headache I consulted the Herbalist, previously mentioned, about some knee pain I was having. I’m not one for pills and will at any given opportunity seek herbal remedies. The doctor examined me by placing some drops of some substance on the tip of my tongue and after taking readings decided that my body was out of balance. I had too much acid. Therefore he altered my diet, told me to avoid citrus fruits, berries and red fruits including strawberries and tomatoes. To avoid spinach as this eaten with any other vegetable extracts the vitamins from the other vegetables causing them to become just fibre, and he counselled me to eat as much iron rich food as possible, telling me that one of my favourite foods namely, cockles held a greater quantity of iron in one small portion than anything else. He then made up an infusion of leaves for me that I had to drink three times a day in order to balance out my body. This was not nice, but I got used to it, and when the benefits outweighed the taste I drank it without complaint.

Every three weeks I went back to him for check ups, and from the second appointment became intrigued by his method of testing. No more droplets on the tongue, now he fixed a small device to one earlobe and placed tiny drops of various liquids onto the underside of my wrist. Within seconds the device attached to my ear was bleeping a result. That quick! And I was stunned to realise that the fluid placed upon my wrist had made its way into my bloodstream so fast that the device latched to my ear could read it!

Oh, this certainly had an impact on me! I began to think on the times I’d placed perfume on my wrists, or in cleaning the kitchen how strong disinfectants or bleach had gone onto my skin. Could therefore any of these substances be contributing to various pains around and within my body? The herbalist doctor said it were very possible, and that people should not underestimate what can enter through the layers of our skin, and so quickly too.

Well it certainly impressed upon me, and from that date, if I wear perfume I place it on my clothing and never on my skin. I do use deodorant, or I’d have fewer friends than I have now but I hasten to add I am mindful never to use more than I deem absolutely necessary! One just never knows what long term effect such manmade substances have on our bodies, besides whatever happened to good old soap and water? Not that I use soap either, that is never on my face, I wash my face only in cold water, in this I always have plus I never wear makeup.

From the experience I had with the herbalist and the aromatherapy massage I began examining mineral stones. I realised quite soon that holding raw mineral stones, that is unpolished stones, had a certain feel good factor associated with my well-being, however finding where to purchase them was another factor. I eventually discovered that gift shops in seaside towns were a good place to find them although I know now that mystic shops supply good quantities of them as do craft fairs.

The first book I purchased was the Crystal Bible, and this showed me what stones were beneficial to which parts of the body. I still didn’t understand how exactly, but felt that in a similar way as the herbalist worked, then if the body was lacking in any particular mineral, then holding a stone representing that mineral the body could extract from it whatever amount it required. As I analysed this thought I also felt that perhaps if, the body was offered a chance to store up this mineral in abundant supply, then just by touching someone who was in dire need of this mineral, their body could in effect draw off from me what it was that they lacked. This was my own personal theory, and at that time it worked for me.

The Crystal Bible however, had different things to say as regards my theory, and intrigued I read it through with relish intending to practise with my newfound knowledge of precious and semi precious gemstones, however as with many things, time and unforeseen occurrence, in the form of Pop’s passing away, prevented me from following through on what I had read until another year had lapsed.

I wish now that back then I had been aware of the content of the angel message in Chapter Five. It would have helped me in so many ways.

*** *** ***

Chapter Five

Angel Message 3

Positive Thought Forms

We angels feel immense grief at times when people fail to recognise that the earth really is in trouble. You hear reports and feel you would like to help, but soon after hearing those reports the problem becomes someone else’s. You decide that you have enough problems of your own, and for this we sympathise, however burying your head in the sand will not make the problem go away.

If you could but accept that your own problems manifest due to the way of the world then to coin a phrase, a human phrase we add, you could kill two birds with one stone.

Please stop what you are doing for one moment and think about this. Set aside your own worries, read our words, close your eyes and meditate. If your own problems drift into your mind, recognise them place them into bubbles and have them float away. Your time now is for the earth. Picture her in all her glory cloaked in green and blue and punctuated by fluffy white clouds. Picture the people all over the world well fed, clothed and happy. Picture fresh running water coming down from the mountains running into clear pools and wells where people can extract it as the need arises. This water does not need to be filtered it is fresh and can quench even the biggest thirst and still leave enough for a whole village. It is continuous, flows continuous, just like God’s love.

Picture rain covering heat parched ground, where flowers will blossom in abundance.
Picture the birds, chirping, singing filling the land with a cheery message. The earth is healed, the land is saturated with good things, fruit trees, nut trees, cotton trees ~ everything is provided now by the earth to feed and clothe mankind. You will want for nothing. Would then this not erase your own problems?
Can you imagine living on an earth such as this? Almost, we hear you say, there is just one more thing we need.

Well actually we hear you say two more things. You feel the need for financial gain only because you have come to expect that this is how you live. ‘Man does not live by bread alone’ we hear you say. Ah, dear one but he can. When the earth gives abundantly, you can live by bread alone. Naturally this is metaphorically speaking, since you would also need water, and since the earth is providing so abundantly and God wishes for you to partake freely then please help yourself to the fruit and the nuts and the vegetables, take as much as you need, hold a banquet, invite your friends.

Friends – this brings us to your second question. Many of you are besieged by unruly neighbours, there are family rifts and these things make you genuinely unhappy. These relationships rob you of the joy that can be yours. Please, sweet one, do not fret. That the earth is beauteous and bountiful will melt even the hardest of hearts. With the earth producing so abundantly, with all she has to offer being pure and fresh and free no one will need to exploit the earth for their own selfish gain. There will be no need for money and no need for people to feel they need to make money to be happy.
Every man, woman and child will be rich in what matters. True happiness cannot be bought.

So would you not agree that life on earth with all your problems solved, where all people help one another gladly where the earth is healed and every part of her in working order would be beneficial to you? That living life this way would dissolve all of your problems? That money can be a thing of the past, and without its existence one man could not rise up over his fellow man and exploit him? Would you not laugh at someone that may stockpile corn, or fruit, and believe he is greater among you?

Why would you need someone that has filled his storehouses when the earth can provide you with the same? Why would you need to store at all? Ah, we understand. You see the seasons as they are now, with one half year hot and one half year cold. Dear one, when the earth is healed her temperature will not fluctuate so vastly. Foods will not be out of season for so long, there will be no need to store, for what you find in short supply at one time will be substituted by something else equally as filling until your favourites are in season again.

Why should it be that a cauliflower plant, for want of a better example can be grown several times a year, and a tree only fruit once a year? Cultivation and the intelligence of mankind will ensure that if people so desperately want certain fruits out of the season that they deem as normal, it can be done!

Nothing will be denied you. Why? Because this is what God purposed for you from the beginning of time. That the earth could become a paradise overseen by mankind, that mankind would cultivate the earth and protect her from harm, and that she in return would produce abundantly for their needs, and no man would be hungry or say I am sick.
Yes, dear one sickness will be a thing of the past. Children will not go to bed hungry, little ones will not starve and die of malnutrition. The earth will provide for you all!

How can this be? Sweet one, for the last few minutes that you have been reading these words you have engaged in positive thinking. You have pictured the earth in all her glory and you have forgotten your troubles.

Where do you think your thoughts go when they have left your mind?

Imagine please all the thoughts you have ever had amassed together inside the cavity of your skull. Would that not be a trifle overcrowded? Dear one, every thought you have, every thought you have ever had has gone out into the atmosphere, into the cosmos and collectively with the thoughts of every other person has, dependant upon its nature, either added to the destruction of the earth or has benefited her.

Yes! Believe it, we beg of you! Positive thinking heals! Positive thoughts keep in motion good, only good things. These last few moments that you have sat and listened to our words you have been sending positive thoughts out into the atmosphere. Dear one, take credit for the last few minutes your positive thoughts have helped to heal the earth.

See now please, if but one person can do such good, how much more so then if all of mankind began to visualise the earth in all her glory? To picture the earth giving abundantly to imagine her just as our words have portrayed. It is so easy is it not? You can save the earth and the future of mankind simply by sitting in your armchair and meditating, or going about your everyday chores and thinking positively. Yet know please that you do not have to wish that these things could be so, simply hold the thought, dear one and these things are so! Faith, love, optimism and trust is all that is required of you to make the earth the place it has the ability to become purely through positive thought forms.

Let us show you how easy this is, on a smaller scale, let our co-author of this book tell some of her story, so you may see and believe how easy it is to think positively for the good of others. Once you realise and accept that you too have the gift of healing, and that this gift is available to every man, woman and child, you will see how by thought alone the earth can be saved. Ultimately, you will see that positive thinking can provide all of your needs for a future bright with promise where all your requirements for a happy life will be met.

See it, feel it, know it ~ dear one, the time for doubts is past – think positive!

*** *** ***

To be continued in Chapter Six.